Do Gel Blaster Bullets Evaporate

Gel blasters are becoming very popular as a hobby for people who like to pretend to fight. It’s normal to have questions Do gel blaster bullets evaporate? Gel blaster bullets do not evaporate but can experience gradual moisture loss over time.

When a gel blaster bullet is shot from a gel blaster, it impacts a surface or a target, and the gel blaster bullet bursts, releasing a small amount of water. The remaining gel substance slowly shrinks and dries over time, returning to its original small pellet form.

 In this comprehensive article, we will dive into the details of gel blaster ammunition, exploring its composition, characteristics, and the truth behind the evaporation of gel blaster bullets.

Factors Affecting Gel Blaster Bullets Evaporation

Several factors can influence gel blaster bullets’ lifespan, performance, and evaporation process.

Do Gel Blaster Bullets Evaporate

Environmental Conditions

The surrounding environment significantly influences the performance of gel blaster bullets. So Do gel blaster bullets evaporate? Extreme temperatures and high humidity can accelerate dehydration, causing gel balls to shrink and harden more quickly. 

On the other hand, excessively wet conditions may lead to oversaturation, making the gel balls too soft and prone to bursting prematurely.

Quality of Gel Blaster Bullets

The quality of gel blaster bullets also plays a significant role in their performance and longevity. Higher-quality gel balls are typically more durable, ensuring they can withstand multiple shots before degrading. 

Purchasing gel blaster bullets from reputable suppliers is advisable to ensure optimal performance and prolong their usability.

Proper Storage and Handling

Correct storage and handling practices are essential for maintaining the integrity of gel blaster bullets. It is recommended to store the gel balls in airtight containers or bags to minimize exposure to air and moisture. 

Additionally, avoiding direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations can help preserve the gel balls’ moisture content and extend their lifespan.

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Composition of Gel Blaster Bullets

First of all, you should know what Gel-Blaster Bullets are made of. It will help you figure out how this all works.

Do Gel Blaster Bullets Evaporate

Gel blaster bullets are composed of several vital ingredients that contribute to their unique properties. The primary component, sodium polyacrylate, is a water-absorbent polymer commonly found in diapers and sanitary pads.

This material can absorb and retain large amounts of water, creating the gel-like consistency of the bullets. Also, gel blaster bullets may contain other additives and dyes to enhance the visual appeal and performance. 

These additives can include food-grade colourants to give the gel balls vibrant colours, making them easier to see during gameplay. It is vital to note that these additives are generally safe and non-toxic, ensuring a harmless shooting experience.

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Factors that influence Gel Blaster Bullet Lifespan

Multiple factors are considered in the lifespan of gel blaster bullets. Let’s explore these factors in detail.

Hydration and Moisture

Hydration is essential for gel blaster bullets to maintain their gel-like consistency. Gel blaster bullets require sufficient moisture to remain soft and pliable. Their lifespan may be affected if gel blaster bullets are not adequately hydrated or dehydrated over time.

Ensuring adequate hydration by soaking the gel blaster bullets in water before use is crucial.

Surroundings where it kept

The environment significantly impacts how long gel blaster bullets will last. How fast gel blaster bullets dry out depends on weather, humidity, and how much sun they get. 

Higher temperatures and low humidity levels accelerate dehydration, causing gel blaster bullets to shrink and harden more quickly. Conversely, cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels help preserve the gel-like consistency for extended periods.

Usage Frequency and Impact

The frequency of use and its effect on gel blaster bullets during gameplay can also affect their lifespan. The more frequently gel blaster bullets are fired, the faster they may dehydrate. 

Additionally, the impact of the bullets hitting surfaces or targets can cause them to burst, releasing water content and contributing to dehydration. Taking care not to excessively fire gel blaster bullets and minimizing high-impact collisions can help prolong their lifespan.

Pro tip

Lubricate Your Blaster: Apply a thin layer of silicone lubricant to the gel blaster bullets before use. This helps reduce friction and ensures smooth feeding and firing.

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Tips for Prolonging Gel Blaster Bullet 

Here are some helpful and recommended tips to help you make the bullets in your gell gun last longer.

Regular Hydration

Keeping your gel blaster bullets hydrated is essential for maintaining their integrity. So Do gel blaster bullets evaporate? Soaking them in water regularly, preferably distilled or filtered water, helps replenish moisture and slows down the dehydration process.

Storage Solutions

As mentioned, storing your gel blaster bullets in airtight containers or bags, preferably with a moisture-absorbing packet, can help protect them from excessive moisture and maintain their lifespan.

Temperature Control

Avoid exposing your gel blaster ammunition to extreme temperatures. Store them dry and avoid direct sunlight and heat or cold sources.

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Debunking Common Misconceptions about Gel Blaster Bullets

Several myths and misconceptions surrounding gel blaster bullets need to be addressed.

Myth-Gel blaster bullets evaporate quickly after use.

Reality: Gel blaster bullets do not evaporate quickly after use. These bullets primarily comprise superabsorbent polymer materials that can absorb and retain water. 

While the outer layer of the bullet may dry out over time, the water remains trapped within the gelatinous structure. This ensures the bullets maintain their integrity and do not evaporate.

Myth-Gel blaster bullets evaporate due to environmental conditions.

Reality-Environmental conditions do not cause gel blaster bullets to evaporate. The gelatinous polymer beads used in these bullets are designed to retain the absorbed water within their structure. 

Factors such as temperature, humidity, or exposure to sunlight may cause the outer layer of the bullet to dry, but the water content remains intact within the gelatinous core.

Myth-Gel blaster bullets evaporate during storage.

Reality: Gel-blaster bullets do not evaporate during storage. The bullets are stored correctly to maintain their hydration and integrity. 

