NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun
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Hey there! Do you want to excel in splatter ball battles? If yes, the NLFGUW can be your best companion.

This state-of-the-art blaster has many exceptional features to ignite your thrilling adventures. 

In the present article, I will discuss the key attributes of this wonderful blaster. I will also guide you on various other aspects.

So let’s kickstart our journey.

Key Attributes of NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun

The NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun has many noteworthy features. 

NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun
Credit: Amazon

These features contribute to its overall functionality and make it a desirable choice for users. 

So let’s explore some of its key attributes in detail

Upgraded Motor

This upgraded motor has increased the blaster’s performance. It allows you to shoot gel balls at a high rate. 

So get ready to release a quick and continuous stream of shots with your NLFGUW splatter blaster.

Long-lasting Nylon Gear

Participate in thrilling battles without any concerns about gun malfunctioning. 

The NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun has strong nylon gear that guarantees excellent performance over an extended period. 

This reliable gear system ensures your gun operates smoothly.This way, it enables you to fire gel balls consistently. 

You can confidently face opponents and dominate the game with this sturdy nylon gear.

ABS Material

The NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun is made with top-notch ABS material.

So it is both durable and robust. 

This durable material can withstand the demands of intense gameplay. It makes sure that your blaster stays in excellent condition.

Additionally, the ABS material offers a comfortable grip. 

It means you can effortlessly maintain control and precision while playing with the NLFGUW splat blaster. 

Unique Design with Patent

Make a statement on the battlefield with the NLFGUW one-of-a-kind patented design.

This blaster combines both style and functionality. 

So it is an excellent choice for those who appreciate a futuristic look. 

It means you can amaze your opponents with your exceptional shooting abilities and also catch everyone’s attention with its stylish and cutting-edge design.

Fires Up to 6 Rounds Per Second

This exceptional gun can discharge up to six rounds per second.

It means you can easily overpower your opponents by constantly bombarding them with a steady flow of gel balls.

66 Feet Shooting Range

You can achieve great precision and accuracy with the NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun, which has a shooting range of 66 feet. 

Attack enemies from a safe distance, hitting them with accuracy and precision. 

Whether participating in long-range sniping or close-quarters combat, the NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun provides the perfect combination of range and accuracy. 

Collision Resistant

Accidental impacts and collisions are bound to happen during intense gameplay. 

Fortunately, the NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun can endure such situations. 

This blaster is made with sturdy material. So it will still work even if it accidentally gets bumped or dropped. 

Three-Month After-Sale Service

If you encounter any problems, you can rely on their dedicated support team. 

Their 3-month after-sale service guarantees that you will receive the required assistance to maintain your blaster in top condition. 

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Specifications of NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun

ModelNLFGUW Electric Gel Ball Blaster
MaterialABS Plastic
DesignUnique Patented Design
Rate of Fire6 Rounds Per Second
Shooting Range56 Feet
Motor TypeUpgraded
Ammo PropertiesEco-friendly, Non-Toxic, 7-8 mm Gel Balls
Safety EyewearIncluded
Age RecommendationsSuitable for 12+

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What Does the Kit Include?

Now that you know the key attributes of the NLFGUW splat ball blaster, let’s have a look at what is included in the Kit:

One Gel Ball Blaster

The NLFGUW Gel Ball Blaster is the main attraction. 

This first-class blaster can release a rapid stream of gel balls so you can have an enjoyable experience on the battlefield.

Battery and USB Charger

Experience extended playtime with a rechargeable battery. 

The high-quality battery included with your NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun certifies your gun stays powered up for an ample time.

The Kit also includes a fast USB charger to quickly and efficiently charge the battery.


The Kit includes a bottle that is specially designed for carrying water beads. 

Feed the water beads in and attach this bottle to specific points in your play firearm.

60,000 Water Beads

The Kit comes with an abundant supply of 60,000 water beads. 

You can soak these water beads, load them into your NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun, and then release them on your opponents.

Practice Target

Nourish your shooting abilities and boost your precision by utilizing the practice target provided. 

This target can help you improve your aim and shot accuracy.

Safety Goggles

Make safety your top priority when participating in gel ball battles. Wear the provided safety goggles. 

These goggles are designed to safeguard your eyes from any potential impacts. They let you have a safe and pleasurable playtime without compromising your safety.

