How many Orbeez do you need to fill a pool How many Orbeez do you need to fill a pool

Are you thinking of filling your garden pool with Orbeez but don’t know “How many Orbeez do you need to fill a pool?

Orbeez has become incredibly popular as sensory toys, providing a unique tactile experience for kids and adults alike. Yet, how many Orbeez do you need for a pool depends on various things.

In the present blog, I will guide you on how to determine the right quantity of Orbeez for a pool. I will also share valuable tips on the cleanup process.

First, Determine the Pool Size and Capacity!!

How many Orbeez do you need to fill a pool How many Orbeez do you need to fill a pool

First, I will discuss how to determine your pool size and capacity.

Whether you have an inflatable, a kiddie pool, or any other type, knowing its dimensions will help you plan accordingly. To measure your pool, follow these simple steps:

Measure the Length and Width

Stretch a measuring tape from one end of the pool to another, recording the measurement in feet or meters.

Now, extend the measuring tape across the pool’s width, noting the measurement.

Measure the depth

Then, move on to the depth. Utilize a measuring tape or ruler to determine the depth of the pool. Measure from the waterline to the bottom of the pool.

Different pools have varying capacities, so it’s essential to consider these measurements to calculate the appropriate quantity of Orbeez.

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Now, Let’s Calculate the Orbeez Quantity!!

How many Orbeez to fill a pool depends on several factors, such as:

Depth of Orbeez in the Pool

Firstly, consider the desired depth of the Orbeez in the pool. Think whether you want a shallow layer for decoration or a deep layer for a more immersive experience. Remember, it will affect the quantity required.

Coverage You Desire to Achieve

Additionally, consider the coverage you want to achieve. Do you want the Orbeez to cover the entire pool or just a specific area?

As a general rule of thumb, you can estimate the quantity of Orbeez based on the pool’s capacity. 

For example, if you have a standard inflatable pool with a capacity of 500 gallons, you can start with approximately 10,000 Orbeez. 

Yet, I recommend using the following formula for a precise calculation:

(Number of gallons in pool capacity ÷ 10) x 200 = Approximate number of Orbeez needed

Remember, this formula provides an estimate, and it’s always better to have more Orbeez than less to ensure a satisfying experience.

Absorption Rate of Orbeez

One crucial thing to consider when calculating the quantity of Orbeez is their water absorption rate. 

When the Orbeez comes into contact with water, they absorb it and expand significantly in size. 

This expansion can affect the overall quantity needed to fill the pool. To account for water absorption, I recommend adjusting your initial estimate.

Consider the water absorption rate mentioned by the Orbeez manufacturer. If they mention a rate of 150%, it means that the Orbeez will grow to 1.5 times their original size. 

Adjust your estimate accordingly by multiplying it by the water absorption rate. 

For example, if your initial estimate was 10,000 Orbeez, and the water absorption rate is 150%, you should aim for approximately 15,000 Orbeez.

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Budget Considerations

While the joy of an Orbeez-filled pool is undeniable, it’s essential to consider the cost of purchasing the required quantity of Orbeez. 

The price of Orbeez can vary depending on the brand and where you purchase them. The cost can add up quickly if you’re filling a large pool.

To make the experience more budget-friendly, consider buying Orbeez in bulk. Many online retailers offer bulk packages at discounted prices. 

Alternatively, you may explore alternative options, such as generic water-absorbing beads that offer a similar experience at a lower cost.

Thinking How to Prepare Your Orbeez for A Pool?

Before you start filling the pool with Orbeez, it’s crucial to prepare your Orbeez beads for optimal results:

Hydrate Orbeez Beads

Place the Orbeez in a large container or basin and add water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Typically, a ratio of 1 cup of Orbeez to 4 cups of water works well. Allow the Orbeez to soak for the recommended time, usually four to six hours. During this time, they can expand fully.

Rinse the Orbeez

Once the Orbeez has absorbed water and expanded, drain the excess liquid and rinse them with clean water. 

This step helps remove any excess gel or residue, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable experience.

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All Set: It’s Time to Fill the Pool with Orbeez!!

Now that your Orbeez are hydrated and your pool is ready, it’s time to fill the pool with the fascinating beads. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Start with A Clean and Dry Pool

Ensure that the pool is free from any debris or dirt. This will help maintain the cleanliness of the Orbeez and prolong their lifespan.

