Orange Gel Blaster
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Gel blasting is an exciting recreational activity that has recently gained immense popularity. It offers an adrenaline-filled experience that combines the thrill of paintball and airsoft.

Among the various gel blasters available in the market, the orange gel blaster is a powerful and visually appealing option. 

This article will explore the world of orange gel blasters, their features, their benefits, and why they have become a favorite among gel blasting enthusiasts.

Why Choose an Orange Gel Blaster?

Orange gel blasters are popular due to their unique aesthetics and performance capabilities. Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing an orange gel blaster:

Orange Gel Blaster orange gel blaster
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Distinctive Appearance

Orange gel blasters feature a vibrant orange color that differentiates them from other gel blasters. Their eye-catching design adds a touch of style and uniqueness to your gel-blasting sessions.

Powerful Performance

Orange gel blasters are known for their impressive power and range. They can shoot gel balls at high velocities, ensuring accurate and impactful shots during gameplay.

Enhanced Durability

Most orange gel blasters are constructed with sturdy materials that ensure durability even in intense gel blasting scenarios. This makes them ideal for casual backyard battles and competitive gel-blasting events.

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Specifications of Orange Gel Blasters

ModelModulus Regulator
Firing Modes3 (Single Fire, Burst Fire, Fully Automatic)
Blaster TypeFully Motorized
Ammunition Capacity12 Elite Darts (Detachable Dart Clip)
RangeUp to 90 feet (Approximately 27 meters)
Customize with AccessoriesYes (Modulus series accessories can be attached)
Targeting ScopeYes (Removable targeting scope for precision aiming)
Adjustable StockYes (Extendable and adjustable shoulder stock)
Tactical RailsYes (Multiple tactical rails for attaching additional accessories)
Battery Requirement4 “C” batteries (Not included)
Recommended Age8 years and up
Amazon ExclusiveYes

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Key Features of Orange Gel Blasters

Here are the key features of Orange Gel Blasters:

Powerful Performance

Orange gel blasters are known for their impressive power and performance. They can shoot gel balls at high velocities, ensuring accurate and impactful shots during gameplay.

Vibrant Orange Color

Orange gel blasters stand out with their vibrant orange color. This distinctive appearance adds a touch of style and uniqueness to your gel-blasting sessions.

Realistic Design

Orange gel blasters are designed to resemble real firearms, providing an authentic and immersive gel-blasting experience. The attention to detail in their construction makes them visually appealing.

FPS (Feet per Second)

Orange gel blasters often have a high FPS rating, indicating shooting velocity. This ensures long-range shots and improved accuracy.

Magazine Capacity

 The magazine capacity of orange gel blasters varies, allowing you to choose one that suits your preferred playstyle. Higher-capacity magazines provide more shots before needing to reload.


Many orange gel blasters offer upgrade options, allowing you to customize and modify your blaster according to your preferences. Upgrades may include improved gears, barrels, or accessories for enhanced performance.

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Safety Considerations for Gel Blasting

Here are some safety considerations for gel blasting:

Eye Protection

It would help if you always used the appropriate eye protection, such as safety goggles or glasses, to protect your eyes from hits produced by gel balls. Safety goggles should provide full coverage and be impact-resistant.

Target Selection

Ensure you have a clear and safe target area when gel blasting. Avoid shooting at people who are not participating or protected. Choose appropriate targets, such as gel ball shooting ranges or designated gel blasting areas.

Safe Handling

Treat your gel blaster as you would a real firearm. Never point it at anyone or anything you don’t intend to shoot. Till you’re prepared to fire, don’t touch the trigger. Always treat the gel blaster with respect and presume it is loaded.

Follow Local Laws and Regulations

 Familiarize yourself with the gel blasting laws and regulations in your area. Different regions may have specific rules and age restrictions for gel blasting. Respect and adhere to these regulations to ensure a safe and legal gel blasting experience.

Protective Gear

Consider using additional safety equipment such as face masks, gloves, and clothing that covers exposed skin in addition to eye protection. This can lessen the possibility of harm from impacts with gel balls.

