Do Gel Blaster Gun Hurt?

Security could be a key concern for first-time gel blaster devotees and guardians who need to purchase their kid’s gel blasters. If you are wondering, Do Gel Blaster Guns Hurt? I am here to give you insightful knowledge of this question with some tips.

There is a growing debate regarding the safety of gel blaster guns, which are widely popular among children. This blog talks about the questions like whether getting hit by a gel ball hurts and how much it hurts.

We are going to explore the working mechanism of gel blaster guns, their types, and safety measures while playing with these toy guns.

What is Gel Blaster Gun?

A Gel Blaster Gun is a toy that shoots small pellets made of water beads and can be operated using a

  • Pump action
  • A spring-loaded mechanism
  • Electric power

With the ability to shoot these pellets up to 20 feet, they come in various styles and colors. Gel Blaster Guns are commonly used as party favors or decorations at birthday parties

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What comes with Gel Blaster?

  • Gel balls
  • Magazine(s)
  • Battery and charger
  • Safety glasses
  • Instruction manual
  • Cleaning rod and lubricant (optional, depending on the package)

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Working of Gel Blaster Gun

The working mechanism is divided into three steps.

Propelling small Gel balls:

A Gel Blaster Gun works by employing an instrument to move little, water-filled gel balls out of the gun’s barrel. The weapon ordinarily features a magazine or container to hold the gel balls.

These are splashed in the water earlier to utilize to permit them to grow to their full estimate.

Pulling the trigger:

When the trigger is pulled, the instrument interior of the weapon either discharges compressed discuss from a pump or spring, or actuates an electric engine to control the terminating component. This moves the gel ball out of the gun’s barrel and towards its target.

Gel balls burst:

Upon effect, the gel ball bursts, discharging the water interior and clearing out behind a little, gel-like buildup that’s biodegradable and secure for the environment.

Depending on the particular show and control source, Gel Blaster Weapons can shoot gel balls at changing speeds and separations, making them a well-known choice for recreational play and target shooting.

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Different Types of Gel Blaster Guns

There are two main types of Gel Blaster Guns

do gel blaster guns hurt?


To operate manual blaster guns, the beads can be launched by either pumping the gun or pulling a spring mechanism.


Blaster guns that are automated rely on battery power to carry out all the functions automatically.

They fire biodegradable gel balls that shatter upon striking. One could argue that gel balls are the most enjoyable component. Misuse of either type of firearm can have equivalent levels of peril.

Factors Influencing Pain Intensity

It is very important there are various factors that may affect how much it hurts to get shot by Gel Blaster Gun. Let’s have a look at them.


The rate of the gel ball’s movement upon hitting the target can affect the degree of discomfort felt. The velocity of the gel ball is directly proportional to the force it can exert upon impact, which can potentially result in greater discomfort.

Exposed Individual:

It is probable that shooting a topless individual in the chest with gel projectiles from a close distance will result in greater discomfort compared to shooting a clothed chest from a farther distance.

Most users report they take note they were hit with a gel ball but it didn’t essentially harm when they wear long sleeves and pants.

Sensitive Body Area:

Exercising caution while playing is crucial to avoid inflicting more harm and pain on others, especially when targeting sensitive areas such as the face, eyes, ears, and forehead, as these regions are more prone to injury and can result in severe damage.

Personal Pain Tolerance:

The degree of pain tolerance varies among individuals, which implies that an individual may perceive a mild ache as bearable, while another may experience greater discomfort.

Injuries that may happen while playing

Gel Blaster guns can cause wounds in the event that they are not utilized legitimately. The foremost common wounds incorporate bruising, cuts, and rub. In uncommon cases, more genuine wounds such as concussions or eye wounds can happen.

It is imperative to administer children carefully when they are playing with toy guns and to form beyond any doubt they are utilizing them securely.

Eye Injuries

Guardians are being cautioned not to think little of the threats of ‘gel blaster’ toy weapons, with eight possibly blinding eye wounds treated at the Queensland Children’s Clinic within the past six months.

The impact of the gel “bullets” on the eye can result in various harms such as the death of the eye, heightened pressure within the eye, the occurrence of corneal scars, damage to the lens, ruptured eyeballs, and irreversible vision loss.

Skin damage:

It can result from gel balls, which can lead to welts, bruises, or various skin injuries, particularly if they are fired from a close distance or with considerable force.

Sustaining ear damage:

It is a likely outcome of the usage of Gel Blaster Guns due to the high volume emitted during firing, especially if the gun is operated in close proximity to the ear.

Suffocation Risk:

There is a risk of choking if gel balls are ingested as they are tiny in size. It is important to ensure that children are under supervision while handling Gel Blaster Guns, and it is highly recommended to prohibit them from putting the gel balls in their mouths.

Pro Tip:

Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water before, during, and after physical activity to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps, fatigue, and impaired performance, increasing the risk of injury.

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Safety Guidelines for Using Gel Blaster Gun

These toy guns can be too dangerous if not used properly. So, now I am going to share some safety guidelines for using Gel Blaster Gun.

go gel blaster guns hurt?

