What Makes Orbeez Bigger

Do you want to stop waiting 8 to 12 hours for your Orbeez to grow? Have you spent endless hours experimenting with different ways to get Orbeez bigger? Here is the answer to your question what makes orbeez bigger?

When submerged in water, these tiny, durable spheres turn from tiny beads into plump, jelly-like orbs. An intriguing exploration of polymers and water absorption takes place throughout the process of Orbeez’s expansion.

This article is for you if you want to know the tricks to growing your Orbeez bigger and faster! We’ll talk about the shortcuts that will enable you to create your Orbeez quickly.

Expansion Factors to Make Orbeez Bigger:

What makes orbeez bigger, which produces the pleasurable sensory experience that many people love, is attributed to several factors:

Water Quality: 

Orbeez’s ability to expand may be impacted by the quality of the water used to hydrate them. For best outcomes, clean, distilled water is frequently advised. The mineral-laden hard water might change the Orbeez’s transparency and texture.


The rate of absorption may be affected by the water’s temperature. In general, the process is accelerated by warmer water, which makes Orbeez expand more quickly. On the other hand, the absorption rate may decrease with cooler water.


The secret to growing Orbeez is patience. If you give the beads enough time to absorb the water, they will grow to their fullest size. Orbeez usually takes a few hours to reach its maximum size.

Water Quantity: 

The quantity of water utilized is important. The beads might not get enough hydration from too little water, and their texture might be diluted by too much water. Achieving the ideal balance is crucial to having the best Orbeez experience.               

What Makes Orbeez Bigger

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What Makes Orbeez Bigger and Faster: 9 Best Methods 

Whether you need Orbeez for your toy gun or want to use it for sensory play, painting, or decoration, you might want to learn what makes orbeez bigger. I’ll provide 9 practical strategies that help hasten the growing process based on our findings.

Method No.1: Soak in water with a low PH.

Using low-PH water is one of the best ways to encourage the Orbeez to grow more quickly. Soak Orbeez in low-pH water, which has a slightly acidic content, and watch them grow larger and faster. 

Similar to a scale, PH indicates whether a substance is basic or acidic. The ideal background is created by using slightly acidic water, which helps Orbeez to swell up faster.

The standard PH of tap water, which is too high at 7, is used by most people. However, in this instance, you will lower the PH to roughly 5.

To do this, you’ll need pH testing strips, which you may use to determine the water’s pH. Add a tiny bit of vinegar or lemon juice if it’s too high.

How to start,

  1. The desired amount of water should be added to your container.
  2. Add one teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice for each cup of water. 
  3. Be sure to give it a good swirl before adding your Orbeez.
  4. Lemon juice or vinegar should not be added in excess as this can cause harm to the Orbeez. 

Method No.2: Keeping Them Out of the Sun.

Orbeez is limited to sunshine! Orbeez can be harmed by too much direct heat from the sun, just like you could get sunburned on a hot summer day.

The beads’ structure may be harmed by direct UV light, and their lovely colour may even be lost. Thus, be careful not to expose your Orbeez to direct sunlight. 

The lesson is that shade is Orbeez’s best buddy because it keeps them out of the sun’s rays for optimal results. Locate a cool spot indoors where they can grow naturally without receiving too much heat to preserve their attractiveness.

Method No.3: The Room’s Temperature:

The temperature at which Orbeez balls grow is the most important aspect. Their growth rate is also influenced by the environment in which they are planted. I’ve found that the ideal temperature for splatter balls to grow efficiently is room temperature.

These gel balls resemble moister, warmer surroundings. The growth process is accelerated by the warmer surroundings. Conversely, the process is slowed slower by the chilly atmosphere.

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Method No.4: Put Some Sugar in the Water

Here’s a tasty secret: Orbeez growth can be greatly aided by a small amount of sugar added to the water. They get an energy boost from sugar, which causes them to expand larger and faster. It’s similar to giving them a small treat that accelerates their growth.

