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Gel Blaster Orbeez is an innovative and entertaining toy that has been popular among kids and adults. If you have newly purchased a gel blaster and are wondering How gel blaster orbeez Work and What Makes Them Unique?

This Orbeez works through a straightforward mechanism. First, the gel balls need to be soaked in water for some time, allowing them to expand and reach their full size. Once the gel balls have absorbed enough water, they are loaded into the blaster’s magazine.

Let’s explore the fascinating world of gel blaster Orbeez, its unique features that stand out, how they work, and what sets them apart from other toys in the market.

How Gel Blaster Orbeez Work

These gel balls, when hydrated, resemble soft gelatinous orbs. The operation of gel blasters involves several key components: the blaster, the gel balls, and the necessary accessories.

Gel Blaster Mechanism

Gel blasters typically operate using an electric or spring-powered mechanism. Electric gel blasters are more common and use a battery-powered motor to propel the gel balls. 

On the other hand, spring-powered gel blasters rely on compressed springs to generate the force needed to shoot the gel balls.

gel blaster orbeez

Magazine and Loading

Gel blasters have a magazine or hopper that holds the gel balls. The magazine is detachable and can usually hold several gel balls, ranging from tens to hundreds depending on the blaster model. 

The magazine is filled with dry gel balls to load the blaster, typically small, hard pellets.

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Gel Ball Hydration

Before the gel balls can be fired, they need to be hydrated. They are soaked in water for a specific period to hydrate the gel balls. The dry pellets absorb water and expand several times their original size, turning into soft, squishy gel balls similar to Orbeez.

Firing Mechanism

When the gel blaster is ready to be fired, the user activates the trigger or the motorized firing mechanism. Pulling the trigger or activating the firing mechanism releases a burst of compressed air (in electric blasters) or a spring-driven piston. 

This force pushes the hydrated gel ball out of the blaster’s barrel.

Gel Ball Velocity and Safety

Gel balls fired from gel blasters typically have a lower velocity than traditional airsoft or paintball guns, making them safer for recreational use. The gel balls are soft and break upon impact, reducing the risk of injury. 

However, wearing protective eyewear when using gel blasters to safeguard against accidental eye injuries is important.

Gel Ball Dissipation

After being fired, the gel balls travel a certain distance before losing velocity and eventually falling to the ground. Once they land, the gel balls gradually lose shape and water content, returning to their original dry pellet form. 

They can be collected and rehydrated for future use.

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What Makes Gel Blaster Orbeez Unique

Their unique characteristics set them apart from other recreational toy guns and projectiles. Here are some features.

Water-absorbing Gel Balls

They use small, water-absorbing gel balls as projectiles. These gel balls are made from a special polymer that can absorb and hold water, causing them to expand and become soft and squishy. 

This unique property of gel balls ensures a safe and enjoyable shooting experience as they break upon impact, reducing the risk of injury.

Softness and Texture

When hydrated, gel balls used in gel blasters have a soft and gelatinous texture, similar to Orbeez. This unique softness enhances the tactile experience and adds fun to the gameplay. 

Players enjoy the sensation of squeezing and squishing the gel balls, making them a distinct choice for recreational shooting activities.

Safer Alternative

They provide a safer alternative to traditional airsoft or paintball guns. The gel balls fired from gel blasters have lower velocities and are less likely to cause harm or injury upon impact. 

Additionally, the gel balls are biodegradable and pose no harm to the environment.

Hydration Process

Hydrating the gel balls adds extra engagement to the gel blaster experience. Players must soak the dry gel balls in water, allowing them to expand and transform into their gelatinous form. 

This preparation step creates anticipation and involvement before the actual shooting takes place.


Gel balls used in gel blasters can be collected and rehydrated for future use. After firing and landing, the gel balls gradually lose their water content and return to their original dry pellet form. 

You can collect the dehydrated gel balls, soak them in the water again, and reuse them, making gel blasters a cost-effective option for long-term enjoyment.


They offer versatility in terms of gameplay. They can be used in various settings, including indoor and outdoor environments. The gel balls provide a satisfying splat upon impact, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

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Choosing the Right Gel Blaster Orbeez

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right choice.

Legal Considerations

Before purchasing it, you must familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations regarding their possession and use. Gel blasters may have age restrictions or specific requirements for usage. 

Purpose and Intended Use

Determine the purpose and intended use. Different models and features cater to various purposes, so clarify your needs to choose the right choice for your specific requirements.

Blaster Type

Gel blasters come in different types, such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Consider the style and functionality that align with your preferences. Pistols are compact and easy to manoeuvre, while rifles provide more range and accuracy. 

pro tip

Shotguns offer a wider spray of gel balls for close-range engagements. Select the blaster type that suits your shooting style and preferences.

Performance and Range

Evaluate the performance and range of the gel blaster Orbeez you’re considering. Velocity, accuracy, and effective range are crucial for an enjoyable shooting experience. 

Look for models with adjustable hop-up systems that can fine-tune the trajectory of the gel balls. This feature helps optimize accuracy and range.

Battery or Spring Power

Gel blasters can be powered by either batteries or springs. Battery-powered gel blasters, particularly electric ones, offer semi-automatic or automatic firing modes, providing a higher rate of fire. 

Spring-powered gel blasters are generally more affordable and require manual cocking before each shot. Consider your preference for ease of use and firing capabilities when choosing between battery or spring power.