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How to Use Your NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun?

NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun is very easy to use. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Install the Extension Tube

Securely attach the extension tube to the blaster’s main body. 

This extension tube is crucial to the best functionality of your play firearm.

Insert the Feedneck

Next, properly insert the feedneck into the blaster. Ensures a tight and secure fit. 

This feedneck will help you feed gel balls smoothly into the firing mechanism.

Press it Off the Battery.

Activate your NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun by pressing the power button on the battery. 

This step turns on the blaster, priming it for action.

Screw the Hopper In

Attach the hopper to the blaster. Screw it securely. 

The hopper holds gel balls and enables you to engage in continuous shooting without frequent reloads.

Pro Tip

Upgrade to a higher-capacity hopper for extended gameplay

Charge for the Battery

Ensure your NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun is powered up and ready for battle. Allow the battery to charge fully before use.

Insert Target

Insert the provided practice target into a suitable location. The target serves as a visual guide to enhance your skills and precision.

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How to Soak Water Beads for an NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun?

Now, let’s discuss how to soak water beads for your NLFGUW splatter blaster:

Pour Water Beads into the Container

Transfer the water beads into a suitable container.

The container should have enough space to allow the water beads to expand. 

Add Sufficient Water

Pour an appropriate amount of water into the container to submerge the water beads fully. 

The water beads will absorb this water and grow in size.

Soak for 4 Hours

Allow the water beads to soak for a minimum of 4 hours. Use lukewarm water if you want to speed up the soaking.

Check your water beads frequently to know if they have reached their maximum size.

Remember, your NLFGUW works well with 7-8 mm Gel Balls.

Ready to Use

After the soaking process is complete, drain any excess water from the container. 

Your water beads are now ready to be loaded.

Warm Tips for NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun

Now, here are some warm tips for using NLFGUW splatter ball gun:

Recommended for Age 12+

The NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun is recommended for children aged 12 and above:

For younger players below 10, adult supervision is advised to ensure safe and responsible gameplay.

Never Aim at Sensitive Body Areas

Avoid aiming at sensitive body areas to prevent potential injury, such as the face and eyes.

Aim for the torso or non-sensitive body parts instead.

Clean Your Play Firearm After Each Use

Maintain your play weapon by cleaning it after each use. Regularly remove debris and residue from the hopper.

Follow the user manual for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Play in Designated Areas Only

Engage in gel ball battles in designated areas only to keep yourself and others safe. Respect private property and adhere to local regulations regarding gel ball blasters.

Do not Aim at People Not Participating

Always aim at persons actively participating in the game.  Avoid targeting bystanders or non-participants.

Establish Clear Rules for Safe Gameplay

Before you start playing, establish clear rules and guidelines for safe gameplay. 

Communicate these rules to all participants to create a fun and responsible gaming environment.

Store Away from Children When Not in Use

When not in use, store your NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun in a secure location, away from the children’s reach. 

It prevents accidental use and promotes safety.

Pro Tip

Take frequent breaks to keep your energy levels up during extended battles.

Frequently Asked Questions About NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun

Question No. 1: Can I use other brands of gel balls with the NLFGUW Gel Blaster?

Answer: The NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun is compatible with various brands of gel balls. 

Yet, I recommend using gel balls specifically made for gel blasters to ensure optimal performance.

Question No. 2: Is the NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun suitable for indoor use?

Answer: Absolutely! The NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun is for both indoor and outdoor use. But if you are playing indoors, make sure you have enough space to move around.

Question No. 3: Can I modify or upgrade the NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun?

Answer: Modifications and upgrades to the NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun may void the warranty. They can also compromise its performance and safety. 

It’s recommended to consult the manufacturer or authorized service centers for any modifications or upgrades.

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Final Word

The NLFGUW Splatter Ball Gun offers an exciting opportunity to engage in thrilling gel ball battles. 

It will undoubtedly leave you yearning for more. 

This blaster provides an exceptional gaming experience with its enhanced motor, sturdy build, and one-of-a-kind design. 

With a complete set of tools and simple instructions, it can help you excel on the battlefield in a short amount of time. 

But here is some advice. Make sure to follow the safety guidelines and establish clear rules to have a fun and safe gaming experience. 

That is all from my side!!

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