How Much Do Large Orbeez Balls Cost

How are you all, my dear readers? Orbeez balls have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike. But you may want to know, “How much do large Orbeez balls cost?”

Orbeez balls are easily affordable, but their final price can vary based on some factors. Seasonal demand can also affect their cost.

In the present blog, I will answer the question How much do large Orbeez balls cost? I will discuss where you can buy them and share tips for a wise purchase.

Let’s get started.

Which Factors Affect the Cost?

Large Orbeez balls can cost anywhere between $10 to $30. But other factors can also affect their cost. Let’s explore these factors one after another.

How Much Do Large Orbeez Balls Cost How Much Do Large Orbeez Balls Cost

Brand Reputation

Established and well-known brands often come with a higher price tag because of their reputation for quality and reliability. 

These brands invest in research and development to create a product that provides a satisfying tactile experience. 

The brand recognition and consumer trust they have built over time contribute to the premium cost associated with their products.

Orbeez Quality

High-quality Orbeez balls are crafted from non-toxic materials that are safe for children. 

These materials not only ensure the safety of users but also contribute to the durability and longevity of the product. 

While cheaper alternatives are available, they might compromise quality, potentially leading to a less enjoyable experience or even safety concerns.

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Size Matters

More giant Orbeez balls generally require more materials to manufacture, which naturally drives up the price. 

Additionally, the larger size could provide a more immersive tactile experience, making them a preferred choice for many consumers. 

But note that larger size doesn’t always equate to higher quality, so consider both size and quality when evaluating the cost.

Seasonal Demand and Availability

The time of the year can also influence the cost of large Orbeez balls. During peak seasons such as holidays, school breaks, and special occasions, the demand for sensory toys like Orbeez balls increases. 

Sellers might take advantage of this heightened demand and raise prices. Conversely, during off-peak seasons, prices might be more competitive as sellers aim to attract buyers.

The availability of large Orbeez balls can also affect their cost. Sellers might capitalize on this by increasing the price if a particular size or color is in high demand and limited supply. 

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Pro Tip

Use large Orbeez balls for a fun color-sorting activity with kids.

Where to Buy Large Orbeez Balls?

Now that you know how much large Orbeez balls cost, here are the places from where you can buy them:


Amazon is a giant in the online marketplace, offering a vast array of products, including large Orbeez balls. 

The platform hosts various sellers, allowing you to browse through different options, compare prices, and read customer reviews. 

With the convenience of doorstep delivery and a wide range of choices, Amazon is a go-to destination for many shoppers.


eBay is another popular online platform where you can find an eclectic assortment of products, and large Orbeez balls are no exception. 

This platform often features both new and gently used items, making it an intriguing option if you’re searching for unique variations or potential bargains. 

Just remember to carefully review the product descriptions and seller ratings before making a purchase.


As a well-established retail giant, Walmart is likely to have a selection of large Orbeez balls available both in their physical stores and online. 

This makes it convenient for those who prefer to see and test the products before buying. Walmart’s extensive distribution network and frequent sales events can also offer competitive pricing options.

Local Toy Stores

Local toy stores are excellent destinations for finding unique and high-quality Orbeez balls. While these stores might have slightly higher prices, they often provide personalized assistance and expert recommendations. 

Specialty Stores for Sensory Products

Stores specializing in sensory products also carry a curated collection of Orbeez balls to cater to specific sensory needs. 

While the cost could be higher, these stores offer a tailored experience for individuals seeking sensory exploration beyond play.

Department and Party Supply Stores

Large department stores often stock a variety of toys, including Orbeez balls, in their toy sections. Keep an eye out for sales, discounts, or seasonal promotions to get the best value for your money.

Party supply stores might also carry Orbeez balls as unique decorations or party favors. Check them out for bulk purchasing options.

Art Craft Stores

Craft stores are rewarding places to look for large Orbeez balls. These stores are worth exploring if you’re looking to use Orbeez balls in your creative projects.

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How to Choose the Right Orbeez Ball?

Now, I will share some helpful tips on how to choose the right Orbeez ball:

Intended Use

Before making a decision, think about how you intend to use them. Are you looking for a sensory play experience, a decorative element, or a creative project?

If your primary goal is sensory play, consider larger-sized Orbeez balls. If you’re using Orbeez balls for decoration, choose colors that complement your space or event theme. 

For DIY projects, consider both the size and color that align with your project’s requirements.

Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are valuable resources that can offer insights into performance and satisfaction levels. 

Reading about the experiences of other buyers can help you gauge whether a specific product meets your expectations. 

Look for reviews that mention factors such as texture, durability, and ease of use to get a well-rounded understanding of the product’s qualities.

Price Comparison

As with any purchase, it’s a good practice to compare prices across different sellers and platforms. 

While you may find similar large Orbeez balls available at multiple locations, prices can vary significantly. 

Color Variety

The color of the large Orbeez ball can play a role in your overall experience. Vibrant and diverse colors can enhance the visual appeal and create a more engaging sensory play session. 

Some manufacturers offer assortments of colors in a single package, providing you with a colorful array to explore.


Take note of the packaging when choosing a large Orbeez ball. Some products come in bulk packages, while others offer individual units. 

Consider how many Orbeez balls you need for your intended use and whether a bulk package offers better value for money.

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If you are eco-conscious, look for large Orbeez balls that are made from environmentally friendly materials. 

These Orbeez balls are made from biodegradable materials. And they break down easily without causing harm to the environment.

Personal Preferences

Last but not least, trust your personal preferences. The right large Orbeez ball is the one that resonates with your sensory taste. 

Whether you’re drawn to a specific color or size, your instincts can lead to a choice that brings your joy and satisfaction.

Pro Tip

Check for promo codes to save price on your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Do Large Orbeez Balls Cost

Question No. 1: Are large Orbeez balls safe for children?

Answer: Yes, large Orbeez balls are generally safe for children, but ensure they are made from non-toxic materials. 

Always check the product description and packaging for safety information. It’s also a good practice to supervise younger children during play to prevent any accidental ingestion.

Question No. 2: Can I reuse Orbeez balls?

Answer: Absolutely! Orbeez balls are reusable, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. After use, simply rinse them under running water to remove any dirt or debris. 

But keep in mind that their texture might change over time, but they can still provide a fun sensory experience.

Question No. 3: Can I combine large Orbeez balls with other sensory materials?

Answer: Absolutely! This way, Orbeez balls can deliver a rich and immersive sensory experience. 

Experiment with different textures by adding materials like kinetic sand, water beads, or soft fabrics. 

Question No. 4: Can Large Orbeez Balls Help with Stress Relief?

Answer: Yes, large Orbeez balls can help relieve stress. Squeezing and manipulating the Orbeez balls can serve as a therapeutic activity, offering a moment of relaxation in the midst of a busy day.

Question No. 5: How Long Do Large Orbeez Balls Last?

Answer: The lifespan of large Orbeez balls depends on how well they are cared for and maintained. With proper cleaning, drying, and storage, these squishy orbs can last for a long time. 

Regularly watch for signs of mold, or wear and tear. If you notice any damage, replace them with fresh ones to have a safe and enjoyable sensory experience.

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Final Word

Large Orbeez balls offer more than just entertainment; they invite us to explore our senses and creativity. 

But as you venture into the world of large Orbeez balls, keep in mind a few important factors. Remember, brand reputation, quality, size, seasonal demand, and availability can all affect the price of large Orbeez balls. 

In the end, large Orbeez balls are more than just squishy toys – they’re gateways to a world of tactile exploration, creativity, and sensory delight. 

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