how to take care of your Orbeez beads

Hey there! Do you love the playful texture of Orbeez? If yes, it is crucial to know how to take care of your Orbeez beads.

Orbeez are colorful, tiny water beads that expand when soaked in water. But like other things, they demand proper care.

In the present blog, I will elaborate on how to take care of your Orbeez. I will discuss everything you need to know about them, from hydration to their disposal.

Let’s get started.

How to Hydrate Your Orbeez Beads?

Hydrating your Orbeez beads is a simple yet crucial step to enjoy their squishy and colorful charm. Here are the hydration steps to follow:

How to Hydrate Your Orbeez Beads

Choose the Right Water Source

Begin by selecting a clean and clear water source. While tap water is generally safe, distilled water can help prevent mineral buildup on your beads over time.

Soaking Duration 

Submerge your Orbeez beads in water and let them soak for at least 3 to 4 hours. This time will help beads expand to their maximum size.

Proper Water-to-Bead Ratio

Maintain an appropriate water-to-bead ratio to prevent overcrowding. As a general guideline, use around 100 Orbeez beads per 400 ml of water. It ensures the beads have enough space to absorb water evenly.

Monitor Expansion 

Keep an eye on the beads’ expansion. If they aren’t expanding as expected, consider adding more water or replacing it with fresh water.

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Pro Tip

Consider using lukewarm water to speed up the soaking.

How to Handle Your Orbeez Water Beads?

Careful handling is vital to maintain their squishy texture and vibrant appearance. Here’s a guide on how to handle your Orbeez beads:

Gentle Touch

Orbeez beads are delicate when fully hydrated. Handle them gently to avoid squishing or damaging them. 

Scoop Carefully

When transferring Orbeez beads, use a plastic spoon or funnel. This prevents unnecessary pressure that can lead to bead breakage.

Avoid Heat and Sunlight

Keep your Orbeez beads away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Excessive heat can cause the beads to shrink and lose their plumpness.

How to Clean Your Orbeez If They Accumulate Dust?

Now, here are some guidelines for how to clean your Orbeez beads if they get dirty:

Strain Your Beads

Gently strain your Orbeez beads through a fine mesh sieve to separate the beads from the dust and dirt. This initial step helps remove larger particles.

Avoid Chemicals

Do not use abrasive chemicals or cleaning agents, as they can damage the texture of your Orbeez beads. Stick to using clean water for the cleaning process.

Rinse with Water

After straining, place the Orbeez beads in a container and rinse them thoroughly with clean water. Use a gentle stream of water to wash away any remaining dirt.

Dry in a Well-Ventilated Area

Spread the Orbeez beads on a clean towel in a well-ventilated area. Allow them to air dry for a few hours until they are scorched to the touch.

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How to Maintain Your Orbeez Beads?

Now, here are some maintenance tips for your Orbeez water beads:

Hydration Check

Periodically check the hydration status of your beads. If you notice they are smaller or less plump than before, it’s time for a refresh. Rehydrate them by following the initial soaking process.

Avoid Sharp Objects and Rough Surfaces 

Keep your Orbeez beads away from sharp objects, rough surfaces, and pets. This prevents punctures and damage that could lead to leakage or bead breakage.

Prevent Freezing

Avoid exposing your Orbeez beads to freezing temperatures. Freezing can affect their texture and appearance.

Pro Tip

Fill a balloon with Orbeez beads for a squishy stress reliever.

Storage Tips for Your Orbeez Beads

Proper storage of your Orbeez beads is essential to ensure their longevity and prevent damage. Here are some effective storage tips to keep your Orbeez beads in the best condition:

Sealed Containers

Store your Orbeez beads in airtight containers with secure lids. This prevents dust, dirt, and moisture from entering and affecting the texture and appearance of the beads.

Label Your Storage Containers

If you have multiple containers with different colors or sizes of Orbeez beads, consider labeling the containers. This helps you quickly identify the contents without having to open each container.

Dry Environment

Store your Orbeez beads in a dry and cool environment. Moisture can cause the beads to swell or clump together, affecting their quality.