Magazine Capacity

The magazine capacity determines how many gel balls the blaster can hold simultaneously. Consider the magazine capacity based on your shooting style and the duration of your shooting sessions. 

pro tip

Higher magazine capacities allow for more continuous shooting without frequent reloading. However, remember that larger magazines may also increase the weight and bulk of the blaster.

Accessories and Upgrades

Check if the Orbeez you’re interested in has available accessories and upgrade options. Accessories such as scopes, red dot sights, tactical grips, and suppressors can enhance your shooting experience and customization possibilities. 

Additionally, consider the availability of spare parts and aftermarket upgrades for potential maintenance or performance enhancements.


Set a budget range for your Orbeez purchase. Gel blasters come in various price ranges, depending on their quality, features, and brand. 

Determine how much you’re willing to invest in your gel blaster and ensure you get the best value for your money while considering factors like performance, durability, and reliability.

User Reviews and Recommendations

Read user reviews and seek recommendations from experienced gel blaster enthusiasts. Their firsthand experiences and insights can provide valuable information about specific models, brands, and overall satisfaction levels. 

Find reliable sources and communities discussing gel blasters to gather trustworthy opinions.

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Recommended tips to enhance the fun with Gel Blaster Orbeez

To enhance the fun, here are some recommended tips for enjoying it more fully.

Create Exciting Game Scenarios

Design engaging game scenarios or missions to make your Gel Blaster Orbeez experience more enjoyable. Set up target shooting challenges, team-based competitions, or capture-the-flag-style games. 

Incorporate obstacles, cover, and strategic elements to add excitement and strategy to your gameplay.

Set Up an Obstacle Course 

Create an obstacle course in your backyard or designated play area using various objects like barrels, cones, and barricades. Use the course to test your shooting skills, speed, and agility. 

Challenge yourself or compete with friends to complete the course quickly while hitting designated targets.

Team-Based Battles

Gather a group of friends and organize team-based Orbeez battles. Divide into teams, establish objectives, and engage in friendly competition. Coordinate strategies, communication, and teamwork to outsmart your opponents. 

This adds a social element and encourages collaboration and camaraderie.

Tournament or League Play

Organize an Orbeez tournament or join existing leagues in your area. Participating in organized competitions allows you to test your skills against other enthusiasts, meet fellow players, and experience a more structured and competitive hobby aspect.

Customization and Personalization

Personalize your Orbeez to make it uniquely yours. Customize the appearance with paint, camouflage wraps, or decals. Add accessories such as scopes, grips, or suppressors to enhance functionality and aesthetics. 

The customization process allows you to express your creativity and make your Gel Blaster Orbeez stand out.

Record and Share Gameplay

Capture your orbeez adventures by recording videos or taking photos of your gameplay. Share them with folks, on social media platforms, or in gel-blaster communities. 

This documents your memorable moments and allows you to connect with fellow enthusiasts, exchange tips, and inspire others.

Practice and Improve Skills

Dedicate time to practice your shooting skills. Set up target ranges with different distances and sizes to improve accuracy and precision. Experiment with shooting techniques, such as aiming, shooting on the move, or shooting from different positions. 

Regular practice helps refine your skills and enhances the satisfaction of using orbeez.

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Frequently Asked Question about gel blaster orbeez

Question 1: How does gel blaster Orbeez work?

Answer: Gel blaster Orbeez work by launching small, water-absorbing gel balls called Orbeez. These gel balls are made from a polymer that absorbs and holds water. Before loading them into the gel blaster, the dry gel balls are soaked in water, causing them to expand and become soft.

When the trigger is pulled, or the firing mechanism is activated, the gel balls are propelled out of the blaster’s barrel using compressed air or spring power.

Question 2: Are gel blaster Orbeez safe to use?

Answer: Gel blaster Orbeez are generally considered safe for recreational use. The gel balls used as projectiles are soft and break apart upon impact, reducing the risk of injury. However, wearing appropriate protective gear, such as eye protection, is still important when using gel blasters to prevent potential eye injuries.

Following safety guidelines, using gel blasters responsibly, and complying with local laws and regulations are crucial.

Question 3: How far can gel blaster Orbeez shoot?

Answer: The shooting range of the gel blaster Orbeez can vary depending on the specific blaster model, power source, and other factors. On average, gel blasters can shoot gel balls anywhere from 15 to 30 meters (50 to 100 feet).

Factors such as the blaster’s power, hop-up adjustments, and environmental conditions can affect the range and accuracy of the gel balls.

Question 4: Are gel blaster Orbeez reusable?

Answer: Yes, gel balls used in gel blasters are reusable. After being fired and landing, the gel balls gradually lose their water content and return to their original dry pellet form. They can be collected, dried, and then rehydrated for future use.

This reusability factor makes gel blasters a cost-effective option compared to single-use projectiles.

Question 5: Can gel blaster Orbeez be used in all environments?

Answer: Gel blaster Orbeez can be used in various environments, including both indoor and outdoor settings. However, it’s important to respect the rules and regulations of the specific location.

Some venues or properties may have restrictions on the use of gel blasters, so it’s essential to obtain permission or use designated areas to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Final Words

Gel blaster orbeez provides a unique and thrilling recreational experience for children and adults. With their safe and non-lethal nature, realistic gameplay, versatile blaster options, and outdoor fun, they have carved a niche in the world of recreational activities. 

The versatility allows for various gameplay scenarios and environments, providing endless entertainment.

Whether engaging in target shooting, participating in team-based battles, or customizing your blaster, gel blaster Orbeez offers a unique combination of fun, safety, and customization possibilities.

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