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Are you an avid enthusiast of gel blasters? Do you enjoy the thrill and excitement of engaging in gel blaster skirmishes? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will delve into the Full Auto Gel Blaster world, providing everything you need to know about these fantastic devices. 

This article covers everything from their origins and mechanics to tips on maintenance and gameplay strategies.

 So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of Full Auto Gel Blaster!

What Are Full Auto Gel Blasters?

Full auto gel blasters are exciting recreational devices that replicate the mechanics of real firearms while using non-lethal gel balls as ammunition. 

These blasters provide enthusiasts with an immersive and adrenaline-pumping experience, perfect for outdoor skirmishes and friendly competitions.

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The Evolution of Full Auto Gel Blasters

Over the years, full auto gel blasters have undergone significant advancements in technology and design. 

From basic spring-powered mechanisms to electric and gas-powered systems, manufacturers have strived to provide users with enhanced performance, increased accuracy, and improved realism.

Specifications of Full Auto Gel Blasters 

Specifications of full auto gel blasters can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Here are some standard specifications to consider when evaluating different gel blasters:

Full Auto Gel Blaster Full Auto Gel Blaster
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FPS (Feet per Second)

FPS refers to the velocity at which gel balls are propelled from the gel blaster’s barrel. It determines the range and impact of the shots. 

Depending on the model and local regulations, gel blasters typically range from around 200 FPS to 400 FPS or more.

Firing Modes

Full auto gel blasters generally offer multiple firing modes. The most common modes include single shots, semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull), and fully automatic (continuous shots as long as the trigger is held down). Some models may have additional burst-fire modes.

Magazine Capacity

Magazine capacity refers to the number of gel balls that can be loaded into the magazine. Gel blasters can have various magazine capacities, typically ranging from 100 rounds to several hundred rounds. High-capacity drum magazines are also available for extended firing sessions.

Power Source

Gel blasters can be powered by different mechanisms, including electric (battery-powered), gas (CO2 or green gas), or spring. Electric gel blasters are the most common and offer automatic firing capabilities.

Material and Construction

Gel blasters are typically constructed from durable materials such as nylon fiber, ABS plastic, or metal alloy. The choice of material affects the gel blaster’s overall weight, durability, and realism.

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How Do Full Auto Gel Blasters Work?

Full auto gel blasters operate using various mechanisms to propel gel balls with remarkable velocity. These devices are designed to mimic the functionality of real firearms while using non-lethal ammunition. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Full Auto Gel Blasters work:

Electric Mechanism

Electric gel blasters are the most common type and offer automatic firing capabilities. They are powered by a rechargeable battery pack that supplies energy to an electric motor. The motor drives a gearbox, which controls the loading and firing process.

When the trigger is pulled, an electrical circuit is completed, activating the motor. The motor then rotates gears within the gearbox, compressing a spring. 

As the spring is released, it propels a piston forward, forcing air through a cylinder. This compressed air pushes the gel ball out of the barrel at high velocity.

Gas Mechanism

Gas-powered gel blasters utilize pressurized gas, usually carbon dioxide (CO2) or green gas (propane), to propel the gel balls. Gas-powered gel blasters offer realistic blowback action, mimicking the recoil of a real firearm.

In gas-powered systems, the gas is stored in a reservoir, typically within the magazine or the gel blaster’s grip. A valve opens when the trigger is pressed, letting a precise amount of gas into the firing chamber. 

The expanding gas creates pressure, propelling the gel ball out of the barrel.

Spring Mechanism

Spring-powered gel blasters are the most basic and straightforward type. They rely on a manually compressed spring to propel the gel balls. To fire, the user manually pulls back and locks the spring-loaded piston, compressing the spring. 

The piston is released when the trigger is pulled, rapidly pushing air through the cylinder and propelling the gel ball forward.

Spring-powered gel blasters are often single-shot or bolt-action, requiring users to reload and recock the blaster after each shot manually. While they lack the rapid-fire capabilities of electric and gas-powered models, they are reliable, simple to operate, and often more affordable.

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Choosing the Right Full Auto Gel Blaster

You must carefully evaluate several criteria to select the auto gel blaster best suits your needs and preferences. Here are some essential points to consider when making your selection:

Purpose and Intended Use

Determine your primary purpose for owning a total auto gel blaster. Are you looking for casual backyard skirmishes, competitive gameplay, or immersive reenactments?

 Understanding your intended use will help you narrow the options and find a gel blaster that suits your requirements.

Performance and Range

Evaluate the performance capabilities of different models. Consider factors such as range, accuracy, rate of fire, and gel ball velocity. 

Higher-quality gel blasters often improve performance, allowing for better accuracy and longer shooting distances.

Durability and Build Quality

Look for gel blasters constructed with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of gameplay. 

Consider models with robust internals, reinforced gearboxes, and reliable components. A well-built gel blaster will provide longevity and withstand frequent use.

Compatibility and Upgradability

Check if the gel blaster you’re interested in has a wide range of compatible accessories and upgrades. This allows you to customize and enhance your blaster over time, tailoring it to your preferences and gameplay style.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Pay attention to the ergonomics of the gel blaster, ensuring it feels comfortable in your hands and offers a suitable grip. 

Consider adjustable stocks, ergonomic handguards, and well-positioned controls for optimal handling during intense gameplay.

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Safety Considerations and Regulations

Safety is of utmost importance when owning and operating full auto gel blasters. To ensure that you and those around you have a safe and happy time, it is crucial to abide by local laws and regulations.

Here are some essential safety considerations and regulations to keep in mind:

Research Local Laws and Regulations

Learn about the rules and restrictions for gel blasters in your area or nation. Different jurisdictions may have varying rules regarding gel blasters’ ownership, usage, transportation, and storage. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with these regulations.

