What is Orbeez Crush

Do you like the sensory texture of Orbeez? If yes, I will recommend trying a variation of Orbeez. That is Orbeez Crush. Now, if you are thinking about “What is Orbeez Crush” or why it’s worthwhile to try it, you are in the right place.

Orbeez Crush is a popular sensory toy that provides a tactile experience. 

The Orbeez Crush beads are larger in size and have a unique texture that allows them to be crushed and molded into different shapes. 

In the present blog, I will discuss “What is Orbeez Crush?” I will also elaborate on how to crush your Orbeez beads to make Orbeez crush. 

Let’s start our journey.

Orbeez Crush VS Regular Orbeez

What is Orbeez Crush What is Orbeez Crush

While both are made of the same water-absorbing material, the main distinction lies in their size and texture.

Regular Orbeez have a smooth, gel-like texture and are smaller in size, resembling tiny marbles. 

On the other hand, Orbeez Crush beads have a bumpy texture that allows them to be crushed easily. 

They are larger and chunkier, which adds an extra sensory element to play.

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How to Make Orbeez Crush?

Making Orbeez Crush is a simple process that involves hydrating the beads and then crushing them. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make Orbeez Crush:

Materials Required

To make Orbeez Crush, you will need the following materials:

  • Orbeez Crush beads (available in various colors)
  • A large container or bowl
  • Water

Hydrate the Orbeez

Pour a desired amount of Orbeez Crush beads into the container or bowl. The quantity you will need depends on the size of the play area or the project you have in mind.

Fill the container with water, ensuring that the beads are completely submerged. 

Allow the beads to soak for a few hours or until they have absorbed the water and expanded in size.

As the beads absorb the water, they will transform into soft and squishy orbs. The time required for hydration may vary based on the specific brand and size of the beads. 

Refer to the instructions provided with the Orbeez Crush product for more accurate soaking times.

Add Scents or Dyes (Optional)

If desired, you can enhance the sensory experience by adding scents or dyes to the hydrated Orbeez Crush beads. 

Scented oils or food coloring can be used to customize the beads according to personal preferences or specific themes. Simply add a few drops of the desired scent or dye to the container and mix well. 

Ensure the scents or dyes used are safe and non-toxic, especially if the young children will use Orbeez Crush.

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Crush Your Orbeez

Once the Orbeez Crush beads are fully hydrated, it’s time to crush them and experience the unique texture they offer. 

There are several ways to crush the beads, based on the desired outcome:

  • Squeeze them between your fingers or in the palms of your hands.
  • Press them against a hard surface, such as a table or countertop.
  • Use a spoon or other utensil to crush the beads.

Experiment with different methods to achieve the desired texture and consistency. 

Some individuals prefer larger crushed pieces, while others may enjoy a finer texture. The choice is entirely based on personal preference and the intended use of the crushed Orbeez.

Store for Use

If you have any leftover crushed Orbeez, you can store them for future use. 

Place the crushed beads in an airtight container or resealable bag to maintain their texture and prevent them from drying out. 

Store them in a cool, dry, and dark place, away from direct sunlight.

How to Use Orbeez Crush? Creative Ideas!!

Orbeez Crush offers a wide range of possibilities for play, creativity, and relaxation. Here are some creative ideas on how to use Orbeez Crush.

Sensory Bins

Creating a sensory bin with Orbeez Crush is a fantastic way to engage children in sensory play. 

Fill a shallow container or tray with crushed Orbeez and let children explore the beads using their hands or small tools. 

They can squish, squeeze, and mold the beads, stimulating their senses and promoting fine motor skills.

DIY Slime

Combine crushed Orbeez with other slime ingredients, such as glue and activator, to create a textured slime. 

The crushed beads will add an interesting visual and tactile element to the slime, making it more exciting and engaging to play with.

Spa and Relaxation

For a soothing and relaxing experience, place crushed Orbeez in a foot spa or bathtub. 

The beads provide a gentle massage-like sensation as you move your feet or immerse your body in the water. 

Pro tip

Hide small objects in Orbeez Crush for a treasure hunt activity.