Regular Checks

Periodically check the stored Orbeez beads for any signs of moisture, mold, or damage. If you notice any issues, take corrective actions promptly.

Elevated Shelves

Store the containers on elevated shelves or surfaces to prevent them from coming into contact with water, spills, or accidental crushing.


If you have young children at home, ensure the storage containers are out of their reach. Orbeez beads can pose a choking hazard if ingested.

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When to Replace Your Orbeez?

While Orbeez beads are durable, there are signs to watch for that indicate it’s time to replace them. Here’s when you should consider replacing them:

Irregular Size

Over time, Orbeez beads might start to shrink. If you notice significant size discrepancies among the beads, it’s a sign that they need replacement.

Fading Colors

Orbeez beads can lose their vibrant colors over time, especially if exposed to sunlight or water for extended periods. If the colors have significantly faded, it’s time to refresh your collection.

Reduced Bounciness

Orbeez beads are known for their satisfying bounce. If your beads are no longer bouncy as they should be and feel flat or dull, it’s a clear indication that they have worn out.

Not Expanding

If your Orbeez beads are not expanding properly despite following the correct steps, it could be due to their age. Older beads might have a harder time absorbing water.

Unpleasant Odor

If your Orbeez beads emit an unusual or unpleasant odor, it indicates deterioration. Fresh Orbeez beads should have no distinct smell.

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How to Dispose of Your Orbeez Beads?

Proper disposal of Orbeez is necessary to minimize their environmental impact. Here is how to bid farewell to your Orbeez water beads:

Seal in a Bag 

Gather all the Orbeez beads and place them in a sealed plastic bag. This prevents them from scattering and makes them easier to handle during disposal.

Trash Bin

Place the sealed bag in your regular household trash bin. This is the most suitable method of disposal for Orbeez beads.

Avoid Flushing

Do not flush Orbeez beads down the toilet or any drains. They can expand in water and cause plumbing issues.

Avoid Disposal in Landfills

Orbeez beads are not biodegradable, so they will remain in landfills for a very long time. So, placing them in the trash bin is the most appropriate way to ensure they end up in a landfill.

Use Eco-Friendly Beads

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact, consider eco-friendly Orbeez beads. They are usually made of plant-based starch.

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Precautions with Orbeez Beads

Now that you know how to take care of your Orbeez, here are some precautions to keep in mind:

Supervised Play for Kids

If children are playing with Orbeez beads, ensure they are under adult supervision. This minimizes the risk of accidental ingestion or inappropriate use.

Choking Hazard

Orbeez beads are tiny and can pose a choking hazard, especially for young children. Keep them out of the reach of children under the age of three and supervise older children during play.

Allergic Reactions 

Some individuals might be allergic to the materials used in Orbeez beads. If you see any signs of allergic reactions, such as skin irritation or discomfort, discontinue use immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Take Care of Your Orbeez

Question No. 1: Can I reuse Orbeez beads?

Answer: Absolutely! Orbeez beads can be reused multiple times. After play or display, simply place the beads in a container, cover them with water, and let them hydrate again. 

Question No. 2: How do I prevent mold growth in my Orbeez beads?

Answer: Mold can develop if Orbeez beads are not properly cared for. Make sure to thoroughly dry the beads after each use to prevent mold growth.

Question No. 3: Can I mix different brands of water beads?

Answer: It’s generally not recommended to mix different brands of water beads. Each brand might have slight variations in materials and hydration rates, which can lead to inconsistent results when mixed together. 

Question No. 4: How can I revive shrunken Orbeez beads?

Answer: Place your shrunken beads in a container, cover them with water, and let them soak for a few hours. The beads will absorb water and regain their original size and texture.

Final Word

Proper care is necessary to keep your Orbeez beads in top condition. Using the tips provided above, you can maintain their vibrant color and texture for an extended period.

Additionally, your safety is above everything. Therefore, avoid ingestion and be careful about allergies. Also, keep a first aid box handy for unfortunate situations.

Remember, they are not biodegradable. So, dispose of them in regular trash and avoid flushing down the pipes or throwing them in landfills.

Hope this article will help you to understand how to take care of your Orbeez!

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