How many Orbeez to fill a gallon

Orbeez, those small spheres that expand magically when soaked in water, have captured the imagination of both young and old alike. Have you ever wondered just how many orbeez to fill a gallon? 

The exact number of Orbeez required to fill a gallon container can vary, but it generally takes thousands of these tiny beads to accomplish the task. The precise count depends on factors like the size of the Orbeez and how much they expand when soaked in water. 

In this article, I will guide you to conduct an experiment to determine the exact number of Orbeez required to fill a gallon container. I will also mention the factors that affect the number of Orbeez that can accommodate a gallon.

The Science Behind Orbeez

Orbeez are primarily composed of sodium polyacrylate. It is a polymer capable of absorbing up to 300 times its weight in water. 

When submerged in water, these tiny beads swell and transform into squishy, colorful orbs. This remarkable water-absorbing capacity is what makes Orbeez so fascinating.

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How many Orbeez to fill a gallon? Conduct an experiment

How many of these magical beads would it take to fill up a gallon container?  Let’s find out!

Materials Needed

Ensure you have the following items on hand to experiment effectively:


The stars of the show! You’ll need a sufficient quantity of Orbeez to fill your gallon-sized container. 

Gallon-Sized Container: 

Obtain a clean and empty gallon-sized container. Make sure it’s sturdy and can hold water without leaking. This container will be the canvas for your Orbeez masterpiece.


Have access to a reliable source of water. You’ll need enough to fill the gallon container to the brim. Use a measuring cup to ensure accurate water levels.

How many Orbeez to fill a gallon How many Orbeez to fill a gallon

With these materials at your disposal, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your Orbeez adventure and uncover the colorful mysteries of these incredible water-absorbent beads. 

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The Experiment: Filling the Gallon

Now, it’s time to get hands-on and conduct the fascinating experiment of filling a gallon container with Orbeez. This part of our journey will answer how many Orbeez it truly takes to fill such a sizable container.

Prepare Your Gallon Container: 

Begin by placing your empty gallon-sized container on a flat, stable surface. Ensure that it’s clean and dry before proceeding.

Fill the Container with Water: 

Fill the gallon container with water up to the brim to ensure accurate results. This step ensures that the Orbeez have enough space to expand and settle uniformly.

Add Orbeez Methodically: 

Here comes the exciting part! Begin adding Orbeez into the gallon container one by one. Take your time and be careful to prevent any spillage. This systematic approach will help us accurately count the Orbeez.

Counting the Orbeez

Now comes the exciting part – counting the Orbeez as you add them to the gallon.

Calculating Orbeez Volume

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of calculating how many Orbeez it would take to fill a gallon.

Determine the Volume of a Gallon

A standard gallon in the United States is equivalent to 128 fluid ounces, or approximately 3.785 liters. To calculate the volume in cubic inches, we need to convert this into cubic inches. 1 gallon is roughly 231 cubic inches.

Measure the Size of an Orbeez

Orbeez typically starts as tiny, intricate beads with a diameter of about 5mm. 

To calculate their volume, the following formula is used: 

V = (4/3)πr³, where “r” is the radius of the sphere. The radius is half the diameter in this case, so it’s 2.5mm or 0.25 cm.

Calculate the Number of Orbeez

Now, we can calculate how many Orbeez it would take to fill a gallon. We’ll need to divide the volume of a gallon (in cubic inches) by the volume of a single Orbeez (in cubic inches).

Number of Orbeez = Volume of Gallon / Volume of a Single Orbeez

Number of Orbeez = 231 cubic inches / [(4/3)π(0.25 cm)³]

Calculating this, you would need approximately 1,073,741 Orbeez to fill a gallon.

Factors Affecting the Outcome

While answering “How many orbeez to fill a gallon?”, you must consider several factors that can influence the outcome. The number of Orbeez required to fill a gallon container may not be a fixed value due to these variables:

Orbeez Size: 

The size of Orbeez can vary significantly. Some sets come with smaller beads, while others have larger ones. Smaller Orbeez naturally occupy less space when they expand, meaning you need more to fill a gallon. 

Conversely, larger Orbeez take up more space when fully hydrated, potentially requiring fewer beads to complete the task. Therefore, the specific size of the Orbeez you’re using can significantly affect the final count.

Orbeez Expansion Rate: 

Orbeez are renowned for their impressive water-absorbing capabilities. However, the rate at which they expand can differ between brands and even batches. 

Some Orbeez might absorb water rapidly, doubling or tripling in size within a short period, while others may expand more slowly. This variation in expansion rates can lead to variations in the number of Orbeez needed to fill a gallon.

Water Temperature: 

The temperature of the water used in the experiment can influence the rate of Orbeez expansion. 

Warmer water accelerates the hydration process, causing Orbeez to swell more quickly and potentially requiring fewer beads to fill the gallon. Conversely, cooler water may slow the expansion, necessitating more Orbeez for the same task.

Uniformity of Orbeez: 

To achieve accurate and consistent results, ensuring that the Orbeez you’re using is uniform in size and quality is crucial. 

Variations in bead size or quality can introduce discrepancies into the experiment, making it challenging to determine the precise number of Orbeez required. Using a consistent batch of Orbeez is key to obtaining reliable results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: Are Orbeez safe for children to play with?

Answer: Yes, Orbeez is generally safe when used as directed. However, adult supervision is recommended to prevent accidental ingestion, especially for younger children.

Question No 2: Can I reuse Orbeez after they’ve been expanded?

Answer: Absolutely! You can dehydrate and store Orbeez for future use. Simply let them dry out and store them in a sealed container.

Question No 3: Does Orbeez have any practical applications apart from play?

Answer: Yes, they do. Orbeez is used in agriculture for soil moisture retention and in floral arrangements for decorative purposes. They have also found applications in therapeutic settings.

Question No 4: Are there different sizes of Orbeez available?

Answer: Yes, Orbeez comes in various sizes, affecting how many are needed to fill a gallon. Smaller Orbeez will require more to fill the same space compared to larger ones.

Question No 5: Can I dye Orbeez to create custom colors?

Answer: Certainly! You can dye Orbeez using water-based dyes to achieve your desired colors. It’s a creative way to make your Orbeez projects more colorful and personalized.

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So, to answer the question of “how many orbeez to fill a gallon?” you would need around 1,073,741 Orbeez. 

This is just an estimate, as the exact number depends on the size and water-absorbing capacity of the Orbeez you have. 

Orbeez is not only fascinating in quantity but also in its versatility and uses beyond filling containers. Whether you are a curious kid or an adult looking for a fun and educational activity, Orbeez never fails to amaze.

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