How to start,

  1. Pour water into your container.
  2. Put some sugar in the water. A decent place to start is one teaspoon of sugar for every cup of water.
  3. Until the sugar is completely dissolved, stir the mixture.
  4. Slide your Orbeez into the sugar solution-filled container.
  5. Make sure they are immersed.

Method No.5: Add Salt To The Water.

Salt is a miraculous substance that, like sugar, may help the water beads grow larger and quicker by providing essential nutrients and ions. Orbeez can grow much more quickly in water that has been infused with a small amount of salt. The movement of the water molecules caused by salt is like an exercise for Orbeez! They are growing quickly because they are jumping jacks in the water.

The detailed instructions for making it happen are as follows.

  1. Season the Water with Salt.
  2. Salt is a miraculous substance that, like sugar, may help the water beads grow larger and quicker by providing essential nutrients and ions. 
  3. Orbeez can grow much more quickly in water that has been infused with a small amount of salt. 
  4. The movement of the water molecules caused by salt is like an exercise for Orbeez.
  5. They are growing quickly because they are jumping jacks in the water.
  6. The detailed instructions for making it happen are as follows:

Method No.6: Using Warm (Hot) Water Rather Than Cold

The temperature of the water is a key factor in Orbeez growth. Because warm water accelerates the growth process, orbeez develops larger and faster in warm water than in cold water. The warmth of the water helps Orbeez feel comfortable and grows faster. 

But be careful—using too much hot water could damage the Orbeez and cause them to become malformed.

Method No.7: Employing Distilled or Purified Water.

There are some water sources that Orbeez prefers! The utmost cleanliness and absence of pollutants found in distilled or purified water can significantly impact their growth rate and size. 

The water may contain chemicals that impede the process of hydrating if the hardness level exceeds 300 parts per million. Select the purest water available for your Orbeez.

Method No.8: Employing Larger Orbeez Rather Than Shorter.

Start with a larger Orbeez initially if you want to grow it quickly. It compares to sowing a large seed to grow a large tree. Larger Orbeez have greater space to grow and develop into amazing aquatic marvels when you start with them.

Method No.9: Employing Sparkling Water.

Here’s a fun idea: grow your Orbeez with sparkling water. Orbeez can grow more quickly because sparkling water bubbles give off more oxygen, which Orbeez adores. Giving them little oxygen balloons to help them inflate even faster is analogous to that.

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Pro Tip

Try your hand at colour mixing by putting many coloured Orbeez in one container to produce a vivid and eye-catching sensory experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions About What Makes Orbeez Bigger:

What is the main material that allows Orbeez to expand in size?

Orbeez are made from a superabsorbent polymer called sodium polyacrylate.

How does sodium polyacrylate contribute to the expansion of Orbeez?

Sodium polyacrylate has a unique molecular structure that enables it to attract and hold water molecules. When introduced to water, the polymer absorbs and retains water, causing the Orbeez to swell and expand.

Are there specific types of water recommended for growing Orbeez?

Clean and distilled water is often recommended for growing Orbeez to ensure optimal results. Hard water, which contains minerals, may affect the texture and transparency of the expanded Orbeez.

Does the temperature of the water impact the expansion of Orbeez?

Yes, the temperature of the water can influence the rate of absorption. Warmer water generally accelerates the expansion process, while colder water may slow it down.

How long does it typically take for Orbeez to reach their maximum size?

It usually takes several hours for Orbeez to achieve its full expansion. Patience is key to allowing the beads to absorb water and grow to their maximum size.

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Orbeez is unique among sensory play products in that it offers both adults and kids an engaging and instructive experience. Their captivating growth can be attributed to the science of superabsorbent polymers, specifically sodium polyacrylate

By comprehending the elements that lead to Orbeez’s growth, fans can enhance their sensory experience and recognise the amazing properties of chemistry in action. 

So the next time you’re admiring the plump and colorful Orbeez, keep in mind that it’s the product of a scientific dance between polymer and water that produces a fascinating and spectacular show.

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