Why Does My Gel Blaster Keep Jamming

As a gel blaster player, Most of us have experienced gel blaster jam during our fun time. This could be very unpleasant, I know. Have you wondered Why does my gel blaster keep jamming? There can be multiple reasons, like unclean or something broken inside.

With proper understanding and preventive measures, you can minimize the occurrence of jams. Remember to use high-quality gel balls, maintain the blaster’s cleanliness, lubricate regularly, and check for faulty components. 

Welcome to this guide, where we will explore the reasons behind gel blaster jamming and provide practical solutions to help you prevent and troubleshoot this frustrating problem.

Reasons That Can Cause Gel Blaster Jamming

Why do my gel balls keep jamming? It can occur due to several common issues. Here are a few possible causes.

Gel Blaster not fully charged

If your blaster quickly jams while you’re firing it, check the battery first. Most of the time, a gel gun gets stuck because the battery is dead.

The electric gel blasters are driven by batteries that can be recharged, so when the batteries are consumed fully, they need to be charged again. Try to shoot the gel balls after you’ve charged the battery.

Improper Assembly

The gel blaster will only work if its parts are put together right, like if the gears aren’t lined up or the hop-ups aren’t set. If the blaster won’t fire even though the battery is fully charged, take it apart and put it back together according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Most Gel Blaster jams happen with brand-new guns bought off the shelf.

Magazine Feeding Issues

Gel balls can only be put into the gel blaster if the magazine or hopper is complete, the clips are in the right place, or the magazine’s terminals are on the right side. This makes it look like the gel blaster isn’t firing the balls.

So, if your gel baster gets stuck, you should take out the magazine and look for any scraps. Clean it with a soft cloth and fill it with gel balls that have grown to the right size for that gun.

If the gun fails to fire the gel balls, whether straight up or upside down, it’s likely because the magazine motor or spring is broken. In this case, you should change the magazine.

Check the Gel Balls

Why do my gel balls keep jamming strangely, check first to see what kind of water beads you use as bullets.

Every gel blaster maker tells you what size and type of gel balls work best with that blaster. For example, more rigid gel balls work best with powered gel blasters, while standard milky-white gels work well with family blasters.

Second, try to use gel balls that have been used sparingly. Gel balls can’t be returned, so it’s best to keep them for next time instead of throwing them away; however, if gel balls are kept for too long, their size and softness change, which makes the gel blaster more likely to jam.

A faulty Gearbox May Also Cause Gel Blaster Jamming.

The gears that make the gel balls shoot out of a gel gun are in the gearbox. If you grease the parts of your gel gun infrequently, they will wear out faster.

If your gel gun stops working suddenly, open the gearbox to look for broken or stuck parts. Lubricate the gears if their movement gets stuck or if any parts break, and take the blaster to a professional to replace the broken parts with new ones.

Clogged Barrels or Hop-Ups

The barrel and the “hop-ups” are the blaster parts that must be cleaned regularly. Over time, dust and other things get stuck in the barrel and on the jump-ups, making it hard for the balls to move. When this happens, the blaster stops shooting.

Clean these parts with a soft cloth or silicon grease when you finish a game.

Why Does My Gel Blaster Keep Jamming

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Some other Issues That Can Cause Gel Blaster Jamming

Gel blaster jamming is the most common trouble that happens with gel blasters. But why does my gel blaster keep jamming, What could be causing it? Here are some possible reasons.

The Gel Blaster Makes a Screeching Sound

When the trigger is pulled, it often makes a loud, high-pitched sound, but no gel ball comes out. The parts inside could be better, most likely the gear.

When you pull the trigger hard, the gear teeth break off, which makes the gear open. The problem can be fixed by tightening or loosening a screw near the grip. If it keeps making noise but doesn’t shoot any gel balls, you should take it to a professional.

Gel Blaster Shooting Upside Down

The magazine is only partially complete when your gun only works when turned upside down. After removing the water from the magazine, take it out and fill it with fully grown water gels so that the parts inside the magazine don’t rust.

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Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing Jamming Issues

Now that we have identified some common causes of jamming let’s dive into the troubleshooting process. Follow these instructions to fix jamming issues in your gel blaster.

Clean and Inspect

Start by thoroughly cleaning your gel blaster, including the barrel, gearbox, and magazine. Remove any dirt, debris, or gel ball residue causing obstructions. Check for signs if any of the parts inside are broken or missing.