Age Restrictions

Gel blasters are typically intended for individuals of a certain age or above. Verify if using and owning a gel blaster is legal where you live. 

Additionally, if you purchase a gel blaster for someone else, ensure they meet the age requirements.

Eye and Face Protection

Always wear the proper eye and face protection when using a gel blaster. High-quality goggles or safety glasses designed for impact protection should always be worn during gameplay. 

Protecting your eyes and face from potential gel ball impacts is crucial for preventing injuries.

Protective Clothing

Reduce your danger of being struck by gel balls by wearing protective clothing. Long-sleeved shirts, pants, and closed-toe shoes can provide an extra layer of protection, reducing the chance of welts or bruises.

Safe Handling and Storage

Treat your gel blaster as if it were a real firearm. Always store it securely and out of reach of unauthorized individuals, particularly children, when not in use. 

Ensure that the gel blaster is unloaded and the battery is disconnected when not in use.

Responsible Gameplay

When engaging in gel blaster skirmishes, practice responsible gameplay. Follow designated play areas and rules set by organizers or venues. 

Respect boundaries and avoid pointing or firing gel blasters at individuals who are not participating or have consented.

Public Perception

Be mindful of public perception when using gel blasters in public areas. Avoid causing unnecessary panic or alarm. It is essential to be responsible and respectful, considering how others may perceive your actions.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Full Auto Gel Blasters

Proper maintenance and upkeep of your full auto gel blaster are essential for optimal performance, longevity, and safety. 

Regular care and attention to your gel blaster will help keep it in excellent working condition. Here are some maintenance tips to follow:


After each use, cleaning your gel blaster to remove dirt, debris, or residual gel balls is crucial. Use a soft cloth or cotton swabs to clean the exterior of the blaster, paying particular attention to the barrel, magazine well, and other areas where gel balls may accumulate.

Barrel Cleaning

The barrel of your gel blaster can accumulate residue or blockages that may affect performance. Use a cleaning rod or a specialized barrel cleaning tool to remove obstructions gently. 


As advised by the manufacturer, lubricant should be applied to the gel blaster’s moving parts. Lubrication helps reduce friction, ensuring smooth operation and preventing premature component wear. Use a high-quality lubricant designed specifically for airsoft or gel blasters.

Inspect for Damage

Regularly inspect your gel blaster for any signs of damage or wear. Check for cracks, loose screws, or any parts needing replacement. If you notice any issues, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional assistance for repairs or replacements.

Battery Care

If your gel blaster is electric-powered, proper battery care is essential. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging, discharging, and storing batteries. 

Avoid overcharging or leaving batteries connected for extended periods, as this can reduce their lifespan. Always use the recommended charger for your specific battery type.


Keep your gel blaster secure, free from humidity or extremely high temperatures when not in use. Ensure the gel blaster is unloaded and the battery is disconnected. 

Consider using a dedicated gun case or bag to protect it from dust, scratches, or accidental damage.

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Ammo and Accessories for Full Auto Gel Blasters

Regarding full auto gel blasters, having the proper ammunition (gel balls) and accessories can enhance your shooting experience and customization options. 

Here are some considerations for ammo and accessories:

Size and Composition

Gel balls come in various sizes, typically 7-9mm in diameter. Consider the compatibility of the gel balls with your specific gel blaster model. Gel balls are made from superabsorbent polymer material and expand upon hydration.

Quality and Brand

Opt for high-quality gel balls from reputable brands. Quality gel balls are more consistent in size, texture, and hydration, which can improve accuracy and feeding in your gel blaster. Experiment with different brands to find the best ones for your setup.

Soaking and Hydration

Properly soak gel balls in clean water for the recommended duration to ensure they reach their full size and hydration level. Over-hydrated or under-hydrated gel balls may cause feeding issues or affect performance.


Consider having spare magazines for quick reloading during gameplay. High-capacity magazines allow for more shots before needing to reload. In contrast, drum magazines offer even larger capacities for extended firing sessions.

Optics and Sights

Enhance your aiming capabilities with red dot sights, holographic sights, or scopes designed for gel blasters. These accessories can improve accuracy and target acquisition.

Tactical Attachments

Customize your gel blaster with tactical attachments such as foregrips, rail covers, or bipods. These attachments can improve your gel blaster’s stability, ergonomics, and overall aesthetics.

pro tip

Regularly clean and maintain your full auto gel blaster for optimal performance and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 01: Are full auto gel blasters safe for children? 

Answer: Gel blasters are recommended for use by individuals of appropriate age and maturity. Adult supervision is advised for younger users.

Question No 02: Do gel balls hurt upon impact? 

Answer: While gel balls can cause a mild stinging sensation upon impact, they are generally considered safe and non-lethal.

Question No 03: Are full auto gel blasters legal in all regions? 

Answer: Regulations regarding gel blasters may vary across different regions. Familiarizing yourself with local laws before purchasing or using one is essential.

Question No 04: Can I modify my gel blaster to increase its performance? Answer: Modifications can be made to gel blasters, but ensuring compliance with local laws and safety guidelines is crucial.

Question No 05: Where can I purchase full auto gel blasters and accessories?

Answer: Full auto gel blasters and accessories are available at specialized stores, online retailers, and dedicated gel blaster communities.


Full auto gel blasters offer an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-filled skirmishes without the risks of real firearms. 

From the evolution of these devices to gameplay strategies and community building, this guide has provided a comprehensive overview of the world of full auto gel blasters. 

So, gear up, embrace the thrill, and join the ever-growing community of gel blaster enthusiasts today!

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