Orbeez Should You Use in a Voss Water Bottle

The usage of Orbeez, those tiny, vibrant water-absorbent beads, in a variety of do-it-yourself projects and sensory play activities has made them more well-known. But “How many Orbeez should you use in a Voss water bottle?” is an often asked question. 

Your personal preference and the bottle’s size will determine how much Orbeez to put in a Voss water bottle. Orbeez are polymer beads that absorb water and inflate when submerged in it.

In this article, I’ll explore the factors to consider and provide guidance on achieving the desired result.

Guidelines to Absorb Orbeez in a Voss Water Bottle:

Here are some general guidelines How Much Orbeez Should You Use in a Voss Water Bottle.

Fill Level: 

You can decide how much Orbeez you want in the bottle. While some may want to fill the bottle all the way to the top, others may choose to fill it only halfway. It is imperative to allow room for the Orbeez to grow.

Soaking Time: 

Fill a different container, such as a bowl, with water and add the necessary amount of Orbeez. Soak them for a few hours (around 4-6 hours) or overnight, or until they reach the desired size. Remember that Orbeez can expand quite a bit, so begin with less and add more as necessary.

Orbeez Should You Use in a Voss Water Bottle


If you want a fuller bottle, it’s a good idea to start with less Orbeez and add more gradually. You can choose the extent of growth and achieve the desired appearance in this way.


Watch out not to put too many Orbeez in the bottle because they can block the water flow when you drink from it. Additionally, make sure the Orbeez don’t block the cap or neck of the bottle.

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How to Calculate the Amount of Orbeez

To determine the right amount of Orbeez for your Voss water bottle, follow these steps:

Measure the Bottle: 

To begin, determine the height in inches or centimetres of your Voss water bottle.

Determine the Volume: 

After determining the height, determine the bottle’s volume. Since Voss water bottles are usually cylindrical, you can calculate their volume using this formula: In the formula V = πr²h, “r” stands for radius and “h” for height. Calculate the radius by dividing the diameter by two.

Consider the Desired Density: 

You can choose how densely to fill the bottle based on your preferred style. Use more Orbeez if you want it to look very dense; use fewer if you want it to look more dispersed.

Calculate the Orbeez Number: 

Now, taking into account the desired density, determine the approximate number of Orbeez required to fill the computed volume. To do this, measure the volume that a little amount of Orbeez take up in a different container. This should be multiplied by the total number of Orbeez you intend to utilise.

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Items Needed you Should Use Orbeez in a Voss Water Bottle:

  • VOSS waterbottles
  • Clear glue, 
  • water, 
  • food colouring, 
  • and accessories like beads and glitter 


  1. Before beginning, make sure the VOSS water bottle is empty and that all stickers have been taken off.
  2. I used clear glue to fill the VOSS to the indentation or just a little bit below it, which is located approximately two inches from the bottom.
  3. Stir in any glitter or interesting items you’re adding to the bottle. In order to maintain my ability to see the objects inside, I simply added one drop of food colouring here.
  4. Once everything is in, pour hot water into the remaining space in the VOSS water bottle. Ensure thorough mixing, particularly when the water is still hot. Note: When the water is hot, the objects may appear to move very swiftly, but as the water cools, they will move and fall much more slowly.
  5. To prevent leaks, I advise hot glueing the lid on after it is finished.
  6. Orbeez is one way to create a variant of the sensory bottles. Fill the VOSS bottle no more than two thirds of the way after soaking the orbeez in water until they reach their maximum size. To make their shape more noticeable, pour baby oil rather than water into the remaining portion of the bottle.
  7. Making an entertaining game for kids to play was another version. Let hot glue a tee to the inside of the lid and let it to solidify for roughly a day before attaching it. To entice the kids to try getting these entertaining hoops on the tee, you will find some that were larger than the tee. Use the standard clear glue combination of the hoops and glitter.

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FAQs About Orbeez Should You Use in a Voss Water Bottle

Why do people place Orbeez in Voss water bottles? 

Placing Orbeez in Voss water bottles is a creative way to create visually appealing and soothing decorative pieces, thanks to the translucent nature of both the Orbeez and the Voss bottle.

How can you estimate the number of Orbeez needed for a specific volume?

Estimate the volume that a small quantity of Orbeez occupies in a separate container, and then multiply it by the total number of Orbeez you plan to use in the Voss water bottle.

Is there a fixed amount of Orbeez to use, or does it vary from bottle to bottle?

The amount of Orbeez you should use varies depending on the size of the Voss bottle and your personal preferences, so there isn’t a fixed amount.

What should you do if you want a densely packed Voss bottle with Orbeez?

If you want a densely packed look, use a larger quantity of Orbeez in the bottle to achieve the desired effect.

How can you create a sparser arrangement of Orbeez in the Voss bottle?

For a sparser look, use fewer Orbeez, leaving more space between them in the Voss bottle.

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How Much Orbeez Should You Use in a Voss Water Bottle depends on several factors, including the bottle’s size, the desired aesthetic, and your personal preference. 

By calculating the bottle’s volume and considering the density you want, you can estimate the number of Orbeez needed to create the perfect visual effect. 

Experiment with different quantities until you achieve the look that pleases you most, and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Orbeez in your Voss water bottle.

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