Pour Your Hydrated Orbeez into the Pool

Carefully pour the hydrated Orbeez into the pool. Start by distributing them evenly across the pool’s surface. 

If you want a specific design or pattern, consider pouring the Orbeez strategically.

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Monitor and Adjust 

As you pour the Orbeez, keep an eye on their distribution. 

If you notice any clumps or uneven areas, gently spread them out with your hands or a pool rake. It will help create a more uniform and visually appealing look.

Avoid Overfilling 

Be cautious not to overfill the pool with Orbeez. 

Remember, they will continue to expand as they absorb water. If you fill the pool to its maximum capacity with Orbeez, it can lead to overflow.

Supervise Children

If children are involved in the filling process, make sure to supervise them closely. 

Orbeez can be enticing for kids, and it’s important to ensure their safety while they enjoy the sensory delights.

Pro Tip

Consider adding glitter or confetti to the Orbeez for an extra touch of sparkle.

Creative Ideas for Orbeez Pool Play

Filling a pool with Orbeez opens up a world of creativity and sensory play. Here are some ideas to enhance your Orbeez pool experience:

Add Toys and Objects

Place floating toys, rubber ducks, or other waterproof toys in the pool to create additional sensory stimulation and play opportunities.

Organize Themed Events

Plan themed events around your Orbeez pool, such as mermaid or pirate parties. Encourage guests to come dressed in corresponding costumes to enhance your play.

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How to Maintain Your Pool?

Hydrated Orbeez have a limited lifespan, and they will eventually start to shrink and degrade over time. 

So, it’s essential to maintain the cleanliness of the pool while the Orbeez are inside to ensure a pleasant experience. Here are some maintenance tips to follow:

  • Avoid introducing dirt or foreign objects into the pool, as this can make the Orbeez dirty.
  • Regularly check the pool for any signs of mold or mildew. If you notice any, remove the affected Orbeez and clean the pool thoroughly.
  • Keep the pool covered when not in use to prevent contamination from leaves, insects, or other debris.

How to Clean Orbeez Out of A Pool?

Now, I will provide tips for cleaning Orbeez out of a pool:

Assess the Pool’s Condition 

Begin by evaluating the extent of Orbeez contamination. Determine the size of the clusters and their distribution throughout the pool.

Remove Large Clusters of Orbeez 

Carefully scoop out any noticeable clusters using a net or your hands. Be gentle to avoid crushing the Orbeez and creating more cleanup work.

Utilize A Pool Skimmer

Use a pool skimmer or a leaf net to skim the surface of the water. This will help collect smaller Orbeez and prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the pool.

Vacuum the Pool

Attach a vacuum head and hose to your pool cleaner, or manually vacuum the pool. Focus on areas with the highest concentration of Orbeez, including the pool floor and corners.

Pro Tip

Place a layer of plastic wrap or a tarp under the pool to make cleanup easier

Filter Cleaning and Maintenance 

After vacuuming, clean or backwash your pool filter to remove any remaining Orbeez particles. Regular filter maintenance will help ensure optimal filtration efficiency.

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Final Inspection 

Inspect the pool for any remaining Orbeez. If necessary, repeat the vacuuming process. Consider placing a mesh cover over pool drains to catch any loose Orbeez.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Many Orbeez Do You Need to Fill A Pool

Question No. 1: Can I reuse Orbeez for multiple pool fillings?

Answer: Yes, you can reuse Orbeez for multiple pool fillings as long as they are properly cleaned and stored. 

Question No. 2: How long do Orbeez last in a pool?

Answer: Orbeez can last for several days to a few weeks in a pool, depending on factors such as temperature, exposure to sunlight, and water quality. Over time, the Orbeez may shrink, degrade, or lose their vibrant color. 

Question No. 3: Can Orbeez clog pool filters?

Answer: Yes, Orbeez beads can clog pool filters if they enter the filtration system. It’s advisable to remove as many Orbeez as possible from the pool before starting the filtration process. 

The Takeaway

Filling your pool with Orbeez can provide a unique immersive experience for both kids and adults.

By considering factors such as pool size, desired depth, and coverage, you can determine the quantity of Orbeez needed. Remember to account for the water absorption rate and adjust your estimate accordingly. 

Additionally, proper maintenance and cleaning will ensure a pleasant and long-lasting Orbeez pool experience.

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