How to Make Edible Orbeez with Gummy Bears

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Gummy Orbeez beads are fun to play with and tasty to eat. And yes, they don’t need an extensive list of materials. Their recipe is quite simple, meaning you can easily make them.

Here, I will guide you on how to make gummy Orbeez. I will elaborate on some creative uses of gummy Orbeez and share some care tips.

Let’s get started.

Materials You’ll Need

How to make gummy Orbeez is a simple and fun activity everyone can do at home. You’ll need only a few materials for this activity. Here is a list of these materials:

Gummy Bears

These chewy and yummy candies will be the stars of your edible Orbeez. You can find gummy bears at most grocery stores or candy shops. Choose your favorite colors and flavors to make your edible Orbeez extra special!

How to Make Edible Orbeez with Gummy Bears

Gelatin Powder

Gelatin is a magic ingredient that helps your Orbeez become squishy and fun to play with. You can find gelatin powder in the baking aisle of the grocery store.

Food Coloring (Optional)

If you want your edible Orbeez to be colorful like the real ones, you can use food coloring. It’s like adding a little rainbow to your creation!

Small Round Molds

You’ll need molds to give your Orbeez their round shape. You can find these molds at craft stores or online. Ice cube trays with round compartments can also work!

A Mixing Bowl

A mixing bowl is where all the magic happens. Make sure the mixing bowl you are using is clean and dry.

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Stepwise Guide on How to Make Edible Orbeez with Gummy Bears

How to make edible Orbeez with gummy bears is a simple and delightful activity everyone can enjoy. Here are the steps to create your own squishy and tasty Orbeez beads:

Step 1: Prepare the Gelatin Mixture

Begin by choosing a clean mixing bowl. Measure and pour the amount of water specified on the gelatin packet into the mixing bowl.

Carefully add the gelatin powder to the water. Make sure to sprinkle it evenly over the water’s surface.

If you want colorful Orbeez, add a few drops of food coloring to the gelatin mixture. Stir gently until the gelatin powder is mostly dissolved.

Step 2: Heat the Mixture

If you’re using a microwave, place the mixing bowl in the microwave. Heat the mixture on low power for about 10-15 seconds. Take it out and give it a gentle stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

If you’re using the stovetop, ask an adult to help. Pour the gelatin mixture into a small pan and heat it over low heat while stirring constantly. Once the gelatin is fully dissolved, remove it from the heat source.

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Step 3: Add Gummy Bears

Before you start this step, make sure you have your small round molds ready. Gently place a few gummy bears into each mold. You don’t need to fill the molds completely; just add a few gummy bears to each one.

Step 4: Combine Gelatin and Gummy Bears

Carefully pour the warm gelatin mixture over the gummy bears in the molds. The gummy bears will start to float in the mixture.

Use a spoon or a toothpick to gently push any gummy bears that are sticking out back into the mixture. This will help them get covered by the gelatin.

Step 5: Chill the Molds

Place the molds in the refrigerator. Allow them to sit and chill for at least two hours. This will give the gelatin enough time to set and turn into squishy Orbeez.

Step 6: Unmold and Enjoy

Once the gelatin has set and turned into Orbeez, take the molds out of the refrigerator. Gently press on the bottom of each mold to loosen the Orbeez. They should pop out easily.

Now you have your own edible gummy Orbeez! You can play with them, squish them, and, best of all, eat them!

Pro Tip

Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of gummy Orbeez.

Creative Uses of Gummy Orbeez

Gummy Orbeez can be used in a variety of ways. Here are only some of their uses:

Sensory Play

Gummy Orbeez are perfect for sensory play. Fill a sensory bin or container with these squishy delights and let your fingers explore. 

Stress Relief

Gummy Orbeez can also provide stress relief. Keep a small bag of these squishy treats handy and give them a gentle squeeze whenever you feel stressed or anxious. The tactile experience can help relax your mind.

Educational Activities

Gummy Orbeez can be used for educational activities with kids. Sort them by colors, count them, and even practice basic math operations. 

Gift Toppings

Add a creative twist to your gift-giving by using gummy Orbeez as a decorative topping. Place a handful of Orbeez in a small transparent bag, tie it with a ribbon, and attach it to your gift. 

Craft Embellishments

Use gummy Orbeez as embellishments for craft projects. Glue them onto greeting cards, scrapbooks, or even DIY jewelry for an extra touch of creativity.

Party Fun

You can also add charm to your parties using edible gummy Orbeez. Simply fill them in jars, containers and balloons. Your guests will surely enjoy these tasty edible beads.

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Care Tips for Your Gummy Orbeez

Now, here are some care tips to help you enjoy your gummy Orbeez to the maximum:

Keep Them Cool

Since gummy Orbeez are made using gelatin, which can melt in hot temperatures. Please keep them in a cool, dark location, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Hands Hygiene

When playing with or snacking on your gummy Orbeez, make sure your hands are clean. Dirty hands can transfer germs and dirt to the treats. This will compromise their quality and safety.

Don’t Exert Too Much Pressure

While it’s fun to squish and play with gummy Orbeez, excessive pressure can break them apart. Gently squish them to preserve their shape and texture. 

Keep Them Away from Water

Gummy Orbeez are water-soluble, meaning they can dissolve in water. To avoid accidentally ruining your treats, keep them away from water, especially when you’re not planning to use them.

Check the Expiry Date of Gummy Bears

While gummy Orbeez can last for a reasonable amount of time, it’s a good idea to check the expiry date on the gummy bears. Using fresh gummy bears will ensure the best taste and quality.

Be Mindful of Choking

Gummy Orbeez can be a choking hazard, especially for young children. If you’re sharing these treats with kids, make sure they are cut into small, manageable pieces to reduce the risk of choking.

Pro Tip

Add tiny fruit pieces to the mix for an extra burst of flavor.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Gummy Orbeez

Now you know how to make edible Orbeez with gummy bears. But you can still make some mistakes. So, here are some extra tips for you.

Adding Gummy Bears Too Early

If you add the gummy bears to the gelatin mixture when it’s too hot, they might melt or lose their shape. Let the mixture cool a little before you add the gummy bears.


Adding too many gummy bears to the molds can cause the mixture to overflow, leading to uneven shapes. Leave some space in the molds to allow the Orbeez to form properly.

Humid Conditions

Humidity can cause gummy Orbeez to become sticky and lose their texture. Store them in a cool, dry place away from moisture.

Eating Too Much

While gummy Orbeez are fun to play with and eat, remember to enjoy them in moderation. Eating too many at once might upset your stomach, so savor them slowly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Make Edible Orbeez with Gummy Bears

Question No. 1: How long can I keep my gummy Orbeez?

Answer: Gummy Orbeez can stay good for about two or three weeks if stored properly in an airtight container. 

But they might lose their squishiness and taste after some time, so it’s best to enjoy them sooner rather than later.

Question No. 2: Can I make gummy Orbeez without gelatin?

Answer: Gelatin is an important ingredient. But if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan options, consider using plant-based alternatives to gelatin. Keep in mind the taste and texture may be slightly different.

Question No. 3: Can I mix different flavors of gummy bears in my Orbeez?

Answer: Definitely! Mixing different flavors of gummy bears can add an exciting twist to your edible Orbeez. 

You can create your own flavorful combinations and have a taste adventure. Just make sure you like the flavors together before mixing them.

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Final Insights

How to make edible Orbeez with gummy bears is a fun and easy activity. It can provide hours of entertainment and sensory play. 

But remember, good care of your gummy Orbeez is necessary. Also, avoid common mistakes like overcrowding or eating too much. 

That’s all from my side! Happy snacking!

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