How to Set Up an Orbeez Spa

If you’ve ever dreamt of having your very own spa experience at home, how to set up Orbeez Spa is the perfect way to turn that dream into a colorful and relaxing reality. 

To set up an Orbeez spa, hydrate the Orbeez beads in a large container, add LED lights for ambiance, arrange towels and pillows, and then immerse yourself in the soothing experience.

You will be guided step-by-step through the process of creating your own Orbeez spa. 

Materials You’ll Need

To get started, gather the following materials:

Orbeez Beads

Orbeez beads are the essential building blocks for learning how to set up an Orbeez spa. These tiny, water-absorbent polymer beads bring vibrant colors to your spa oasis and provide a soft, squishy texture that enhances the overall relaxation experience. 

By carefully hydrating these beads and placing them in your spa container, you’ll create a unique and soothing environment perfect for unwinding and de-stressing. 

So, when embarking on your journey to set up an Orbeez spa, include these colorful beads for an unforgettable DIY spa adventure.

Large Container

Selecting the right container for your Orbeez spa ensures a captivating and comfortable experience. Opt for a large, clear container, such as a fish tank or a glass bowl, as it allows you to fully appreciate the vibrant colors and soothing texture of the Orbeez beads. 

The container’s transparency also enhances your spa’s visual appeal, creating a mesmerizing underwater world right in your home.


Water is the essence of life, a simple yet vital substance that sustains all living organisms on our planet. It covers most of Earth’s surface, filling oceans, rivers, and lakes, and it is also a fundamental component of all living cells. 

Due to its special qualities, which include its capacity to exist in three different states—solid, liquid, and gas—a solvent, and its ability to control Earth’s temperature, water is an essential resource.

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LED Lights (Optional)

Adding LED lights to your Orbeez spa is optional but can elevate the experience to a new level. These waterproof LED lights create a mesmerizing ambiance, casting vibrant colors through the translucent Orbeez beads and turning your spa into a visual delight. 

Whether you choose soothing blues and greens or deep pinks and purples, the LED lights will transform your Orbeez spa into a calming oasis of light and color, enhancing your relaxation and enjoyment.

Towels and Pillows

To enhance your Orbeez spa experience, remember to include some plush towels and soft pillows.

These essential accessories will provide comfort and create a cozy atmosphere where you can fully unwind and enjoy the soothing sensation of the Orbeez beads. Whether relaxing alone or with friends, having towels and pillows nearby will make your DIY spa session even more enjoyable.

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How to Set Up an Orbeez Spa? Step Wise Guide

Now that you have your materials ready, let’s get started with setting up your Orbeez spa:

Step 1: Prepare the Orbeez

In step 1 of setting up your Orbeez spa, it’s time to prepare the Orbeez beads for their magical transformation. Begin by placing the dry Orbeez beads into a large bowl, marveling at their tiny and unassuming appearance. 

Then, add room temperature water to the bowl, allowing the Orbeez to absorb the liquid slowly. As you watch, you’ll notice the beads starting to swell and take on a soft, squishy texture.

Step 2: Fill the Container

In step 2, it’s time to fill the container with water after your Orbeez beads have fully hydrated. Carefully transfer the plump and colorful Orbeez into your chosen container, ensuring enough space at the top to prevent any potential overflow. 

How to Set Up an Orbeez Spa How to Set Up an Orbeez Spa

This is where the magic begins, as the water and Orbeez combination creates a visually stunning and relaxing environment for your Orbeez spa.

Step 3: Add LED Lights

To elevate the ambiance of your Orbeez spa, consider incorporating waterproof LED lights. These lights will infuse your hotel with a mesmerizing and colorful glow, creating an enchanting atmosphere. As the LED lights shimmer beneath the water’s surface, your Orbeez spa will come alive with a captivating radiance, making your relaxation experience even more magical.

Step 4: Arrange Towels and Pillows

To enhance your Orbeez spa experience, take a moment to arrange plush towels and soft pillows around the spa area. This thoughtful touch adds comfort and allows you to immerse yourself in relaxation fully. 

The towels provide a cozy spot to sit or recline while you enjoy the soothing sensation of Orbeez beads. Whether setting up your Orbeez spa for personal relaxation or hosting a spa day with friends, adding towels and pillows will make your experience even more enjoyable. 

Step 5: Dive In and Relax

As you gently immerse yourself in the soothing world of Orbeez, a wave of relaxation washes over you. The soft, squishy beads caress your skin, creating a unique tactile sensation that melts away the day’s stress. 

The colorful orbs dance beneath your fingertips, their vibrant hues adding to the enchanting ambiance. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the tranquility of your homemade Orbeez spa transport you to a world of pure bliss. 

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Maintenance Tips

To ensure your Orbeez spa continues to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience, follow these essential maintenance tips:

Change the Water Regularly

Changing the water regularly in your Orbeez spa is a crucial maintenance step. By replacing the water every week, you prevent mold or bacteria growth, ensuring that your hotel remains clean and hygienic. 

This simple practice maintains the visual appeal of your Orbeez. It contributes to a refreshing and safe spa experience whenever you use it.

Store Your Orbeez Beads Properly

To preserve the quality of your Orbeez beads, storing them correctly is essential. After enjoying your Orbeez spa, place the beads in an airtight container to keep them hydrated and prevent evaporation. 

Seal the container securely to prevent any moisture loss. Storing your Orbeez beads correctly ensures they stay plump, colorful, and ready for your next relaxing spa session.

Keep an Eye on Bead Quality

Keeping an eye on the quality of your Orbeez beads is essential to maintaining the optimal spa experience. Over time, Orbeez beads may lose shape or vibrancy due to extended use. Suppose you notice any signs of deterioration, such as flattened or discolored beads. 

In that case, consider replacing them. Fresh, plump, and colorful Orbeez beads will enhance your spa’s aesthetic appeal and provide a more comfortable and enjoyable sensory experience.

Pro Tip

Improve your Orbeez spa experience by adding soothing essential oils for a fragrant and relaxing oasis!

FAQs About How to Set Up an Orbeez Spa?

Question No.01: What are Orbeez, and how do they work in a spa setup?

Answer: Orbeez are small water-absorbent beads that swell up when soaked in water. They create a relaxing and visually appealing ambiance in a spa setup.

Question No.02: Do I need special equipment to set up an Orbeez spa?

Answer: For added ambiance, you’ll need Orbeez beads, a clear container, water, and optional waterproof LED lights. Towels and pillows are also recommended for comfort.

Question No.03: How long do Orbeez beads need to hydrate fully?

Answer: The time it takes for Orbeez beads to hydrate fully can vary but generally takes several hours. Patience is key.

Question No.04: Can I add scented oils to my Orbeez spa for a fragrant experience?

Answer: You may improve the water in your spa by adding a few drops of scented oils.

Question No.05: How do I maintain and care for my Orbeez spa over time?

Answer: Change the water in your Orbeez spa frequently to keep bacteria and mold from growing.

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To sum up, this post thoroughly explains how to set up an Orbeez spa, presenting a fun and relaxing do-it-yourself project. Following the outlined steps and gathering the necessary materials can create your colorful oasis at home. 

Whether you want to unwind or add a unique touch to your space, setting up an Orbeez spa is a fantastic choice. Dive in, relax, and enjoy the soothing experience it brings.

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