How to use a gel blaster gun?

These blaster guns are toy guns that shoot small, water-absorbing gel balls at high speed. They are designed to have fun. If you’re new to gel blaster guns, you may wonder how to use a gel blaster gun.

This will briefly guide using a gel blaster gun, including its basic functions and features, how to load and fire it, and how to maintain it for good performance. 

Whether you’re new or experienced, it will give you the knowledge and skills to use your gel blaster gun safely and enjoyably.

Choosing the Right Gel Blaster Gun and Accessories

Choosing the right gel blaster toy gun and accessories is crucial for safety and performance. Finding the ideal gel blaster gun will be simple for you if you use the following tips:


When deciding which kind of gel gun to purchase, consider the games you plan to play. You can choose a gel blaster gun from a company that offers cheap, convenient firearms. Such gel guns, meanwhile, are prone to break down in the middle of a match. 

The gel blaster model will be a little simpler if you already know the role you enjoy playing, such as a rifleman, sniper, or shotgunner. If you’re a beginner to the game, start with a shotgun, and learn more about it over time.

The Price

Always keep your budget in mind. There are numerous sellers available, both offline and online. Similar models might be priced differently. Before purchasing, compare the prices of several models before buying a gel ball gun.

You may also see if the set includes the full range of accessories and bullets. You should spend up to $200 or $300 on your first blaster. Many models are available in this price range, including pistols, SMGs, and rifles. Your options are by no means constrained.


Gel blasters typically resemble real guns. Therefore, they can utilize any accessory exactly like real weapons. Running irons on your blaster is OK if you’re confident using this targeting method. 

Some claim that iron sights are sufficient for gel blasters since they need to be more accurate, but it’s not necessarily a practical issue. So consider additional items that you would want it to include. 

Is it included in the pricing, or is it an additional cost? While at it, check to see if the accessories are of the highest caliber and won’t need to be replaced frequently. Therefore, you should exercise extreme caution when selecting your blaster model. 

Pro Tip

Research Compatible Accessories: Ensure that the accessories you plan to purchase are compatible with your specific gel blaster model. Different blasters may have different attachment points and specifications, so it’s important to do your research to avoid compatibility issues.

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The Weight Of the Gun

Each Gel blaster gun’s weight must be considered while contrasting various gel blaster guns. To succeed at games involving this, you must be flexible and comfortable. You will tire quickly if you choose one too heavy for you.

Before choosing a gun for yourself, make sure to verify the weight and the characteristics of each model. Pick one that will only force you to slow down while running if it is lighter. It will impact how you can fire it if it is hefty.

The recommendations above can help those intending to make their first purchase in selecting a decision they won’t regret later.


Read reviews from people who may have purchased the same item before you buy. It might come from that shop or another. This will enable you to give an idea of whether You need to be aware of issues before purchasing. 

Reading reviews helps you stay informed about potential issues, technological glitches, and other issues that might be present. Moreover, read customer reviews of the store you plan to visit. 

Are refunds accepted there? So Can you return the gun in the event of an issue? Saving money as well as time can be accomplished by using these reviews. 

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Rules and Strategies for Playing with gel blasters

Here are some very important rules and strategies that should be followed while playing with gel blasters guns:

How to use a gel blaster gun?

Rules Of Gel Blaster Games

  • Always wear safety gear, including eye protection.
  • Do not modify your blaster to shoot at unsafe velocities.
  • Follow game objectives, player roles, and scoring and winning rules.
  • Do not aim at the head, uncovered body parts, or face of other players.

Stratagies For Gel Blaster Games

By utilizing these strategies, players can gain a strategic advantage in Gel Blaster Games and increase their chances of success. 

Teamwork and Communication

  • Work together with your team to achieve game objectives.
  • Communicate with your teammates to coordinate movements and actions.
  • Assign specific roles to each player on your team, such as medic, support, or sniper, to maximize your team’s effectiveness.

Use of Cover and Movement

  • Use cover to protect yourself from any fire and to gain strategic advantages.
  • Move strategically and unpredictably to make it harder for the enemy to hit you.
  • Utilise stealth and surprise to catch your opponent off guard.

Role Specialization and Loadouts

  • Choose a role that suits your playstyle and will contribute to your team’s success.
  • Choose the appropriate loadout for your position and the game mode.
  • Experiment with different weapons and accessories to find the best loadout for you

Tactics and Gameplay Techniques

  • Use suppressing fire to keep the enemy pinned down and unable to move.
  • Flank the enemy to attack them from unexpected angles.
  • Use diversionary tactics to distract and confuse the enemy.

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Loading and Firing Your Gel Blaster Gun

Most gel blasters use magazines filled with gel balls before they can fire. Fill the magazine with the necessary number of gel balls, then place it into the blaster to fire it. 

How to use a gel blaster gun?

After inserting the magazine, cock the blaster by pulling back on the charging lever and pulling the trigger to fire. The majority of models need batteries to operate, although others don’t.

When using a gel blaster, a pro tip is always to wear safety goggles because the gel balls can cause mild skin and eye discomfort.