Check Gel Ball Quality

Ensure that you are using high-quality gel balls that are correctly hydrated. Avoid using swollen or irregularly sized gel balls, as they can lead to jamming issues. Soak the gel balls in water according to the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Align the Magazine

Check the alignment of the magazine with the gel blaster. Ensure that it is securely attached and properly aligned. Adjust the magazine or seek professional assistance to ensure proper alignment if necessary.

Lubricate the Gearbox

Apply a small amount of lubricant designed for gel blasters to the gearbox. This will help reduce friction and ensure smooth operation. Be careful not to over-lubricate, as excess lubricant can attract dirt and debris.

Inspect the Battery and Motor

Make sure the battery is ultimately charged. If the battery is weak, replace it with a fully charged one. Additionally, inspect the motor for any signs of malfunction, such as unusual noises or excessive heat. If you suspect a motor issue, consult a professional technician.

Test and Adjust

Once you have completed the previous steps, reassemble your gel blaster and test it by firing a few shots. Observe if the jamming issues persist. If the problem continues, repeat the troubleshooting process or seek expert assistance.

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Jam-Free Gel Blaster Strategies

Jamming issues can put a damper on your gel-blasting experience. To play smoothly and without interruptions, following these steps is essential to reduce the chance of jams. 

Quality Gel Balls

Using high-quality gel balls is essential for preventing jamming in your gel blaster. Low-quality or poorly manufactured gel balls can cause size, hydration, and consistency irregularities, leading to blockages and jams. 

pro tip

Always Invest in reputable gel ball brands that prioritize quality and consistency. Low-quality or improperly stored gel balls can cause jams. 

Proper Magazine Alignment

Ensuring proper alignment of the magazine is crucial to prevent feeding issues and subsequent jams. Improper alignment can hinder the smooth flow of gel balls into the firing mechanism, resulting in jams. 

When attaching the magazine, ensure it is securely fastened and properly aligned with the gel blaster. Regularly check the alignment and make adjustments as needed.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your gel blaster clean and well-maintained is vital for preventing jams. Over time, dirt, debris, and gel ball residue can accumulate inside the barrel, gearbox, and magazine, obstructing the smooth operation of the blaster.

Use a soft cloth or brush to disassemble your gel blaster and clean the internal components. Pay special attention to the barrel and gearbox, as these areas are prone to jam-causing obstructions. 

pro tip

Always lubricate the gearbox with a gel blaster-specific lubricant to minimize friction and promote smooth operation.

Optimal Battery Performance

A weak or insufficiently charged battery can contribute to jamming issues in gel blasters. It is essential to maintain optimal battery performance to ensure consistent and reliable firing cycles. Follow these tips to optimize your battery performance.

  • Charge the battery fully before each gel blasting session.
  • Use a high-quality charger designed explicitly for gel blaster batteries.
  • Avoid overcharging or leaving the battery connected to the charger for an extended period.
  • Change the battery if it becomes weak or fails to hold a charge.

Check and replace weak springs

Weak or damaged springs can result in feeding and jamming issues. It’s important to periodically inspect the springs in your gel blaster and replace any worn-out or lost strength. Upgrading to stronger springs can also enhance performance and minimize jams.

Avoid rapid firing or double feeding

While gel blasters are designed for rapid firing, excessive and continuous firing can increase the risk of jams. Allow short intervals between shots to allow the blaster to feed and release the gel balls smoothly. 

Avoid double feeding by ensuring the previous gel ball has been fired before pulling the trigger again.

Store gel balls properly

Improper storage of gel balls can lead to deformities and irregular hydration, causing feeding problems and jams. Store gel balls in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Follow the storage instructions provided by the gel ball manufacturer.

How Regular Maintenance Can Help Prevent Gel Blaster Jams

Regular upkeep is crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of your gel blaster and preventing jamming issues. By dedicating time to proper maintenance and care, you can minimize the risk of jams and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free gel blasting experience. 

Cleanliness is Key

One of the fundamental aspects of gel blaster upkeep is cleanliness. The best solution to Why does my gel blaster keep jamming is Regular cleaning helps maintain the performance of your gel blaster and prevents the accumulation of dirt, and debris.

Barrel Cleaning

The barrel is the pathway through which the gel balls travel before being fired. Over time, residue and buildup can accumulate in the barrel, causing friction and hindering the smooth flow of gel balls. 

Regularly clean the barrel using a cleaning rod and soft cloth to remove obstructions.

Gearbox Maintenance

The gearbox is responsible for propelling the gel balls and is considered the heart of the gel blaster. Regular gearbox maintenance ensures its smooth operation and reduces the likelihood of jams. 

