How Do You Get the Water Out of Orbeez

The small, water-absorbent beads known as Orbeez have gained enormous popularity due to their adaptability in various activities and sensory appeal. But sometimes you might need to know how do you get the water out of orbeez, utilise them again, or just play around with their properties. 

Extracting the water from Orbeez is a simple procedure. Spread the hydrated Orbeez in a single layer on a clean, dry surface and let them sit undisturbed for several hours or overnight.

In this guide, I’ll explore different methods to help you achieve just that.

Methods of Getting Water Out of Orbeez:

Here are some methods below how do you get the water out of orbeez.

Air Drying:

Air drying is one of the easiest ways to dehydrate Orbeez. On a dry, clean surface, distribute the hydrated Orbeez in a single layer.

Let them sit quietly for a few hours or perhaps overnight. The amount of Orbeez and the surrounding humidity can affect how long it takes.

Paper Towel or Cloth:

Place the hydrated Orbeez on a paper towel or piece of fabric that has been laid out.

To absorb extra moisture, gently pat the Orbeez with an additional layer of paper towel or cloth.

On the towel or cloth, let them air dry.

Use of Desiccants:

Rice or silica gel are examples of desiccants that work well in absorbing moisture. Fill a jar with a layer of desiccant at the bottom with the hydrated Orbeez.

After sealing the container, give it some time to sit. The desiccant will absorb the water in the Orbeez.


You can expedite the dehydration process by applying heat. Put the Orbeez in a container that can withstand heat.

Blow heated air over the Orbeez using a low-powered hair drier or heat gun. Take care not to apply too much heat as this could harm the Orbeez.

Freeze Drying:

Using this technique, the Orbeez is frozen, and the water is then removed by letting the ice sublimate.

Orbeez should be frozen in a single layer on a tray. After they’ve frozen, move them to a low-pressure area or, if one is available, use a freeze-drying machine.

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Tips for Water Out of Orbeez:

Patience is Key: 

Dehydrating could take some time, particularly if you’re air drying. Have patience and let things happen organically.

Avoid Excessive Heat:

Steer Clear of Excessive Heat: Heat helps expedite the drying process, but too much heat might distort or shrink the Orbeez. Make use of a low-heat source.

Test for dryness.

Throughout the drying process, periodically examine the Orbeez to ensure they are dehydrated. To the touch, they ought to feel dry.

Store Properly: 

To avoid rehydration, store the dehydrated Orbeez in an airtight, dry container.

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How to Keep Sensory Beads Dry and Stored:

For later usage, try these methods for drying and storing your sensory beads.

How Do You Get the Water Out of Orbeez How Do You Get the Water Out of Orbeez

Keep them fresh:

Put them in an airtight container if you know you’ll be using them again in the coming days. It may take several days or even weeks for them to dry out! Watch them closely to determine if they are getting smaller. To be safe, add some distilled water to the container if you plan to keep it for a longer amount of time.

Dry Them Out:

You can dry them out and use them again later if you won’t be using them for a while. To do this, there are several methods.

calming book:

Option 1: Let them air dry.

Water beads can be allowed to air dry by being placed on a paper towel or coffee filter. Simply store them in a jar or a zip-top bag after they’re dry. For a quicker drying time, you can also set them out in the sun. Please be aware that this process may take some time.

Option 2: Apply some heat to dry them.

In a hurry, you can bake them for a few minutes at the lowest temperature in the oven. Just be mindful to save them from overheating and melting.

Using sensory beads, you can engage in the following activities:

  • Organizing by hue
  • Math and counting games
  • Sequencing and patterns
  • Bins for sensors
  • Practice fine motor skills

A wonderful technique to keep youngsters occupied and give them a sensory experience is using water beads. You can make sure that your water beads last a long time and provide hours of entertainment by adhering to these easy suggestions!

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Pro Tip

Release water when they dry, which can be utilised to hydrate soil and reduce water consumption. Avoid placing Orbeez in drains, sinks, or garbage disposals.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Do You Get the Water Out of Orbeez:

What is the process of using a paper towel or cloth to remove water from Orbeez?

Lay out a paper towel or cloth, place the hydrated Orbeez on it, and gently pat it with another layer of paper towel or cloth to absorb excess moisture. Leave them to air dry on the towel or cloth.

Can desiccants be used to dehydrate Orbeez, and if so, how?

Yes, desiccants like silica gel or rice can be effective. Place the hydrated Orbeez in a container with a layer of desiccant at the bottom, seal the container, and let it sit. The desiccant will absorb the water from the Orbeez.

Is applying heat a viable method for removing water from Orbeez, and what precautions should be taken?

Yes, applying heat can speed up the dehydration process. Place the Orbeez in a heat-resistant container and use a hair dryer or heat gun on a low setting. Be cautious not to use excessive heat to avoid damaging the Orbeez.

What is freeze drying, and how can it be used to dehydrate Orbeez?

Freeze drying involves freezing the Orbeez and then allowing the ice to sublimate, removing the water. Place the Orbeez in a single layer on a tray, freeze them, and then transfer them to a low-pressure environment or use a freeze-drying machine if available.

What precautions should be taken when using heat to dehydrate Orbeez?

Be cautious not to use excessive heat, as it may cause the Orbeez to shrink or become misshapen. Use a gentle heat source and periodically check the Orbeez during the process.

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How do you get the water out of orbeez is a simple process that allows you to reuse or store these fascinating water beads. 

Whether you choose air drying, desiccants, heat, or freeze drying, the key is to be patient and ensure that the Orbeez are completely free of moisture before storing them. 

Experiment with these methods to find the one that works best for your needs and enjoy the endless possibilities that Orbeez brings to creative play.

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