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Users often choose the Draco Gel Blaster because it is reliable, works well, and is compatible. You might also be wondering How to Enhance the Performance of Draco gel blaster? Upgrades and modifications can improve its performance.

Enhancing the performance of your Draco Gel Blaster can significantly improve your gameplay experience. You can achieve better accuracy, range, and reliability by upgrading various components, optimizing settings, and using high-quality accessories. 

We will explore techniques and modifications that can elevate your gel blaster experience to new heights, from optimizing internals to maximizing range and accuracy.

Choosing the Right Upgrades for Your Draco Gel Blaster

When choosing upgrades for your Draco Gel Blaster, several factors must be considered. Upgrades can enhance your blaster’s performance, reliability, and overall experience.

Improving Velocity and Performance

Upgrading the spring in your Draco Gel Blaster can significantly impact its velocity and performance. Opting for a more robust spring can increase the blaster’s velocity, improving range and accuracy. 

However, ensuring that the upgraded spring is within the local FPS limits is essential to comply with regulations.

Enhancing Accuracy and Consistency

The barrel upgrade is critical when aiming to enhance accuracy and consistency. High-quality materials like stainless steel or brass offer durability and precision. 

Furthermore, selecting a barrel with a tighter internal diameter can improve the overall performance of your blaster by ensuring better gel ball fit and reducing air leakage.

Boosting Range and Stabilization

The hop-up unit is vital in adding backspin to the gel balls, allowing for increased range and improved accuracy. 

Upgrading the hop-up unit specifically designed for your Draco Gel Blaster model can optimize the blaster’s performance, ensuring better gel ball trajectory and stabilization.

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Personal Satisfaction

Enhancing the performance of your Draco Gel Blaster can bring a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. Seeing the tangible improvements in range, accuracy, and overall performance resulting from the upgrades can be rewarding. 

It adds extra enjoyment to the gel blaster hobby and increases your pride in owning and operating a high-performing blaster.

Skill Development

Working on performance enhancements for your Draco Gel Blaster can also help develop your technical skills and understanding of the mechanics behind the blaster.

As you research, learn, and experiment with different upgrades, you gain valuable knowledge about the inner workings of the blaster and how each component contributes to its overall performance. 

This knowledge can be helpful in troubleshooting issues, performing maintenance, and assisting other gel blaster enthusiasts.

Durability and Smooth Operation

Upgrading the gears in your Draco Gel Blaster can significantly enhance its durability and ensure smoother operation. Replacing plastic gears with reinforced metal is generally preferred, especially for setups subjected to high-stress situations. 

Metal gears are more reliable and less prone to wear and tear, resulting in improved performance and longevity.

Increased Rate of Fire and Performance

Upgrading the motor is another consideration to boost the blaster’s rate of fire and overall performance. High-torque motors provide increased power and force, while high-speed motors offer faster firing rates. 

Depending on your preferences and playing style, selecting an appropriate motor upgrade can provide a noticeable improvement in performance.

Power and Efficiency

Choosing a higher voltage battery can enhance the power and rate of fire of your Draco Gel Blaster. Ensure that the upgraded battery is compatible with your blaster model, and consider investing in a quality charger to maintain optimal battery performance and longevity.

External Modifications

While not directly related to performance, external modifications can enhance the aesthetics and ergonomics of your Draco Gel Blaster. 

Adjustable stocks, grips, sights, and rails for attaching accessories can improve comfort and customization, enhancing your overall experience during gameplay.

Safety Upgrades

Prioritizing safety is of utmost importance when upgrading your blaster. Ensure that any modifications or upgrades you choose comply with local laws and regulations to avoid potential legal issues. 

You can enjoy your Draco Gel Blaster responsibly and with peace of mind by prioritizing safety.

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Importance of Performance Enhancement In Draco gel blaster

Enhancing the performance of your Draco Gel Blaster is essential for several reasons. A high-performing blaster can significantly improve your overall experience, provide a competitive edge during gameplay, and offer greater satisfaction with your gel blaster hobby. 

Competitive Advantage

In competitive gel blaster events or friendly skirmishes, having a high-performing blaster can give you a significant advantage. Upgrades like motor and gear upgrades can increase the rate of fire, allowing for faster and more precise shots. 

This can help you outmaneuver opponents and increase your chances of winning engagements.

Consistency and Reliability

Performance enhancements can improve the consistency and reliability of your Draco Gel Blaster. Upgrading gears and motors with higher-quality alternatives can enhance the blaster’s overall durability and ensure smoother operation. 

This reduces the chances of malfunctions or failures during critical moments, providing you with a more reliable blaster during gameplay.

Enhanced Customization

Performance upgrades often provide opportunities for customization. With a wide range of upgrade options, you can personalize your Draco Gel Blaster to match your playing style and preferences. 

Whether selecting a specific spring, barrel, or hop-up unit, these upgrades allow you to fine-tune your blaster to achieve the desired performance characteristics and optimize it for your needs.

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Proper Cleaning And Lubrication For Draco Gel Blaster

You can follow the given steps to do cleaning and lubricate a Draco gel blaster properly.

Unload the Blaster

Before starting any cleaning or maintenance, make sure the blaster is unloaded. Remove the magazine and check the barrel to ensure no gel balls are remaining.

Disassemble the Blaster

If your Draco gel blaster allows for disassembly, breaking it down into its major components is beneficial. This typically involves separating the upper and lower receiver, gearbox, and barrel assembly. 

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or online resources for specific disassembly guidance.

