What Size are Orbeez

What size are orbeez? Orbeez are small, round beads that grow to about 14mm in diameter when placed in water. They are made of a water-absorbing polymer that swells to many times its original size when exposed to water.

Orbeez can be used in a variety of ways because of their range of sizes. The diameter of Orbeez is typically between one and two millimetres. They resemble little, smooth balls that easily fit into the palm of your hand at this size. Because of their small size, they are ideal for usage as a stress-relieving substance, packing into containers, or making sensory bins.

We will examine the various Orbeez sizes in this post and consider why these small spheres have had such a significant influence in this article.

What Size are Orbeez? An Overview

Larger versions of Orbeez are available in addition to the usual size. The diameter of these giant Orbeez can range from 10 to 20 millimetres. A distinct sensory experience is offered by the larger size, which has chunkier beads that are enjoyable to play with and squish. 

Jumbo Orbeez are frequently utilised as decorative elements in bigger containers for sensory play or even to fill vases or flower arrangements. It’s important to note that Orbeez when dried, resembles tiny, hard beads that resemble seeds. 

What Size are Orbeez What Size are Orbeez

But when they come in contact with water, a magical thing occurs! They expand in size as they take in the water, turning into moist, squishy balls that resemble gel. Playing with Orbeez is extremely fascinating and fun because of this metamorphosis.

When employing Orbeez for different tasks, their size is a crucial factor to take into account. For instance, the standard-sized Orbeez is perfect if you’re making a sensory bin for young kids. 

They are not a choking threat, yet they are sufficiently little to stimulate the senses. Jumbo Orbeez, on the other hand, will produce a more stunning visual effect if you’re seeking to fill a larger container or form a spectacular centerpiece.

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What Factors To Decide The Size Of Water Beads?

We must break down the factors influencing their size to understand what size are orbeez. Here are the key factors to consider:

The Dry Size:

The path to enormous Orbeez starts well before they reach the sea. Your gel balls’ dry side initiates the process of eventual growth right out of the packaging.

Orbeez comes in a range of diameters, and the size at which they start influences how large they get when completely hydrated.

Purity of Water:

You might be surprised to learn how important water quality is to Orbeez’s expansion. Its eventual size and the rate at which it absorbs water are both influenced by the cleanliness of the water you use. Your best chance of reaching optimum development potential is with clean, distilled water.


Temperature is yet another crucial element in the formation of beads. In warmer water than in colder, they usually swell up faster. For optimal results, use warm water between 90°F and 120°F if you want to achieve massive Orbeez.


When creating larger-than-average water beads, patience is essential. They will get bigger the longer you leave them in the water. Don’t keep them in there for too long, though, as they can rupture if they become too wet.

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How To Make Orbeez Grow Bigger Than Normal?

It’s not only you who’s trying to figure out how to create gel balls larger than they usually are. This is a question that many fans have considered, myself included. 

I started experimenting to figure out how to make Orbeez grow larger than usual. These are some tried-and-true methods that have been proven effective:

Method No.1 Soak Them For Longer:

Being patient is the easiest way for your Orbeez to get bigger. Simply leave those gel balls to soak in water for a long time. 

Since the infusion of water molecules is the only factor contributing to their growth, allowing them to absorb more water is essential to reaching their maximum size. 

For best effects, leave them in the water for 12 to 24 hours, but be aware that this will cause the Orbeez to soften much more than usual and shatter easily.

Method No.2: Using Warm Water

The Orbeez will grow more quickly and widely if you use warm water—not too hot or cold.  Warm water accelerates the chemical reaction, causing the polymer material to spread and absorb water more quickly. 

Just be cautious—using hot water could cause it to melt and distort the Orbeez’s shape. Remain in warm water to observe rapid growth.

Method No.3: Soaking In Clean Water

Unbelievably, the quality of the water your Orbeez are submerged in can also affect their size. The best outcomes come from filtered water, although it can be easier to find. 

To get better results, bring ordinary water to a boil and let it cool to a comfortable temperature before submerging the gel balls.

Method No.4: Use A Bigger Container

Giving water beads lots of space is the greatest technique to make them grow larger than usual. The size of the container you use determines how big Orbeez can get. 

When growing Orbeez, especially in warm water, container size matters. You can encourage it to grow and yield more beads by placing it in a larger container. I saw a difference after moving to a larger jar.

Orbeez requires light, heat, and water to thrive. Furthermore, a larger container offers more space for growth and maximum potential. 

Additionally, I’ve discovered that Orbeez are easier to store because they keep moist longer in larger containers. You may also use the additional room to express your creativity and use your spatter balls to create even greater and larger shapes.

Method No.5: Give Them Sunlight

For Orbeez to grow, sunshine is essential. For your balls, either direct sunlight or bouncing light from a window will do.

They use the sun’s beams to grow and thrive. The ideal inside space for your Orbeez container to grow is a shelf. 

Place your gel balls where the sun will directly touch them for adequate light. To guarantee that they all receive the same quantity of sunshine, you can also rotate the jar every few hours.

Regardless of how much sun they receive, it could take your Orbeez anywhere from 8 to 12 hours to reach their maximum growth.

Method No.6:  Add More Water And Keep Them Hydrated

Water is what makes Orbeez grow. Maintaining a constant water level is crucial for plants to reach their maximum growth potential. 

To ensure uniform growth, submerge all of the Orbeez completely. Allow the bottle to remain submerged in water for a few hours so the plants have time to absorb the water and swell up.

Method No.7: Add A Pinch Of Salt To The Water

If you add a small amount of table salt to the water, your Orbeez will grow faster. This small amount keeps them hydrated and full while also accelerating growth.

Generally, you only need to add one teaspoon of salt to each batch. To acquire the desired Orbeez size, adjust the ratio of salt to water.

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Pro Tip

The Orbeez will grow larger to 14 mm with purer water. This is because the size is influenced by the ionic and mineral content of the water. 

Frequently Asked Questions About What Size are Orbeez:

What size range do medium Orbeez fall into?

Medium-sized Orbeez ranges from 10-14 millimeters in diameter when dry.

Are there larger-sized Orbeez available?

Yes, large Orbeez is the biggest in the Orbeez family, with diameters ranging from 16-20 millimeters or more when dry.

What is the primary purpose of small Orbeez?

Small Orbeez are commonly used for sensory play, water play, and as decorative elements in crafts or vases.

How do large Orbeez differ from smaller ones in their applications?

Large Orbeez are often used for decorative purposes in flower arrangements and home décor due to their increased size and visual impact.

Can Orbeez be used in gardening?

Yes, especially the larger Orbeez, as they have water-retaining properties and can serve as a substitute for traditional planting mediums.


Orbeez’s many sizes add to their adaptability and general appeal. Orbeez offers a variety of alternatives, whether you’re looking for a larger, ornamental element for creative projects or a smaller, squishy texture for sensory play. 

These little spheres have demonstrated that, when it comes to stimulating the senses and igniting creativity in kids and adults alike, size does matter.

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