Do gel blasters hurt?

Gel Blasters are toys that shoot projectiles for fun and amusement. They are a popular choice for fun, especially in countries where airsoft and paintball guns aren’t allowed. One of the very frequently asked questions is, Do gel blasters hurt?

This article will provide the information you need about the potential risks and safety measures of using gel blasters. They are fun to play with and similar to water blasters, but they are more exciting and thrilling.

How do Gel blasters work?

They use a special mechanism to shoot gel pellets at their targets. These gel balls are made of a material that soaks up water and, when dry, look like tiny, colorful marbles, and after soaking, they expand to several times their original size and become soft and squishy.

do gel blasters hurt?

 Loading the Magazine

The first step in using a gel blaster is to insert gel balls into the magazine. These tiny, vibrant balls are constructed from a water-absorbent polymer and are intended to explode upon collision.

Charging the Battery

Most gel blasters use an electric battery that needs to be charged prior. The firing mechanism is driven by a motor attached to the battery.

Trigger Mechanism

When the trigger is pulled, the motor starts, which moves the piston back and squeezes the spring. The piston is propelled forward when the spring is released, and an airburst is forced down the barrel.

Firing the Gel Balls

As the air goes down the barrel, it pushes a gel ball out of the end at high speed. The gel ball flies through the air and hits the target, exploding and making a small splash of water.

Safety Mechanisms

Most gel blasters have safety features that prevent unintentional fire. For example, the trigger could be locked when the magazine is taken out, or the battery could be turned off after a certain amount of time without being used.

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How can blasters cause injury?

Gel blasters can hurt people if they do not use correctly, or if safety measures are not taken. Here are some ways by which these toys guns can break:

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are the most common harm that gel blasters cause. The gel balls in the blasters can move at high speeds and cause serious eye damage. Wearing something to protect the eye, such as goggles or a full-face mask, is important when using a gel blaster.

Skin Irritation

The gel balls in the blasters can irritate the skin, especially if the person using them has sensitive skin. The irritation can range from slight redness to more serious rashes and blisters. It’s important to wash the affected part with water and see a doctor if necessary.

Ear Damage

Gel blasters can make a loud noise when fired, hurting the user’s ears if they are not wearing ear protection. Wearing earmuffs is important to protect your ears when using a gel gun.

Bruising and Injury

When gel balls hit someone, they can get bruises, welts, and other injuries, especially if they are shot close up or in sensitive areas like the face or neck. Wearing protective clothing, such as large sleeves and pants, is important when using a gel blaster.

Choking Hazard

The gel balls used in the blasters might be a choking hazard for young children. When kids use a gel blaster, it’s important to keep the gel balls and the gun out of their reach and to keep a close eye on them.

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What Precautions Should You Take When Using Gel Blasters?

Gel blaster does hurt based on some factors, so here are some precautions and safety measures you should take when using gel blasters:

do gel blasters hurt

Wear Protective Gear 

Always use protective equipment, such as goggles or glasses, face masks, and gloves, to prevent harm to your eyes, face, face, and hands.

A visor and goggles are necessary for gel blasting and any sport involving interaction with things that could fly at your face. All Ferventoys gel blasters come with protective gear.

Choose a Safe Location

Gel blasters should only be used on private property or in approved places. Never use them in locations where people are not participating in the activity, such as in public areas. Ensure no onlookers, pets, or kids are around to prevent mishaps or injuries.

Choosing a safe spot can help you and others avoid accidents and injuries. You should pick a private area away from crowds, like a private backyard or field designated for gel blasters.

 Also, you should ensure you have permission from the property owner to use the place, especially if it is a public park or other shared area.

Use Appropriate Ammunition 

Use just the gel balls that are suited for your gel blaster. Never use pellets made of metal or glass since they can be quite dangerous. Soak your gel balls for the specified time in the recommended amount of water.

The ideal gel ball size is 7-8mm but follow the gel blaster and packaging directions. Try to use only the suggested gel balls while you soak your balls for the specified amount of time in the prescribed amount of water.

Kids Should Play under an Adult’s Supervision

Kids, particularly younger ones, should only play with gel blasters when an adult is watching. This is the greatest way to guarantee they play in the approved locations and adhere to safe gameplay guidelines.

Never Aim at the Face or Eyes

Never shoot at the face or eyes when playing with gel blasters. Always aim for the body or lower part to avoid harm to the front or eyes.

It’s also important to ensure that your gel gun hasn’t been changed in any way that could make it more powerful and hurt others.

Regularly Maintain your Gel Blaster

Make sure that the gun is maintained regularly. Gel blasters are usually used for a few hours at a time and then put away, so it’s crucial to make sure that all of the moving parts of your gel blaster are working properly. 

Try replacing worn-out parts with new ones before using your gel blaster again if you notice wear or tear after using it.

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Pro Tip:

Appropriate Clothing: Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes to protect your skin from any accidental gel shots. Avoid loose clothing that may interfere with your movement or get caught in the blaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: Do gel blasters hurt?

Answer: Gel blasters can cause pain and discomfort if fired at close range or on sensitive body areas. Using gel blasters is important to use caution and follow all safety guidelines.

Question No 2: What protective gear should I wear when using a gel blaster?

Answer: It is recommended to wear eye protection, such as goggles or glasses, and a face mask to protect against potential eye and facial injuries. Other protective gear, such as gloves and long sleeves, may also be used for added protection.

Question No 3: Can gel blasters cause permanent damage?

Answer: Gel blasters are unlikely to cause permanent damage if used properly and at a safe distance. However, if fired at close range or on sensitive areas of the body, they can cause injuries that may require medical attention.

Question No 4:Are gel blasters safe for indoor use?

Answer: No, gel blasters are not safe for indoor use. The gel balls can bounce off walls and other surfaces, potentially striking someone in the eye or other sensitive areas. Additionally, the noise and chaos of indoor play can make it very challenging to maintain proper safety protocols.

Question No 5:Are gel blasters suitable for young children?

Answer: Gel blasters are not recommended for young children, as they require a certain level of maturity and responsibility to use safely. Parents should always supervise children using gel blasters and ensure they wear proper protective gear.

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Final words

After researching gel blasters extensively, I know they carry a surprisingly powerful punch for their size. They can hurt, especially if they hit you at close range. If you are a parent or adult and want to buy a gel blaster, you have to make sure your kids use it with proper safety.

Do they hurt? Yes! Should we never play with them? No! They are very fun to use, and shooting your friends is just so thrilling, but it doesn’t mean we have to close ids while using these types of toys, especially toy guns can hurt if they hit the sensitive parts of the body.

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