Tansar Gel Blaster
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Are you ready for thrilling shooting fun with Tansar Gel Blaster? If you’re looking for a safe and exciting alternative to traditional firearms, Tansar Gel Blasters are the perfect choice. 

These realistic-looking blasters shoot soft gel balls, providing an immersive shooting experience without the risks associated with live ammunition. Gel Blasters have taken the recreational and training world by storm in recent years.  

In this article, we will delve into the world of Tansar Gel Blasters, exploring their evolution, how they work, the benefits they offer, and how to use them responsibly.

The Evolution of Gel Blaster

The origins of Gel Blaster can be traced back to Asia in the 1980s, when they were initially developed as toys. Over the years, technological advancements have transformed them into sophisticated recreational and training tools. 

Tansar Gel Blaster Tansar Gel Blaster
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Today, Tansar Gel Blasters stand out as some of the best options on the market, offering superior performance and durability.

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How Tansar Gel Blasters Work

Tansar Gel Blasters operate on a simple principle. They use a battery-powered motor to propel small, soft gel balls at a moderate velocity. When soaked in water, these gel balls become soft and spongy, making them safe upon impact. 

The Gel Blasters’ inner barrel and hop-up system ensure accuracy and distance while maintaining safety.

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Specifications of Tansar Gel Blaster

TypeGel Ball Blaster with Glow Activator
Ammunition3 Packs of Glow in The Dark Splat Gun Ammo
Shooting RangeUp to 25 meters
Firing ModesSingle-shot, Burst, Full-Auto
BatteryRechargeable 7.4V Li-ion Battery
FPS (Feet per Second)Approx. 150 FPS
MaterialHigh-quality ABS Plastic
Hop-Up SystemAdjustable for enhanced accuracy
Glow Activation FeatureThe Glow Activator charges gel balls for an exciting glow-in-the-dark effect, adding a thrilling dimension to gameplay.

Key Features of Tansar Gel Blaster

Here are some key features of Tansar Gel Blasters:

Realistic Design

Tansar Gel Blasters are meticulously designed to replicate the look and feel of real firearms, providing an immersive shooting experience.

Safe Shooting Mechanism

The Gel Blaster’s shooting mechanism ensures that the soft gel balls are shot at a safe velocity, minimizing the risk of injury while still offering an authentic shooting experience.

High-Quality Build

Tansar Gel Blasters are constructed using durable materials, making them reliable and able to withstand rough handling during intense gameplay.


Tansar Gel Blasters are powered by rechargeable batteries, providing consistent performance during extended play sessions.

Adjustable Hop-Up System

The hop-up system allows users to adjust the trajectory of the gel balls, enabling greater accuracy and precision during shooting.

Multiple Firing Modes

Many Tansar Gel Blaster models come with different firing modes, such as single-shot, burst, and full-auto, allowing users to adapt to various scenarios.

Detachable Magazines

Tansar Gel Blasters feature detachable magazines that can hold many gel balls, reducing the need for frequent reloading.

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Picatinny Rails

Some Tansar models come equipped with Picatinny rails, enabling users to attach accessories like scopes, grips, and lights to customize their Gel Blaster.

Easy Maintenance

Tansar Gel Blasters are designed for easy disassembly and maintenance, making it convenient for users to clean and perform necessary repairs.

Competitive Pricing

Tansar offers a range of Gel Blaster models at competitive prices, making them accessible to beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Benefits of Using Tansar Gel Blasters

Using Tansar Gel Blasters offers many benefits, making them a preferred choice for enthusiasts and recreational shooters. Here are some of the key advantages:

Safety First

The primary benefit of using Tansar Gel Blasters is safety. These blasters shoot soft gel balls that are made of water-absorbent materials. Upon impact, the gel balls burst harmlessly, minimizing the risk of injury. 

This feature makes Tansar Gel Blasters an ideal alternative to traditional airsoft or paintball guns, especially for younger players or those new to shooting sports.

