How to Create Wall Art with Orbeez

Do you want to know how to create wall art with Orbeez! So you have landed at right place.

Orbeez wall art is an excellent home decor option. Orbeez are tiny, colorful water beads that can add unique, imaginative flair to your room.

Here, I will show you how to create stunning wall masterpieces with Orbeez and share unique wall art ideas. 

So, let’s dive into this creative journey.

Materials You’ll Need

Before you start creating wall art with Orbeez, check if you have the necessary supplies. Here is a list of items you will need:

How to Create Wall Art with Orbeez How to Create Wall Art with Orbeez


Grab a pack of colorful Orbeez beads. They come in various shades, so pick the ones that complement your room’s decor.

Plastic Containers

You’ll need a few plastic containers to grow and store the Orbeez. Choose containers that are large enough to accommodate the expansion of the beads.

Distilled Water

Orbeez needs water to grow; distilled water is free from impurities and contaminants. So make sure you have enough distilled water. 

Canvas or Cardboard

Select a canvas or cardboard as the base for your wall art. This will be the foundation on which you’ll create your masterpiece.

Glue or Adhesive

You’ll require a strong adhesive to stick the Orbeez onto the canvas or cardboard securely.

Pencil and Eraser

Sketch your design lightly with a pencil so you have a guide when placing the Orbeez. Don’t forget the eraser to correct any mistakes.

Paints (Optional)

If you want to add more dimension and flair to your artwork, consider using acrylic paints to enhance the background or outline.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create Wall Art with Orbeez

Now that you have all your materials ready let’s get started on creating your stunning Orbeez wall art!

Step 1: Hydrate Your Orbeez

Begin by hydrating your Orbeez. Take a plastic container and pour in the beads. Add water to cover the Orbeez completely and let them sit for at least 4-6 hours. 

Step 2: Create a Design

While the Orbeez are soaking, brainstorm and sketch your design on the canvas or cardboard. It could be a nature scene, an abstract pattern, or even a word or phrase that inspires you.

Step 3: Apply Glue

Once your Orbeez is fully hydrated, it’s time to start attaching them to your canvas or cardboard. 

Apply glue on the backside of each Orbeez and place them on your design following your sketch. Make sure to press gently to ensure they stick firmly.

Step 4: Add Background or Outline

If you want to make your wall art even more eye-catching, consider using acrylic paints to add some background colors or outline your design. 

Step 5: Let It Dry

After you’ve placed all the Orbeez and painted the background, allow your wall art to dry completely. This might take a few hours, but it’s essential to ensure the Orbeez stays in place.

Step 6: Frame Your Artwork

Once your Orbeez wall art is dry, you can choose to frame it for a polished look. Measure the dimensions of your artwork and find a suitable frame at your local craft store or online.

Step 7: Hang It Up

Now comes the most rewarding part – hanging your masterpiece on the wall! Use nails or adhesive hooks to secure your Orbeez wall art to the desired spot in your room. 

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Pro Tip

Be cautious not to burn your fingers with hot glue.

Additional Tips on How to Create Wall Art with Orbeez

Now that you know how to create wall art with Orbeez, here are some other tips:

Experiment with Colors

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different Orbeez colors to create beautiful gradients or patterns. Play around with various combinations to find the ones that work best for your design.

Use Tweezers

If you find it challenging to place the Orbeez precisely with your fingers, try using tweezers for better control. This can help you position the beads exactly where you want them.

Create 3D Effects

Elevate your wall art by layering the Orbeez to add depth to your design. Place some Orbeez slightly higher than others to achieve a three-dimensional effect.

Explore Different Shapes

While round Orbeez are the most common, don’t forget that they come in various shapes, such as stars, hearts, and more. Use these different shapes in your artwork to make it unique and interesting.

Work in Sections

If your design is extensive, work in sections to ensure the glue doesn’t dry out before you place the Orbeez. 

