High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster
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Are you looking for an exciting and immersive gaming experience? The High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster is perfect for you! 

This advanced blaster gun provides endless excitement and adrenaline-pumping battles with incredible performance, shooting range, and customizable features. 

In the present blog, I will discuss why it is worth buying. I will elaborate on its specifications, installation instructions, and safety precautions.

So let’s get started.

What is FPS?

FPS (Feet Per Second) is a measurement unit used to express an object’s speed or velocity, typically how fast something travels over a distance of one foot in one second. 

FPS is commonly used to describe the velocity of projectiles as they travel through the air. In the context of splatter ball blasters guns, it indicates the gel balls’ speed as they are fired from the barrel.

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Why Choose the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster?

When it comes to selecting a blaster gun, the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster emerges as a top contender for various reasons. 

High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster
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Long Shooting Range

The High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster boasts an impressive shooting range of over 75 feet, allowing players to engage opponents from a significant distance. 

This extensive range allows for strategic gameplay, enabling players to take cover and plan their next move precisely. 

Whether engaging in close-quarter combat or sniping from a distance, the blaster’s long shooting range ensures you can dominate the battlefield.

Premium Build Quality

The High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster has top-notch build quality. It has been crafted with premium ABS plastic and reinforced with nylon composite materials.

This robust construction ensures that the blaster can withstand the rigors of intense battles, making it highly durable and reliable. 

Realistic M4A1 Style Design

The blaster’s classic M4A1 style design adds a touch of realism to your gameplay. It is perfect for enthusiasts who crave a more authentic and immersive experience. 

The realistic design replicates the look and feel of a real-life firearm. This way, it enhances the overall gaming experience.

High Projectile Speed (Up to 280)

This exceptional blaster has a powerful motor. It can fire projectiles with a fantastic shooting speed. It means your shots will travel at a long range with high accuracy.

A higher FPS can also help ensure that your shots are accurate and consistent. It is especially important when you are playing competitively. 

Customization Options

The High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster allows for customization. It caters to the unique preferences and styles of individual players. It allows you to install different drum magazines, 11 V batteries, and other accessories.

With its compatibility with various accessories and attachments, players can personalize their blasters to suit their gameplay tactics and preferences. 

Super HD Electronic Scope

The blaster has a state-of-the-art Super HD Electronic Scope. This scope helps you aim precisely.It enables players to lock onto their targets quickly. This way, it provides them a significant edge during intense battles.

Rotary Safety Switch

The High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster comes with its Rotary Safety Switch. This feature allows players to switch between full auto and safety modes effortlessly. 

The safety switch ensures players can enjoy the excitement of full-auto firing while having the option to keep the blaster in safe mode when not in use.

Overheat Blocking

Intense battles can push blasters to their limits, leading to overheating. Yet, the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster comes equipped with an overheat-blocking mechanism. 

Specifications of the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster

ModelVoswuen Gel Ball Blaster
StyleClassic M4A1
MaterialPremium ABS Plastic, Nylon Composite Outside and Inside
Motor TypeNew and Upgraded
Shooting SpeedUp to 280 Feet Per Second
Shooting RangeCan Fire 75 to 100 Feet Away
Battery Type7.4V Rechargeable Battery (Comes with a USB Cable)
SightSuper HD Electronic Scope
Customization & UpgradesPossible
Safety GlassesIncluded
Ammo PropertiesSafe, Non-toxic 7-8mm Gel Balls
Age RecommendationsSuitable for Age 12 & Above

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How to Install?

The High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster allows players to get into the action quickly. Here are the steps for easy installation:

Step 1: Insert the Barrel and Rotate

The first step is to insert the barrel into the blaster’s main body. Align the barrel with the designated slot on the blaster and gently push it in until it fits snugly. 

Once the barrel is inserted correctly, twist it slightly to secure it in place. This will produce a satisfying click sound.

Step 2: Insert and Turn the Screw on the Side of the Scope

Next, attach the electronic scope to the blaster. Locate the screw on the side of the scope and turn it clockwise to tighten it securely. 