Realistic Shooting Experience

Tansar Gel Blasters are designed to resemble real firearms closely, providing users with a realistic shooting experience without the danger of live ammunition. This feature increases the thrill and fun of shooting sports and simulation games.


 Compared to traditional firearms and even some other recreational shooting options, Tansar Gel Blasters are more budget-friendly. The gel balls used as ammunition are inexpensive, allowing players to enjoy extended play without breaking the bank.


 Tansar Gel Blasters are eco-friendly since the gel balls are biodegradable and do not harm the environment. Unlike traditional plastic pellets in airsoft guns, gel balls dissolve over time, leaving no lasting environmental impact.


Tansar offers various Gel Blaster models, from pistols to rifles and shotguns. Each model has unique features and capabilities, catering to different shooting preferences and scenarios. This selection allows users to select the ideal Gel Blaster that best fits their playing style.

No Need for Special Gear

While protective gear is always recommended for any shooting activity, Tansar Gel Blasters’ low-impact nature means players can often get away with less extensive protective equipment. This makes it more accessible for beginners and casual players.

Training and Simulation

Tansar Gel Blasters are recreational and effective training tools for law enforcement and military personnel. These blasters allow realistic scenario training without the risk of live ammunition, helping to improve tactical skills and decision-making.

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Choosing the Right Tansar Gel Blaster

Choosing the right Tansar Gel Blaster is essential to ensure you have the best shooting experience that aligns with your preferences and needs. With various models available, it’s crucial to consider several factors before selecting.

 Here are some key points to help you choose the perfect Tansar Gel Blaster:

Purpose of Use

Determine the primary purpose of owning a Gel Blaster. Are you looking for recreational shooting, training, or both? Different models cater to specific uses, so clarifying your purpose will guide you in selecting the right blaster.

Type of Gel Blaster

Tansar offers various types, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and more. Each type has its advantages and applications. Consider which type aligns with your shooting style and preferences.

Firing Modes

Some Tansar Gel Blaster models offer multiple firing modes, such as single-shot, burst, and full-auto. Consider whether you want a blaster with various firing options to adapt to different scenarios.

Shooting Range

Determine the shooting range you desire. Some Gel Blasters are designed for close-quarters battles, while others excel in long-range accuracy. Consider your preferred shooting distance and choose a blaster accordingly.

Accessories and Customization

Look for Tansar Gel Blaster models with Picatinny rails or attachment points for accessories. Customization options allow you to add scopes, grips, lights, and other attachments to enhance your shooting experience.

Battery Type and Capacity

Check the battery type and capacity of the Gel Blaster. A reliable battery with sufficient capacity ensures uninterrupted playtime, reducing the need for frequent recharging during intense gameplay.

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Maintenance and Care

Proper upkeep and care are essential to guarantee the longevity and best possible performance of your Tansar Gel Blaster. Frequent maintenance helps to ensure safe, trouble-free operation and increases the blaster’s efficiency. 

The following are some vital pointers for the upkeep and handling of your Tansar Gel Blaster:

Cleaning after Use

Clean your Gel Blaster thoroughly after each shooting session. Disassemble the blaster per the manufacturer’s instructions and remove any dirt, debris, or gel residues from the inner barrel, hop-up, and gearbox.


Apply a small amount of silicone lubricant to the appropriate parts, as Tansar recommends. Lubrication helps reduce friction and ensures smooth operation. Avoid using excessive lubricant, as it may attract dirt and debris.

Battery Care

If your Gel Blaster is battery-powered, take care of the batteries. Charge them fully before using them, and avoid overcharging. If you don’t plan to use the blaster for an extended period, remove the batteries to prevent damage from leakage.


Keep your Tansar Gel Blaster out of direct sunlight and extremely hot or cold conditions. Consider using a protective case or bag to shield it from dust and potential damage during storage.

Avoid Water Damage

Although Gel Blasters are designed to handle gel balls soaked in water, avoid submerging the blaster in water or exposing it to heavy rainfall. Water damage can affect the blaster’s electronic components.

