Cheap Splatter Ball Gun
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Are you looking for an exciting way to spend your weekends with friends and family? Do you want to enjoy outdoor fun without spending a fortune? If so, the Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun is the perfect option for you. 

This unique toy gun has many exciting features that make it stand out from other toy guns on the market. 

In the present article, I will explore the key features of the Janniress Splatter Ball Gun and how to use it. I will also provide maintenance and safety tips for your play firearm.

So let’s get started.

Primary Features: Why Does It Stand Out? 

The Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun is a high-quality toy gun that provides a thrilling and exciting experience. Here are some of the major features of this affordable gun blaster: 

Cheap Splatter Ball Gun Cheap Splatter Ball Gun
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Manual Single Shot Mode 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun comes with a manual single-shot mode that allows you to shoot one water bead at a time. 

This mode is perfect for beginners just starting to learn how to use the gun. It is also great for those who want to make their shots more accurate. 

Continuous Automatic Mode 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun also has a continuous automatic mode that allows you to shoot multiple water beads at once.

 This mode is perfect for experienced users who want to create a rapid-fire effect and take down their opponents quickly. 

66 Feet Shooting Range 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun has an impressive shooting range of 66 feet. It means that you can take down your opponents from a safe distance. You don’t have to get too close to them.

Upgraded Gearbox for Smooth Operation 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun comes with an upgraded gearbox that ensures smooth operation. The upgraded gearbox makes the gun more durable and long-lasting. 

Long Lasting Battery Life (4 Hours On Full Charge) 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun boasts a long-lasting battery life. It means you can enjoy hours of fun without worrying about the battery running out. 

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Specifications of Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun

ModelJanniress Splatter Ball Gun
Item Weight1.5 Pounds
ColorPink Color for Visual Appeal
Firing ModesTwo Modes (Single Shot Burst and Continuous Shooting)
GearboxNew and Upgraded Gearbox for Smooth Operation
Shooting RangeA Decent Range of 66 Feet
Batteries1 AAAA Battery Required (Included)
Protective WearSafety Goggles Included
Ammo PropertiesColored Gel Beads Made of Non-toxic, Non-irritating starch material
Number of Water Beads60,000 Water Beads Included
Age RecommendationsSuitable for Children Aged 12 & Above

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What You Will Receive 

Here is a list of items you will receive after you purchase the Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun:

One Blaster 

The Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun is the heart of the package. It is the main attraction that provides you with hours of fun.

Water Bullet Hopper 

The water bullet hopper is the part of the gun that holds your water beads. It is easy to attach and can hold up an ample quantity of water beads. 

Battery and USB Cable 

The battery and USB cable are used to charge the gun. They are easy to use and can be charged using any USB port. 

Safety Goggles 

The package also includes a pair of safety goggles. These goggles are designed to protect your eyes from any stray water beads. They ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

60,000 Water Beads 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun comes with 60,000 water beads. These beads are easy to soak and ensure you have an sufficient supply of water beads for countless sessions.

Pro Tip

 Stay hydrated to keep your energy levels up during intense splatter ball battles.

How to Soak Gel Balls for Janniress Splatter Ball Gun? 

Before you start using your Janniress Splatter Ball Gun, you need to soak your gel balls. Here is how to go about it: 

Pour the Gel Balls into the Container 

The first step is to pour your gel balls into a container. Make sure the container is big enough to hold all the gel balls you want to use. 

Add Room-Temperature Water 

Next, add room-temperature water to the container. Make sure all the gel balls submerge in the water. If the outside temperature is humid, consider using lukewarm water.

Soak for About 4 Hours 

Let the gel balls soak for about 4 hours. It will allow them to expand to their full size. After 4 hours, check to see if the gel balls have expanded to 7-8 mm in size. 

Ready to be Loaded 

Once your gel balls have expanded to the correct size, they are ready to be loaded into your Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun. 

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How to Assemble Your Janniress Splatter Ball Gun? 

Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun is straightforward to assemble. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to assemble your gun: 

Insert the Battery

First, open the battery cover and connect the battery cable to the gun. Next, insert the battery into the gun and lock the compartment. Make sure the battery is fully charged before use. 

Slide into Rail 

Slide the gun into the rail until it clicks into place. It will ensure that the firearm is securely attached to the rail. 

Attach the Hopper 

Pour your gel balls into the water bullet hopper. Make sure you fill it appropriately. Then, attach the hopper to the gun. It should click into place and be securely attached. 

Adjust the Mode 

Finally, adjust the mode to a manual single shot or continuous automatic mode. You are now ready to shoot! 

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Benefits of Janniress Splatter Ball Gun 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of them: 

Affordable Fun

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is affordable. It provides endless entertainment without having to spend a lot of money. It ensures you get the right value at an affordable price.

Ease of Use and Safety 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is easy to use and needs no special training. It is safe to use and comes with safety goggles that protect your eyes.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is made from high-quality materials that make it durable and long-lasting. It is perfect for people of all skill levels. 

Versatile and Portable

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is versatile and can be used for various game scenarios and outdoor activities. Additionally, it is easy to carry around wherever you go. 

Great for Bonding

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is a great way to bond with friends and family and create lasting memories. It fosters social interaction and is a perfect gift for celebratory events. It also aids in the development of tactical skills.

Maintenance Tips for Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun

Good care is necessary to ensure your Janniress Splatter Ball Gun lasts long and performs at its best. Here are some maintenance tips: 

Clean the Gun After Each Playing Session

After each use, clean your gun with a damp cloth or towel to remove dirt or debris that may have accumulated on it. 

Additionally, apply a thin layer of compatible lubricant on the gun’s moving parts. Do it periodically.

Store in a Safe Place 

Always store your gun in a safe place without exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture. Remember, extreme conditions can compromise the performance of your play rifle.

Use High-Quality Gel Balls

Always use high-quality and compatible gel balls of 7-8 mm. Using incompatible balls might lead to jams and malfunctions.

Pro Tip

Practice different shooting angles to surprise your rival players on the battlefield.

Safety Precautions for Janniress Splatter Ball Gun 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is safe to use, but you must take some precautions to have an enjoyable experience. 

Do Not Aim at the Face

 Do not aim your gun at someone’s face, which can cause serious injury. Instead, aim for the non-sensitive body parts, such as the torso or legs.

Use in a Designated Area

Always use your gun in a safe area with no small children or pets around. Also, respect private property and seek permission to play there.

Do Not Modify the Gun

Do not modify your gun in any way, as this can cause it to malfunction and become unsafe. Modification may also void the warranty of your blaster.

Keep Away from Children

Always keep your gun away from children not old enough to use it safely. Consider investing in a protective case to prevent their access to the blaster.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Janniress Cheap Splatter Ball Gun

Question No. 1: How do I know when my Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is fully charged? 

Answer: When your Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is charged fully, the light on the battery will change its color to green.

Question No. 2: Can I use the Janniress Splatter Ball Gun in the rain?

Answer: No, you should not use the Janniress Splatter Ball Gun in the rain, as this can damage your play firearm and cause it to malfunction. 

Question No. 3: How do I clean my Janniress Splatter Ball Gun? 

Answer: You can clean your Janniress Splatter Ball Gun with a damp cloth, sponge, or paper towel after each use. 

Final Word 

The Janniress Splatter Ball Gun is a must-have for anyone who loves outdoor activities. It is affordable, easy to use, and offers many other benefits.

With its impressive shooting range, long-lasting battery life, and versatile modes, you are sure to have a blast with this fantastic toy gun. 

So why wait? Get your Janniress Splatter Ball Gun today and enjoy memorable adventures with friends and family!

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