Eye protector

It is imperative to don protective eyewear while engaging in play with gel blaster guns, given that the pellets can inflict harm to the eyes. It is advisable to use safety glasses or goggles. One may opt for full-face masks, similar to the ones utilized in paintball competitions.

Select a secure and protected area for playing

Opting for a secure spot is imperative while indulging in gel blasters. It is best to refrain from playing games in places where the general public is present and may not know the nature of the activity. 

To prevent accidents or injuries, it is essential to make sure that there are no onlookers, pets, or minors in the vicinity.

Protective Clothing

To minimize the risk of injury from Gel Blaster Guns, it is recommended to wear a protective dress. This includes wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes to protect your skin from direct hits. 

Additionally, wearing gloves, a hat and a face mask can provide extra protection and reduce the risk of injury

Avoid aiming toward someone’s face

When using Gel Blaster Guns, it is important to avoid shooting at someone’s face, even if they are wearing eye protection. Instead, aim for the body or limbs to reduce the risk of injury.

Be kind and respectful while playing any sport

Lastly, remember to be a good sport when using gel blasters. Always be nice to people and their things, and don’t do anything that could cause harm or be mean. Always be careful and use Gel Blasters in the right way. 

Obey the rules, and treat other players and people nicely. Don’t use Gel Blasters to scare or bully others.

Make sure to utilize appropriate or suggested Gel balls

Make sure to immerse the gel balls in the precise amount of water for the recommended time, and opt for the recommended gel balls whenever possible. It is recommended that gel balls measure between 7-8mm.

However, it is important to adhere to the guidelines provided on your gel blaster and gel ball packaging. Efficiently immerse your balls in water for the suggested duration using the precise amount of water and endeavor to solely utilize the prescribed gel balls.

 Obey the rules, and treat other players and people nicely. Don’t use Gel Blasters to scare or bully others.

Supervise Children while playing

Kids, particularly more youthful ones, ought to as it was played with gel blasters with grown-up supervision. This can be a perfect way, The most ideal way to guarantee they play within the assigned zones and take after secure gameplay rules.

Here are some tips for adult supervision

  • Keep a near eye on children while they are playing with Gel Blaster Guns so merely can mediate in case essential. 
  • Clarify the rules of security to children sometime recently they begin playing and make beyond any doubt them get why it is imperative to take after them.
  • Stop children from playing with the toy gun in case they are not taking after the rules or on the off chance that they appear to be getting as well unpleasant

Pro Tip:

Exercise caution and ensure that transactions are conducted safely and securely, following recommended guidelines for online exchanges.

How to handle and store gel blasters

To handle and store your gel blaster properly, you should handle it with care, Following these tips will help ensure the longevity and safe use of your gel blaster.

  • Handle your gel blaster with care to avoid damage.
  • Clean your gel blaster after each use to prevent malfunctions.
  • Store your gel blaster in a cool, dry place, away from heat and moisture.
  • Keep your gel blaster out of reach of children.
  • Store your gel blaster unloaded and with the safety on to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Store your gel blaster in a case or bag to protect it from damage during transport and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Do Gel Blaster Guns Hurt?

Question 1:Do Gel Blasters Hurt More Than Airsoft?

Answer: As far as the discomfort factor is concerned, gel blasters are commonly perceived as less agonizing compared to airsoft guns. The gel balls discharged from gel blasters are milder and less compact than the plastic BBs utilized in airsoft guns, which is the reason for this discrepancy.

Question 2:How much pain do you feel when you are hit by a gel ball?

Answer: The amount of pain caused by a gel ball can change depending on how far it was shot from, how strong the gun is, and where on the body it hits. Some people feel a little bit of pain, while others feel more pain.

Question 3:Are there any age confinements for utilizing gel blaster weapons?

Answer: Age confinements may change by area, but by and large, most gel blaster weapons are showcased for utilization by children over the age of 14. Grown-up supervision is suggested for more youthful children.

Question 4:What ought I do in case I get harmed when employing a gel blaster weapon?

Answer: Look for therapeutic consideration promptly on the off chance that you experience any harm whereas employing a gel blaster weapon. It is vital to clean and clean any wounds to anticipate disease.

Question 5: Are gel-blaster firearms considered permissible by law?

Answer: The permissibility of gel blaster guns is dependent on the specific location. There are certain regions where they could be classified as weapons and necessitate a permit for possession and usage. 

Before buying and using a gel blaster gun, it is crucial to research the rules and regulations that apply in your area.

Final Words:

As long as they are used correctly and monitored, Gel Blaster guns are safe toys; nonetheless, it is important to recognize that there is always a possibility of harm when utilizing any toy firearm.

If your priority is safety, I suggest you follow the recommended guidelines mentioned above. I assure you that you can enjoy playing with the gel blaster without being harmed. If the safety measures are not fulfilled then there is a risk of danger.

So, with all these details from what is a gel blaster gun to its safety measures for usage. All have been covered in detail. I hope this blog has helped you to find the solution to your problem.

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