Gel Blaster vs Splat Gun

Are you ready for some foam-filled fun? When it comes to foam projectile shooters, two popular options, gel blasters and splat guns, take center stage. It is essential to compare gel blaster vs splat gun. So let’s explore the differences between both of them.

A gel blaster is a type of novelty gun. It fires soft gel balls that collapse when they hit something. On the other hand, A splat gun, also called a foam dart blaster, shoots foam darts or objects with sticky pads on the end. It is light and easy to play with.

In this comprehensive blog, I will compare gel blaster vs splat gun, exploring their features and similarities so that you can find the perfect foam projectile shooter for your next adventure. 

So let’s dive into the world of gel blaster vs. splat gun. And choose one which suits you best.

Gel Blaster, and it’s Working

A gel blaster is a toy gun capable of launching soft gel pellets. It can be driven by electricity or by a spring. In electric gel blasters, a motor and gears squeeze a piston, which pushes the gel ball out of the barrel when the piston is let go. 

On the other hand, spring-powered gel blasters use the strain of a coiled spring to shoot the gel balls. These gel balls are made of polymers that can absorb water. They get softer when submerged in water. Bigger and squishy. 

Gel blasters are a fun and exciting way to enjoy foam fights and activities outside.

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Types of Gel Blaster 

There are various gel blasters, but here we discuss some common types.


Gel blaster pistols are great for close fighting and quick movement because they are small and easy to use.


Gel blaster rifles look like real-world versions and have a longer barrel to make them more accurate and extend range. They can be utilized in several game situations.


Shotguns are made to shoot out a wide spread of gel balls, which makes them suitable for close-range fights and makes the game feel more natural.

Sniper Rifles 

These gel blasters are made to shoot accurately from a long distance. They usually have long guns, adjustable stocks, and scopes to help them hit their targets more accurately and quickly.

pro tip

Adjust for Wind and Environmental Conditions: If you’re playing outdoors, consider the wind direction and speed. Aim slightly against the wind to compensate for its effect on the splatter balls’ flight path.

Splat Gun and its Working 

A splat gun, a foam dart blaster, is driven by a spring and shoots foam darts or projectiles with suction cups. When a user pulls back on a plunger, it compresses a spring, saving potential energy. 

When you pull the trigger, the plunger comes out, which lets the spring quickly expand and send the foam ball forward. Splat guns are a lightweight and efficient way to play with foam. They are fun and safe for people of all ages to use.

Types of Splat guns

Some common types of splat guns are mentioned here. 

Handheld Pistols 

People like pistol-style splat guns because they are easy to use and don’t take up much space. They are great for fights that happen quickly and up close.

Pump Action blasters 

Before each shot, the person using these splat guns has to pump a button or slide back and forth to prime the blaster. Pump-action blasters feel good to use and are usually known for being reliable and easy to use.


Splat guns that look like revolvers have a spinning cylinder that holds several foam darts. They are fun and different because they feel like a standard revolver but can fire multiple shots without reloading.

Automatic and Semi-automatics Blasters 

With one trigger pull, these splat guns can fire foam darts quickly. Automatic blasters keep firing darts as long as the trigger is held down. Semi-automatic blasters, on the other hand, only shoot when the trigger is pulled.

Shotgun Style Blaster 

Shotgun splat guns shoot out multiple foam darts simultaneously, like a real shotgun. They are great for close-quarters fights or when you want to simultaneously hit more than one target.

Gel Blaster vs Splat Gun: Similarities

Even though they are different, gel blasters and splat guns have similarities in how they work and are used. Here are some critical connections between gel blasters and splat guns.

Foam-Based Projectile

For safe play, both gel blasters and splat guns use foam-based missiles. Gel blasters shoot soft gel balls that squish when they hit something. Splat guns shoot foam darts or projectiles with suction cups on end.

Outdoor Fun

Gel blasters and splat guns are fun to use outside because they let people fight with foam and use strategy. They allow people to be active, better coordinate their hands and eyes, and have fun with friends and family.


There are different kinds and models of gel blasters and splat guns, so there are choices for different play styles and tastes. Players can pick from pistols, rifles, shotguns, and more to find the right foam pellet shooter for how they want to play.

Team-Based Gameplay 

Gel blasters and splat guns can be used in games and situations involving teams. Whether it’s capturing the flag, defending a base, or having a foam fight, players can work together and plan to reach their goals and have fun.

Skill and Strategy 

In foam battles, you need skill and planning to use gel blasters and splat guns well. Players need to aim well to beat their opponents, time their shots right, and develop clever strategies.

Safety Considerations 

Gel blasters and splat guns are made to keep kids safe while they play. Even though foam weapons are usually safe, it is essential to follow safety rules, like wearing eye protection and not shooting at sensitive areas, so that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience.

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Gel Blaster vs Splat Gun: Differences

Gel blasters and splat guns are very different in how they shoot, what kind of ammo they use, how far they can shoot, and how hard they hit. Let’s look at how gel blasters and splat guns are different.

Ammunition and Shooting Mechanism

Gel Blaster: To shoot, gel blasters use soft gel balls. These gel balls are made of polymer beads that grow when wet. They are safe and smooth to hit. Gel blasters can either shoot with electricity or with a spring.

Splat Gun: Splat guns fire foam darts or suction-tipped projectiles. Suction-tipped projectiles stick to smooth surfaces, while foam darts are lightweight and aerodynamic. Spring-powered splat guns shoot.

Range and Accuracy

Gel Blaster: Splat cannons have a more extended range than gel blasters. They are designed for close to mid-range confrontations with decent accuracy.

Splat Gun: Splat guns can engage targets farther than gel blasters. Foam darts’ aerodynamic shape improves long-range accuracy.

Impact and Safety

Gel Blaster: Gel blasters shoot soft, squishy gel balls. They protect athletes from foam combat injuries.

Splat Gun: Foam darts or suction-tipped projectiles from splat guns are solid but non-lethal. Safety is crucial, but splat guns are designed to minimize playtime injury.

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Which One Should We Choose? 

The choice between a gel blaster and a splat gun comes down to your tastes so that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves without worrying. Experience you want. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gel Blaster vs Splat Gun

Question no 1: Impact and Safety Are gel blasters and splat guns safe?

Answer: Both gel blasters and splat guns are designed with safety in mind. However, following safety guidelines, wearing appropriate protective gear, and using them responsibly is essential.

Question no 2: Can gel blasters and splat guns be used indoors?

Answer: Using gel blasters and splat guns in outdoor spaces with ample room for safe play is generally recommended. Indoor use may not provide enough space for proper gameplay and could pose a risk of property damage.

Question no 3: Are there age restrictions for using gel blasters and splat guns?

Answer:  Yes, age restrictions are typically in place for using gel blasters and splat guns. Check local legislation. Effect in the local area. Regarding the minimum age requirement for using these foam projectile shooters.

Final Words 

In conclusion, gel blasters and splat guns are fun because they use foam. Gel blasters use soft gel balls as projectiles, while splat guns use foam darts or missiles with suction cups.

Each choice has unique features, from how it shoots to how far it goes and how hard it hits. 

The choice between a gel blaster and a splat gun comes down to your tastes, how you play, and what kind of experience you want. 

By thinking about how it shoots, the type of ammo, the range, how accurate it is, and how safe it is, you can make an informed choice that will lead to a fun and safe foam battle adventure. 

Choose the finest one for you, follow safety rules, and enjoy the fun and excitement of foam fights!

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