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Unique Orbeez Wall Art Ideas

Now, here are some unique Orbeez wall art ideas to inspire your next project:

Orbeez Rainbow Gradient

Arrange Orbeez in a rainbow gradient pattern, transitioning from one color to another smoothly. This eye-catching design will add a burst of color to any room.

Orbeez Galaxy Scene 

Create a stunning galaxy-themed Orbeez wall art using dark blue and purple beads for the background, and sprinkle some silver or white beads to represent stars.

Orbeez Flower Garden

Arrange Orbeez in the shape of various flowers and leaves to create a whimsical and beautiful flower garden on your canvas. Add green Orbeez for stems and leaves, and use bright colors for the flowers.

Orbeez Word Art

Spell out inspiring words, names, or phrases using Orbeez on your canvas. Choose colors that match the theme or meaning of the words for a personalized touch.

Orbeez Ocean Scene

Craft an underwater scene with blue and turquoise Orbeez for the water, and add sea creatures like fish and corals using different colored beads.

Orbeez Constellations

Design constellations using tiny, glowing Orbeez beads on a dark background. Turn off the lights, and your wall art will glow in the dark, resembling the night sky.

Orbeez Geometric Patterns

Arrange Orbeez in geometric shapes like triangles, squares, or hexagons to form an abstract and modern Orbeez wall art.

Orbeez Family Tree

Create a family tree using Orbeez to represent each family member. Write their names on the canvas and connect them with branches made of green Orbeez.

Orbeez Sunburst

Arrange the Orbeez in a sunburst pattern radiating from the center of the canvas. Use warm and bright colors for a lively and energetic design.

Orbeez Ocean Waves

Craft ocean waves with blue and white Orbeez on your canvas. Add foam by using smaller white beads to create a realistic ocean scene.

Orbeez Cityscape 

Build a city skyline using Orbeez beads of different heights and colors. Create a visually stunning urban landscape on your canvas.

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Pro Tip

Hang your Orbeez wall art in a well-lit area for maximum effect.

Care Tips for Your Orbeez Wall Art

Now, here are some care tips for preserving your Orbeez wall art:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Orbeez beads are sensitive to direct sunlight; it can cause them to fade over time. So avoid hanging it in areas with direct sunlight.

Handle with Care

Orbeez wall art can be delicate, especially if you have used a lot of layers or 3D effects. When moving or cleaning the artwork, handle it gently to avoid dislodging the beads.

Dust Regularly

Orbeez wall art can accumulate dust over time like any other decor piece. Dust it regularly with a soft, dry cloth to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Check for Loose Beads 

Periodically check your Orbeez wall art for any loose beads. If you find any, reapply some glue to secure them back in place.

Frame with a Protective Cover

Consider using a protective cover, such as glass or acrylic sheet, to shield your wall art from dust and accidental damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Create Wall Art with Orbeez

Question No. 1: Can I mix Orbeez with other materials in my wall art?

Answer: Yes, you can mix Orbeez with other materials in your wall art. Consider combining them with small gems, buttons, sequins, or even dried flowers to add texture and variety to your design. 

Question No. 2: Can I use hot water to hydrate Orbeez faster?

Answer: It’s not recommended to use hot water to hydrate Orbeez faster. Hot water may cause the Orbeez to expand too quickly, potentially damaging the beads. Stick to room temperature water for the best and safest hydration process.

Question No. 3: Can I create Orbeez wall art with my kids? Is it safe for children?

Answer: Creating Orbeez wall art can be a fun and safe activity for children, but adult supervision is recommended, especially when handling the beads and glue.

Question No. 4: Can I cut or trim Orbeez to fit my design?

Answer: While it’s possible to cut or trim Orbeez, it can be challenging due to their small size and squishy texture. Instead of cutting, consider arranging the Orbeez closer together or overlapping them to fill any gaps in your design.

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Key Takeaway

I hope this guide on how to create wall art with Orbeez has inspired you to unleash your creativity and make something beautiful for your home. 

Remember to have fun and experiment with different colors and designs. Also, follow the care tips to keep your wall art in a premium condition. Happy crafting!

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