Clean the gearbox, inspect the gears for wear or damage, and lubricate them with a gel blaster-specific lubricant to minimize friction.

Magazine Cleaning

The magazine holds the gel balls and feeds them into the firing mechanism. Keeping the magazine clean and free from any obstructions that may impede the gel ball flow is essential. 

Regularly remove the magazine, clean it thoroughly, and ensure proper alignment when reattaching it to the gel blaster.

Proper Gel Ball Hydration

The quality and hydration of the gel balls used in your gel blaster can significantly impact its performance and the occurrence of jams. Proper gel ball hydration is essential to ensure consistent size and elasticity, which promotes smooth firing. 

Soak Time

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the recommended soaking time for gel balls. This ensures they reach the optimum hydration level for effective firing without causing jams.

Water Quality

Use clean and filtered water to soak your gel balls. Tap water may contain impurities that could affect the quality and performance of the gel balls.

Batch Hydration

If you plan on using gel balls later, it’s best to hydrate them in large batches at once. Hydrated gel balls can dry out over time, leading to size inconsistencies and potential jamming issues. It is best to hydrate small batches as needed.

Regular Gearbox Maintenance

Proper gearbox maintenance is crucial for the gel blaster to function smoothly and avoid any jams. Regular gearbox upkeep involves several key steps.

Gear Alignment

Regularly inspect the gears within the gearbox for proper alignment. Misaligned gears can cause issues with the firing mechanism, leading to jams. Adjust or realign the gears as necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Spring Tension

The gearbox spring provides the force for firing the gel balls. Over time, springs may weaken or become compressed, affecting the performance of the gel blaster. Regularly inspect the spring and replace it if necessary to maintain optimal tension.

Battery Care and Performance

A reliable power source is crucial for the smooth functioning of your gel blaster. Proper battery care and performance optimization can significantly reduce the likelihood of jams. Consider the following tips.

Charging Practices

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding battery charging. Overcharging or leaving the battery connected to the charger for extended periods can lead to diminished performance. Ensure that you charge the battery fully before each gel blasting session.

Battery Rotation

If you own multiple batteries, consider rotating their usage to prevent excessive wear on a single battery. This practice helps maintain consistent power output and extends the overall lifespan of your batteries.

Battery Replacement

When a battery shows decreased performance or fails to hold a charge effectively, it may be time to replace it. Investing in high-quality batteries ensures a reliable power source and minimizes the risk of jams.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Why Does My Gel Blaster Keep Jamming?

Question 1: Why does my gel blaster keep jamming?

Answer: Gel blasters can jam for various reasons, such as dirt or debris in the barrel, hop-up unit issues, low-quality gel balls, improper magazine preparation, or internal component problems.

Question 2: How can I prevent my gel blaster from jamming?

Answer: Regular cleaning and maintenance, using high-quality gel balls, proper magazine preparation and handling, upgrading internal components, and practicing good firing techniques can help prevent jamming issues.

Question 3: What should be done if my gel blaster jams?

Answer: If your gel blaster jams, the first step is to stop firing and safely unload the magazine. Then, carefully disassemble the blaster, clean any debris or residue, check the hop-up unit, and ensure proper hydration of gel balls before reloading.

Question 4: Can using low-quality gel balls cause jamming issues?

Answer: Low-quality or poorly hydrated gel balls can contribute to jamming problems. Investing in high-quality gel balls from reputable suppliers and following proper hydration procedures is essential.

Question 5: Should I upgrade any internal components to prevent jamming?

Answer: Upgrading internal components, such as the hop-up unit, gearbox, gears, springs, or pistons, can improve the overall performance and reliability of your gel blaster, reducing the likelihood of jams. Consulting with experts or experienced enthusiasts can help determine suitable upgrades for your blaster.

Question 6: Are there any specific firing techniques that can reduce jamming?

Answer: Rapid or continuous firing for extended periods can increase the chances of jams. It’s recommended to use shorter bursts or controlled semi-automatic firing to allow the gel blaster to cycle correctly, reducing the occurrence of jams.

Final Words

Gel blaster jamming can be frustrating, but with proper understanding and preventive measures, you can minimize the occurrence of jams. 

There are multiple possible causes, such as accumulation of dirt or debris, using low-quality gel balls, mishandling the magazine, or having issues with internal components. 

By following expert advice and implementing preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of jams. Remember, a clean and well-maintained gel blaster performs optimally and provides a smooth and enjoyable gel blasting experience.

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