Inspect Seals and O-Rings

Regularly check the seals and O-rings in your Gel Blaster for signs of wear or damage. Replace any worn-out parts to maintain a proper seal and prevent air leaks.

Legal Considerations

When owning and using a Tansar Gel Blaster, it’s essential to be aware of the legal considerations to ensure compliance with local regulations. 

While Gel Blasters are generally considered safe and legal in many regions, there might be specific laws and restrictions that you need to abide by. Here are some legal considerations to keep in mind:

Age Restrictions

Check the minimum requirements for owning and using Gel Blasters in your area. Many places have age restrictions, and minors may need adult supervision during use.

Public Usage

Understand where you can and cannot use your Gel Blaster. In some places, discharging a Gel Blaster in public spaces may be prohibited or restricted to designated areas. Always use your Gel Blaster in a safe and appropriate location.


When transporting your Gel Blaster, ensure it is properly stored and secured. Some areas may require the Gel Blaster to be transported in a closed container or a specific case.

Safety Measures

Follow all safety guidelines and precautions Tansar and local authorities provide. Always treat your Gel Blaster as a real firearm and use it responsibly.

Modification Restrictions

Modifying Gel Blasters to increase their power or firing rate may be illegal in certain regions. Always adhere to manufacturer guidelines regarding modifications.

Orange Tip Requirement

Gel blasters could need an orange tip in some areas to be distinguished from actual guns. Check the local legislation to determine if this requirement applies in your location.

Individual Property

Ensure you have the owner’s consent before utilizing your Gel Blaster on private property. Respect the rights and privacy of others when using Gel Blasters in residential areas.

Law Enforcement Interaction

If approached by law enforcement while carrying a Gel Blaster, remain calm, and comply with their instructions. Avoid sudden movements, and be prepared to explain that it is a Gel Blaster, not a real firearm.

Tips for Safe and Responsible Use

Safety should always be the top priority when using Tansar Gel Blasters. Responsible use ensures your well-being and promotes the community’s positive image of Gel Blaster enthusiasts. 

Here are some essential tips for safely and responsibly using your Gel Blaster:

Treat it Like a Real Firearm.

Always handle your Gel Blaster with the same care and respect as a real firearm. Never point it at anyone, whether loaded or unloaded, and avoid pointing it toward people, pets, or valuable objects.

Wear Appropriate Protective Gear

Prioritize safety by wearing protective gear like safety goggles, a face mask, and gloves. Adequate protection minimizes the risk of injury during gameplay.

Supervise Beginners and Children

If introducing someone new to Gel Blasters, provide proper guidance and supervision. Ensure they understand the rules, safety guidelines, and proper handling before using the blaster.

Maintain Trigger Discipline

Hold off on pulling the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Unintentional discharges can occur from accidentally pulling the trigger.

Designate Safe Zones

Establish designated zones where Gel Blasters should not be fired. This includes areas where people may be standing or moving around.

Pro-tip: Always wear protective gear when using Tansar Gel Blaster for a thrilling and secure shooting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 01: Are Tansar Gel Blasters suitable for children?

Answer: While Gel Blasters are generally safe, adult supervision is necessary for children to ensure proper usage.

Question No 02: Do Gel Blasters hurt on impact?

Answer: Gel Blasters shoot soft gel balls that might cause a slight sting on impact but are generally painless.

Question No 03: Can I use Gel Blasters in public spaces?

Answer: Knowing and adhering to local regulations regarding using Gel Blasters in public areas is essential.

Question No 04: Are Tansar Gel Blasters upgradeable?

Answer: Tansar offers various upgrade options for their Gel Blasters to enhance performance.

Question No 05: Do Gel Balls leave stains on clothing?

Answer: Gel Balls are water-based and do not leave permanent stains; they can be easily washed off.


Tansar Gel Blaster offers a thrilling and safe way to indulge in shooting sports and training scenarios. They have become a favorite among enthusiasts with their realistic looks and reliable performance. 

Responsible ownership and usage are paramount to ensuring a positive Tansar Gel Blaster experience. So, get out there, have fun, and always prioritize safety.

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