Home Decor

Use crushed Orbeez to add a pop of color and texture to your home decor. 

Fill transparent vases, jars, or bowls with crushed beads to create unique and eye-catching centerpieces. 

Layer different colored crushed Orbeez to achieve a captivating gradient effect.

Art Crafts

Use crushed Orbeez in your art projects to add a tactile and vibrant touch. Glue the crushed beads onto canvases, mix them with paint for interesting textures, or embed them in resin crafts. 

The possibilities are endless, and the unique texture of the crushed beads will make your artwork stand out.

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Party Decorations

Sprinkle crushed Orbeez on party tables or use them as part of party decorations. 

The colorful and bumpy texture of the beads can enhance the overall aesthetic of birthday parties, baby showers, or other festive events. 

Reasons Why You Should Have Orbeez Crush

Orbeez Crush provides several benefits beyond being a fun sensory toy. Here are some advantages it offers:

Sensory Delight

The unique texture and squishy nature of Orbeez Crush beads provides a delightful sensory experience. 

Squeezing, squishing, and molding the beads can be soothing and enjoyable. It helps destress your mind and promotes sensory exploration.

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Creative Outlet

Orbeez Crush encourages creativity and imaginative play. Children can use crushed beads to build, mold, and create various shapes and designs. 

Fine Motor Skills

Manipulating and working with Orbeez Crush beads helps develop fine motor skills in children. 

Squeezing the crush can promote hand-eye coordination and finger strength.

Safe for Play

Orbeez Crush is designed with safety in mind. 

The beads are made from non-toxic materials and are safe for children to handle and play with under appropriate supervision. 

Pro Tip

Use Orbeez Crush as a fun and tactile filler for homemade pillows.

Don’t Ignore Safety!!

While Orbeez Crush provides an enjoyable play experience, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Here are some important safety considerations:

Appropriate Age

Always ensure the age recommendations specified by the manufacturer are followed. 

Some Orbeez Crush products may pose a choking hazard for young children. Supervise play to ensure the beads are not ingested or inserted into the nose, ears, or mouth.

Educate children about safe play practices and discourage behaviors that may cause harm.


Individuals with hypersensitivity or allergies should exercise caution when playing with Orbeez Crush. Some people may experience eye discomfort, skin irritation, or allergic reactions. 

If any negative reactions occur, discontinue use immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

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Use as Intended

Use Orbeez Crush only as intended. Avoid any activities that may pose a risk of injury or harm. Respect any warnings or restrictions provided by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions About What is Orbeez Crush

Question No. 1: Is Orbeez Crush biodegradable?

Answer: No, Orbeez Crush is not biodegradable. It is made from a polymer material that doesn’t break down naturally. If you’re looking for eco-friendly options, consider using alternatives like natural sensory materials such as rice, lentils, or sand.

Question No. 2: Can Orbeez Crush be used in floral arrangements or vase fillers?

Answer: Yes, Orbeez Crush beads can be used as part of floral arrangements or vase fillers. The crushed beads’ vibrant colors and unique texture can add an eye-catching element to flower displays. 

Question No. 3: Can I mix different colors of Orbeez Crush beads?

Answer: Yes, you can mix different colors of Orbeez Crush beads to create unique color combinations. Mixing colors can add visual interest and enhance the overall aesthetic of your projects or sensory play. 

Question No. 4: How do I clean Orbeez Crush beads?

Answer: Cleaning Orbeez Crush beads is a simple process. Start by collecting the crushed beads and placing them in a colander or strainer. Rinse them thoroughly under water to remove any built dirt or debris. 

If needed, gently scrub them with a mild soap or dish detergent. After cleaning, allow the beads to air dry completely before storing them for future use.

Final Word

In my opinion, Orbeez Crush is a fascinating and versatile product. Its unique texture, vibrant colors, and squishy nature provide a delightful sensory experience for both children and adults.

Remember to follow the recommended age guidelines, supervise play, and maintain proper hygiene when using Orbeez Crush. 

Safety practices certify a risk-free and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 

Store any leftover crushed beads properly in an airtight container to maintain their texture and prevent drying out. 

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