Safe Shooting Distance

Maintain a safe shooting distance from other players or bystanders. The recommended minimum shooting distance can vary depending on the power and type of gel blaster. Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe shooting distances.

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How to Use an Orange Gel Blaster

Using an orange gel blaster is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use one:

Prepare the Gel Balls

Before using your orange gel blaster, prepare the gel balls. Begin by placing the gel balls in a container and adding water per the instructions. Allow the gel balls to soak for the recommended duration, usually around 3-4 hours, until they reach their full size.

Load the Magazine

Once the gel balls are fully hydrated, it’s time to load them into the magazine. Locate the magazine release button or lever on your gel blaster and press it to remove the magazine. 

Hold the magazine upside down and carefully pour the soaked gel balls into the loading chamber. Make sure to fill the magazine sparingly to avoid jamming.

Prime the Blaster

It’s time to prepare the gel blaster for firing with the magazine loaded. Pull back the priming mechanism, typically located near the rear of the blaster. This action compresses the spring inside the blaster and prepares it to launch the gel balls.

Aim and Fire

Once your orange gel blaster is primed and ready, it’s time to aim at your target. If your blaster has one, align the sights or scope with the intended target. 

Steady your grip and gently squeeze the trigger to release a gel ball. Watch as the gel ball travels toward the target, bursting upon impact.

Semi-Auto or Full-Auto Mode

Some orange gel blasters have multiple firing modes, such as semi-automatic or full-automatic. In semi-auto mode, each trigger pull fires one gel ball, while in a full-auto manner, the blaster continues firing as long as the trigger is held down. 

Be familiar with your gel blaster’s firing modes and adjust them as needed.


It’s time to reload when your magazine runs out of gel balls. Press the magazine release lever or button to remove the empty magazine and replace it with one fully loaded. Make sure to seat the magazine to avoid misfeeding properly.

Safety First

Always treat your orange gel blaster as if it were a real firearm. When not in use or during breaks, engage the safety if your blaster has one, or keep your finger off the trigger to prevent accidental firing.

Maintenance and Care of Orange Gel Blasters

Proper maintenance and care of your orange gel blaster are essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some tips to help you maintain and care for your gel blaster:

Cleaning after Use

After each gel blasting session, clean your orange gel blaster thoroughly. Clean the blaster’s exterior of dirt, debris, or gel residue with a soft cloth or towel. This helps to prevent clogging and ensures smooth operation.

Barrel Cleaning

Periodically clean the barrel of your gel blaster. You can use a cleaning rod or a soft cleaning swab to remove any dirt or residue that may accumulate inside the barrel. A clean barrel promotes better accuracy and shooting performance.


Regularly apply a small amount of silicone lubricant to the moving parts of your orange gel blaster. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate lubrication points. Lubrication helps to maintain smooth operation and prevents rusting.

Battery Care

If your gel blaster is battery-powered, handle the batteries with care. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for battery usage and charging. Use the recommended chargers and avoid overcharging the batteries, which can damage them.


Keep your orange gel blaster in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight when not in use. It’s advisable to keep it in a secure container or case to protect it from dust and potential damage.

Disassembly for Maintenance

You may need to disassemble your gel blaster for deeper cleaning and maintenance. If you need to get more familiar with the process, consult the user manual or seek guidance from experienced gel blaster enthusiasts. 

Disassemble only if you are confident in your ability to reassemble it correctly.

Choosing the Right Orange Gel Blaster

Choosing the right orange gel blaster ensures the best gel-blasting experience. With various models and options available, consider the following factors when making your decision:


Determine your budget range before you start looking for an orange gel blaster. Gel blasters come in a wide price range, from affordable entry-level models to high-end ones. Having a budget in mind will help you narrow down your options.


Consider how you plan to use the gel blaster. Are you looking for a casual backyard blaster for fun with friends, or do you intend to participate in competitive gel-blasting events? Different gel blasters are designed for various purposes, so choose one that suits your intended use.