Step 3: Insert the Parts into the Rear of the Gun and Rotate

Now, it’s time to attach the rear components of the blaster. Align the rear parts with the blaster’s main body and gently push them into place. 

Once the components are in position, slightly twist so they lock firmly, this rotation step guarantees the rear parts are securely connected to the blaster.

Step 4: Insert the Butt of the Gun

The butt of the blaster rests against your shoulder during gameplay. Slide the butt into its designated slot at the rear end of the blaster. The butt provides comfort and stability while aiming and firing.

Step 5: Pour in the Gel Balls

With the main assembly complete, it’s time to load your blaster with gel balls. Open the gel ball compartment and carefully pour the gel balls into the designated space. 

Avoid overfilling the compartment since it might cause jamming issues. Once the gel balls are loaded, close the case securely.

Step 6: Push the Clip Upward

The blaster is equipped with a clip that holds the gel balls in place and feeds them into the firing mechanism. Push the clip upward until it clicks into position, securing the gel balls in place. 

Step 7: Rotate the Switch to Auto

Locate the rotary switch on the blaster, which allows you to switch between full auto and safety modes. Rotate the switch to Auto mode to activate the blaster for gameplay.

Step 8: Pull the Trigger

With everything set up and ready to go, it’s time to test your blaster! Aim at a target, take a deep breath, and pull the trigger. Feel the thrill as the gel balls fly through the air with impressive speed and accuracy.

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Pro Tip

Stay hydrated throughout gameplay to maintain focus and energy.

Safety Precautions for the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster

While the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster offers an exciting gaming experience, it is best to prioritize safety during play. Here are some crucial safety precautions to keep in mind:

Use Eye Protection

Always wear appropriate eye protection while using the blaster. This precaution prevents accidental eye injuries from bouncing gel balls or debris during gameplay. 

Play in Designated Areas

Choose suitable and designated play areas for blaster battles. Avoid playing in areas with fragile objects or valuables that could be damaged during gameplay.

Avoid Aiming at the Face

Never aim the blaster at anyone’s face, regardless of whether they are participating in the game or not. 

Aim for the torso or legs, maintaining a safe distance from others to prevent injuries. Accidental close-range shots to the face can cause serious harm and should be strictly avoided.

Store Blaster Safely

When not in use, store the blaster in a secure location, away from children and pets. Double check the blaster is unloaded and the safety switch is engaged. 

Additionally, store it away from UV radiation, humidity, or moisture. These conditions can compromise the performance of your blaster. Consider investing in a protective case to ensure optimal storage.

Establish Boundaries for Gameplay

Set clear boundaries for gameplay. Establish safe zones and respawn areas away from potential hazards. Players can use these areas for reloading and strategizing.

Communicate with Other Players

Establish hand signals or verbal cues to communicate clearly with teammates and opponents. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and promotes a more organized and secure gaming environment.

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pro tip

Take cover and use obstacles to your advantage in battles.

Frequently Asked Questions About High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster

Question No. 1: Is the Blaster suitable for all age groups?

Answer: While the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster is designed with safety in mind, it is recommended for ages 14 and above. Younger players should use the blaster under adult supervision.

Question No. 2: Can I use the blaster indoors and outdoors?

Answer: Absolutely! The High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. 

Question No. 3: Are the gel balls included with the blaster?

Answer: Yes, the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster comes with a pack of 10,000 gel balls to get you started right away.

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Final Word

The High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster is a top-of-the-line gun blaster. It has been designed with utmost care and provides the feel of a realistic firearm. 

Other impressive features include a decent shooting range, premium build quality, fully automatic mode and easy-to-install design. 

Simply put, every aspect of the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster is tailored to provide you with the ultimate gaming adventure. 

Thanks to its high FPS, you can rest assured that your gel balls will hit their target with remarkable accuracy, giving you an edge in even the most intense battles. 

And yes, safety counts, so be sure to wear appropriate eye protection and adhere to the recommended age guidelines. 

So why wait? Grab your hands on the High FPS Splatter Ball Blaster and relish in the sheer joy of splatter ball battles.

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