Storing the bullets in airtight containers or submerged in water when not in use helps prevent drying and ensures they are ready for gameplay whenever needed.

Myth-Gel blaster bullets evaporate due to low-quality manufacturing.

Reality-The evaporation of gel blaster bullets is not dependent on their manufacturing quality. Regardless of the brand or manufacturer, gel blaster bullets are designed to retain water within their gelatinous structure. 

However, high-quality gel blaster bullets from reputable manufacturers ensure better performance and longevity.

Myth-Gel-blaster bullets evaporate faster in hot climates.

Reality: Gel-blaster bullets may dry out faster in hot climates, but this is not due to evaporation. High temperatures can cause the outer layer of the bullet to dry, leading to a shrivelled appearance.

However, the water within the bullet remains trapped, and rehydration is possible by soaking the bullets in water before use.

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Hydration maintenance for gel blaster evaporation

Here are some tips for hydration maintenance to prevent gel blaster ammunition from evaporating or drying out.

Store in water

When not in use, storing your gel blaster ammunition in a container filled with water is best. This keeps the gel balls hydrated and prevents them from shrinking or becoming brittle. Ensure that the container is sealed properly to avoid any leakage or evaporation.

Soak before use

Before you put gel balls in your gun, you must let them soak in water for a long enough time. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for how long to soak the gel balls, as this will depend on the type and brand. 

Properly hydrated gel balls will have a softer texture and better performance.

Use clean water

Clean, room-temperature water for soaking and storing gel blaster ammunition is recommended. Avoid using warm water, as it can cause the gel balls to dissolve or become deformed. 

Additionally, using impure water, such as water containing minerals or additives, may affect the integrity and performance of the gel balls.

Check for hydration levels

Periodically check the hydration levels of your gel balls. If they appear shriveled, hardened, or smaller, it indicates that they need to be soaked or replaced. Maintaining correctly hydrated gel balls ensures optimal. 

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

Gel blaster ammunition should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the gel balls to dehydrate and shrink, rendering them less effective or unusable.

Regular maintenance and cleaning tips for gel blaster bullets to avoid evaporation

Regular maintenance and cleaning for gel blaster ammunition primarily focuses on preventing evaporation and maintaining hydration. Here is how to preserve the moisture and avoid gel blaster bullets from evaporating.

Proper storage

Store your gel blaster ammunition in a container filled with clean water when not in use. Any noticeabEnsure that the container has a tight seal to prevent leakage and evaporation. 

The water should cover the gel balls completely, keeping them hydrated and preventing 


Regular checks

Inspect your gel blaster bullets to ensure they are adequately hydrated. If you encounter any signs of dehydration, such as shrinkage or hardened texture, it’s time to soak them in water to restore their moisture. 

Regular checks help you catch any potential evaporation early and take necessary action.

Soaking duration

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the recommended soaking duration for your gel blaster ammunition. Oversoaking can cause the gel balls to become too soft and break easily while undersoaking can lead to dehydration. 

pro tip

Use a Container with a Lid: Find a suitable container with a lid to soak your gel blaster bullets. This will ensure that the water doesn’t evaporate quickly and that the gel balls stay submerged for an adequate amount of time.

Adhering to the proper soaking time helps maintain the ideal moisture level.

Water quality

Use clean, room-temperature water to soak and store your gel blaster bullets. Don’t use hot water.

Additionally, ensure the water is free from minerals, additives, or impurities that may affect the integrity and performance of the gel balls.

Rotation and usage

It’s good practice to rotate your gel blaster ammunition regularly. Using older gel balls first ensures they get utilized before the newer ones, reducing the chances of prolonged storage and potential evaporation.

Hydration gel packs

Consider using hydration gel packs or silica gel packets in the storage container. These packs can help absorb excess moisture and maintain a stable humidity, further preventing evaporation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Do Gel Blaster Bullets Evaporate

Question 1: Do gel blaster bullets evaporate?

Answer: No, gel blaster bullets do not evaporate. They are made of water-absorbent polymers that expand when soaked in water but do not evaporate like liquids.

Question 2: How do gel blaster bullets work if they don’t evaporate?

Answer: Gel blaster bullets, also known as gel balls or water beads, work by absorbing water and expanding in size. When fired from a gel blaster gun, they are propelled by compressed air or an electric motor, and upon impact, they burst and release the water they absorbed.

Question 3: How long do gel blaster bullets last before they burst?

Answer: Gel blaster bullets can last for several hours or even days before they burst, depending on the gel balls’ environmental conditions and quality. However, it is recommended to use fresh gel blaster bullets for optimal performance.

Question 4: Can gel blaster bullets dry out and become unusable?

Answer: If gel blaster bullets are left exposed to air for an extended period, they can dry out and become hard and brittle. Once they dry out, they are no longer suitable for gel blaster guns. It is essential to store gel blaster bullets in a tightly sealed container with water to keep them hydrated.

Question 5: How can I prevent gel blaster bullets from drying out?

Answer: To prevent gel blaster bullets from drying out, store them in a container filled with water when not in use. Also, never expose them to direct sunlight or excessive heat, as it accelerate the drying process.

Question 6: Can I reuse gel blaster bullets after they burst?

Answer: Gel blaster bullets cannot be reused after they burst. Once they have exploded, the outer shell disintegrates, and the remaining gel cannot be rehydrated or reshaped. Replacing burst gel balls with fresh ones is necessary for continued use.

Final Words

Gel blaster bullets do not evaporate; they undergo dehydration, gradually losing their moisture content. The dehydration process can take hours to days, depending on various factors. 

To get maximum use out of your gel blaster bullets and make them last as long as possible, it is considered most significant to consider the weather, how much water is in it, and how to store it.

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