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Maintaining and Cleaning Your Gel Blaster Gun

Here are some tips for your Gel Blaster Gun’s cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning Your Gel Blaster After Every Use

One of the most important things while using a gel blaster is cleaning it after each use. This helps its functionality by removing any dirt that may have accumulated over time, but it will also help keep your blaster from breaking down.

Before thoroughly cleaning your blaster, empty the magazine and check that no gel balls are stuck in the chamber. Any difficult-to-reach particles can be removed with compressed air, and the entire blaster can then be cleaned with a fresh, dry cloth.

Regularly Lubricate Moving Parts Of The Gel Blaster

Whether you have played Gel Blasters frequently or recently, keeping the moving parts lubricated and in good working order is important.

Your blaster’s firing mechanism will operate more smoothly and reduce the chance of unnecessary breaking on the internal components if you routinely lubricate it. Attention springs, barrels, bolts, and other friction-prone regions like trigger mechanisms. 

Store The Gel Blaster In a Cool And Dry Place

It’s essential to keep your gel blaster in a cold, dry location when it’s not in use. Plastic and other moving parts included in gel blaster weapons are prone to deterioration from heat and humidity.

To ensure that your gun lasts for a very long time, it’s important to take care of it. To prevent potential damage, your blaster should be kept away from dust, moisture, and direct sunlight in a temperature-controlled space. 

It’s a good idea to disassemble your blaster and clean every component before putting it far if you want to store it for a long period.

Use High-Quality Gel Beads

Make sure to purchase gel balls made of high-quality materials and intended for use with gel blasters when you’re out shopping. Make careful to purchase authorized gel blaster gel balls to avoid any issues with your blaster.

It is acceptable to store items in a cover bucket, a large plastic food container, or a sealed storage container. Enough water should be added to this container to cover your leftover gel balls completely. 

Gel Balls Should Be Soaked For 4 Hours Minimum

Before using your gel beads in your blaster, soak them for at least four hours. By following it, you can ensure they get enough water and won’t harm your gun.

The beads won’t fire and will explode within the chamber. If this occurs, it was probably due to the beads not being sufficiently saturated and hardened. To avoid any issues, thoroughly soak your beads before using them.

Inspect The Gel Blaster Before And After Each Use

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned visual inspection when maintaining your gel blaster. Examine your blaster before each usage to check that none of the parts has fractures or other damage.

After using your blaster, give it another look for any signs of deterioration. Before using it again, make sure to have it checked by a specialist if you see anything unusual.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Gel Blaster Guns

Advantages of using gel blaster guns include:


Gel blaster guns are generally considered safer than traditional airsoft guns because the gel balls used as ammunition are biodegradable and dissolve in water, reducing the risk of injury.


Gel blaster guns are typically less expensive than other airsoft guns, making them a popular choice for those on a budget.

Pro Tip

Consider Used or Second-hand Options: Gel blaster guns can be quite expensive when brand new. Consider looking for used or second-hand options that are still in good condition. Many enthusiasts sell their blasters at lower prices, providing an opportunity to save money.

Realistic Feel

Gel blaster guns have a realistic look and feel, providing a more authentic shooting experience.

Easy to Use

Gel blaster guns are easy to operate, making them accessible to beginners and those new to airsoft.

Disadvantages of gun blaster guns include

Limited Range

Gel blaster guns have a limited range compared to other airsoft guns, making them less effective in outdoor settings.

Ammo Availability 

The availability of gel balls can be limited in a few areas, making it difficult for some users to obtain enough ammunition for extended use.


Gel blaster guns require regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubricating moving parts, to ensure reliable performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about How to Use a gel blaster gun

Question 1: How do I load gel balls into my blaster gun?

First, soak the gel balls in water for several hours to load your gel blaster gun until they reach their full size. Then, open the magazine and pour the gel balls into it. Finally, close the magazine and insert it into the gun.

Question 2: How do I change my gel blaster gun battery?

Most gel blaster guns use rechargeable batteries that utilize a normal wall outlet. Connect the battery charger to the gun’s battery and plug it into an outlet. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting times and other important details.

Question 3: How do I fire my gel blaster gun?

To fire your gel blaster gun, turn on the safety and pull the trigger. Depending on the model type, you may need to pump or cock the weapon before firing.

Question 4: How do I clean and maintain my gel blaster gun?

First, remove the magazine and any remaining gel balls from the gun to clean your gel blaster gun. Then, use a cloth to clean up the exterior and interior of the weapon, paying particular attention to the barrel and other moving parts. 

Question 5: How do I stay safe using a gel blaster gun?

Answer: Always wear eye protection and other safety gear, such as gloves or a mask, to stay safe when using a gel blaster gun. Never aim or shoot at another person or animal; always use your weapon safely and responsibly. 

Final words

Overall, owning a Gel Ball Blaster has several perks, such as being inexpensive, simple to use, and easy to maintain. Your Gel Blaster will give you countless hours of excitement if you take good care of it. Remember to put safety first when you use a new gadget.

You can enjoy playing with the Gell ball blaster, but every time you use it, do remember to follow the instructions provided above so that you will remain safe and it will work for a longer time. 

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