FPS (Feet per Second)

FPS determines the velocity at which gel balls are shot from the blaster. Consider a gel blaster with a higher FPS if you prefer long-range shots and better accuracy. 

Remember that some gel-blasting events may have FPS limitations, so be aware of the rules if you plan to participate in competitions.

Magazine Capacity

The magazine capacity dictates how many gel balls the blaster can hold before reloading. Opt for a gel blaster with a higher magazine capacity if you prefer continuous firing without frequent reloads.


Some orange gel blasters offer upgrade options, allowing you to customize and modify the blaster to suit your preferences and playstyle. If you enjoy tinkering with equipment and enhancing performance, look for a gel blaster that supports upgrades.

User Reviews

Before purchasing, read user reviews and testimonials from other gel blaster enthusiasts. Their experiences and feedback can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of a specific model.

Pro tip

Engage with the gel blaster community, either online or in local clubs. You can learn valuable tips, tricks, and safety measures from experienced players.

Orange Gel Blasters in Competitive Gel Blasting

Orange gel blasters have made a significant impact in the world of competitive gel blasting. Their powerful performance, unique aesthetics, and durability have contributed to their popularity among gel-blasting enthusiasts participating in competitive events and tournaments. 

Here’s why orange gel blasters have become a favorite choice in competitive gel blasting:

Impressive Power and Range

In competitive gel blasting, having a high power and range blaster. Orange gel blasters are known for their unique FPS (feet per second) rating, allowing them to shoot gel balls at higher velocities than other models.

This results in greater shooting distances and improved accuracy, giving players an advantage on the field.

Distinctive Appearance

In the fast-paced and dynamic environment of competitive gel blasting, visibility and recognition are essential. The vibrant orange color of these gel blasters stands out among the sea of other blasters, making it easier for teammates and opponents to identify you during intense gameplay.

Sturdy Construction

Competitive gel blasting can put blasters to the test, with players engaging in fierce battles and maneuvers. Frequently made of sturdy materials, orange gel blasters can withstand the demands of competitive play without sacrificing performance.

Customization Options

Many orange gel blasters offer customization and upgrade options, allowing players to fine-tune their blasters to their liking. This includes adding attachments like scopes, grips, and stocks, enabling players to optimize their blasters for specific roles and playstyles.

Compliance with Regulations

In some competitive gel blasting leagues and events, specific rules and regulations govern the use of gel blasters. Orange gel blasters often meet these requirements and are allowed for help, making them a preferred choice for players seeking to comply with the guidelines of organized gel blasting competitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 01: Are orange gel blasters safe to use?

Answer: Orange gel blasters are generally safe when used responsibly and with appropriate safety precautions. Always follow the recommended safety guidelines and wear proper eye protection.

Question No 02: Can I use orange gel blasters in gel blasting competitions?

Answer: Yes, many gel-blasting leagues and tournaments allow orange gel blasters. Their powerful performance and durability make them suitable for competitive play.

Question No 03: How far can orange gel blasters shoot?

Answer: The shooting range of orange gel blasters can vary depending on the model and modifications. Some blasters can shoot gel balls up to 25 meters or more.

Question No 04: Do I need to clean my orange gel blaster after each use?

Answer: Clean your orange gel blaster after each use is recommended. Regular cleaning helps prevent clogging and ensures optimal performance.

Question No 05: Can I upgrade my orange gel blaster?

Answer: Many orange gel blasters offer upgrade options, allowing you to customize and enhance their performance. Check with the manufacturer or consult gel blasting communities for compatible upgrades.


Orange gel blaster offers a unique and exciting gel-blasting experience. Their distinctive appearance, powerful performance, and durability have become a sought-after choice among gel blasting enthusiasts. 

You can enjoy countless hours of thrilling gel-blasting fun by following safety guidelines and proper maintenance. Choose the right orange gel blaster for your needs and embark on an unforgettable gel-blasting adventure!

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