Cleaning the Exterior

Start by cleaning the external surfaces of the blaster. Use a softer cloth or sponge dampened with water or a mild detergent to wipe away dirt, grime, or residue. Avoid excessive moisture, especially around electrical components, as it may cause damage.

Cleaning the Barrel

The blaster barrel can accumulate gel residue over time, affecting performance. Take a cleaning rod or a barrel-cleaning tool designed for gel blasters and attach a clean, lint-free cloth or swab to it. 

Gently insert the cleaning rod into the barrel and move it back and forth to remove debris or gel residue. Repeat the process with a dry cloth or swab to ensure the barrel is clean and free of obstructions.

Gearbox Inspection

If you have disassembled the blaster, it’s an excellent opportunity to inspect the gearbox for any signs of wear, damage, or dirt buildup. Use compressed air or a soft bristle to remove any debris from the gearbox and gears carefully. 

Be cautious not to damage any internal components during the cleaning process.


Lubrication is crucial to maintain smooth operation and minimize wear in the moving parts of the blaster. It’s essential to use a lubricant specifically formulated for gel blasters. 

Apply a small amount of lubricant to the necessary areas, such as the gears, piston, cylinder, and any other moving parts indicated by the manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the appropriate lubrication points and recommendations. 

Avoid over-lubrication, as an excessive lubricant can attract dirt and lead to malfunctions.


Once you have completed the cleaning and lubrication steps, reassemble the blaster by following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

pro tip

Make sure that all the parts are correctly aligned and secured. Double-check the correct placement of any pins, screws, or other fasteners to ensure a proper fit.

Function Check

Before using the blaster, perform a function check to ensure everything is working correctly. Test the firing mechanism, safety features, and any attachments or accessories you have installed. 

This step is essential to ensure that the blaster operates as expected and identify any issues that may require further attention.

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Maintenance and Care Tips for Daco gel blaster

Here are some maintenance and care tips for your Draco gel blaster.

Read the Manual

Start by thoroughly reading the manufacturer’s manual that came with your Draco gel blaster. It will provide specific instructions, guidelines, and recommendations for maintenance and care.

Proper Storage

Store your gel blaster when not in use. This helps prevent damage to the internal components and extends the lifespan of the blaster.

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean your gel blaster to remove dirt, debris, and gel residue that can accumulate over time. Use a soft damped cloth or sponge dampened with water or a mild detergent to clean the exterior surfaces. 

pro tip

Pay special attention to the barrel, as gel residue can affect performance. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning procedures.

Magazine Maintenance

The magazine is a critical component of the gel blaster. Clean and dry the magazine regularly to remove any gel residue or debris. Please pay attention to the feeding mechanism and ensure it operates smoothly. 

If the magazine is not feeding correctly, disassemble it (if possible) and clean any obstructions.

Avoid Water Exposure

Gel blasters are not designed to be submerged or exposed to excessive moisture. Keep your blaster dry and avoid using it in wet or rainy conditions. Water can damage the electrical-components and cause malfunctions.

Proper Handling

Handle your gel blaster with care. Avoid dropping it or subjecting it to impacts that could cause damage. Use proper techniques when attaching or detaching accessories or modifying the blaster, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Regular Inspections

Periodically inspect your gel blaster for any signs of wear, damage, or lost parts. Check the screws, pins, and attachments to ensure they are secure. If you notice any issues, consult the manufacturer or a qualified technician for repairs or assistance.

Responsible Use

Always use your gel blaster responsibly and follow local laws and regulations regarding its usage. Treat it like any other firearm or airsoft equipment, practicing proper safety measures and adhering to applicable guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: How can I improve the accuracy of my Draco gel blaster?

Answer: To enhance accuracy, consider upgrading the barrel to a higher-quality one with tighter tolerances. Additionally, using higher-quality gel balls and ensuring the barrel and hop-up unit is clean and properly aligned can help improve accuracy.

Question 2: What upgrades can I make to increase the range of my Draco gel blaster?

Answer: Upgrading the spring to increase the muzzle velocity can help extend the range. Additionally, improving the air seal in the gearbox, using a higher-quality hop-up unit, and experimenting with different gel ball weights can contribute to increased capacity.

Question 3: Are there any modifications to increase the rate of fire?

Answer: Yes, there are several modifications you can consider to increase the rate of fire. Upgrading the motor, gears, and battery can result in a higher rate of fire. However, ensuring these modifications are compatible with your Draco gel blaster model and comply with local laws and regulations is essential.

Question 4: How can I improve the trigger response of my Draco gel blaster?

Answer: Upgrading to a high-torque motor and using a quality battery with a higher voltage can improve the trigger response of your gel blaster. Optimizing the gearbox’s shimming and utilizing an electronic trigger unit can enhance the overall responsiveness.

Question 5: Are there any upgrades to enhance the durability of my Draco gel blaster?

Answer: Yes, there are several upgrades you can consider to enhance the durability of your gel blaster. Reinforcing the gearbox with metal components, using high-quality gears and bushings, and installing a more robust spring guide can help improve the overall durability and longevity of the blaster.

Final Words

Optimizing your Draco Gel Blaster’s performance involves equipment upgrades, maintenance, and personal skill development. 

You can significantly enhance range, accuracy, and overall performance by upgrading key components, such as the inner barrel, spring, hop-up system, and gearbox. 

Regular maintenance, proper ammunition, and testing will also ensure consistent results. Remember to invest time in training and refining your technique to fully exploit your upgraded Draco Gel Blaster’s potential. 

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